Unboxing March 2016 Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box

I love, love love getting my Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box!!  They usually give one spoiler for the box, but the other 2 items are a mystery 🙂  What is Yogi Surprise?   

Yogi Surprise Lifestyle Box

  • 6-8 full-size yoga lifestyle items
  • Vegetarian and GMO-Free
  • $70+ retail value in every box
  • $44.95/month + free shipping

Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box

  • 2 handmade pieces + 1 organic treat
  • Handcrafted in Bali. Fair Trade
  • $65+ retail value in every box
  • $24.95/month + free shipping

The Jewelry box will contain two handcrafted yoga inspired jewelry pieces, that are fair trade, sustainably harvested materials, nickle-free, lead-free and cadmium free.  These are made in Bali, Indonesia and 10% of all proceeds will be given to education the Balinese families to make these beautiful pieces.   It also contains an organic chocolate treat.

This month’s theme is “Creating Space”     Yoga is all about space.  And according to Einstein, space is relative.  Our task then is to discover how we can create and control space instead of being controlled by space.  It’s a virtuous cycle, to let go of what’s unhealthy and to fill that space with what we most need.  Let these unique jewelry pieces serve as a reminder to cultivate our abundance space that exists within the mind, body and soul


Informational Card



Feather Rose Quartz Point Pendant Necklace  This was the spoiler and my photos cannot do it justice!  The change is an antiqued bronze, so much nicer than the bright gold from last month’s necklace and is a double chain.  The first chain is about 24 inches in length with a 1 1/4 inch bronzed feather.  The second chain is about 28 inches in length and the pale pink rose quartz pendant is 1 1/2 inches in length.  This is SO beautiful and I love it!    RV $75.00

Rose Quartz ~ Primary Chakra: Heart-Chakra  Rose Quartz is the stone for unconditional love.  It helps open the heart to all love ~ self, family, friends, romantic.  Quartz stones have a high energy vibe, but it is also soothing and calming.   This energy helps bring about empathy, forgiveness, reconciliation and removes anger, envy and resentment.  It also us to heal and remove those negative emotions.   Rose Quartz also can attract romantic love, add loving energy into current relationships and can help soothe and heal a broken heart.  Learn more at Healing Crystals

Feathers can symbolize Truth, Speed, Lightness, Flight and Ascension.    It can mean travel or a  moving more freely  in life.   From Whats Your Sign


Pearl & Amazonite Buddha Bracelet I love the cool green-aqua colors of amazonite and I am always happy to see this stone in my Jewelry box!  I don’t think I can ever tire of this shade 🙂  This lovely beaded bracelet has 6 white natural pearls with a silver Buddha bead nested between those pearls.  Two small silver toned beads flank the pearls before the cool toned amazonite beads that round off this bracelet. My only complaint is this ~ it is a bit smaller than their normal sized bracelets.  Yogi Surprise had told me several months ago that they would keep the same size for their bracelets as their lovely little elephant bracelet (perfect fit for me!) and it looks like this month was a bit on the small size for me.  I hope that the band will “loosen” a bit with wearing.   This bracelet goes beautifully with the Amazonite and Howlite Goddess bracelet from last month.  RV $48.00

Amazonite Chakras: Heart and Throat. This crystal helps calm the brain and nervous system and it rids negative energy, while improving your confidence and communication.  It helps with creativity, analysis and problem solving.  Learn more at Crystal Well Being

Pearls: Symbol of Feminine Wisdom, Purity, and Spiritual Transformation, Heart and/or Crown Chakras  White: Symbol of pure heart and mind; innocence, faith.  For solar plexus Chakra (digestion, stomach, immunity) and emotional stress. From Sobriety Stones

Pearls are known as the stone of sincerity. They bring forth loyalty to any cause. They also signify innocence, integrity, focus, faith and charity. They will help to bring one into a higher star of focus. Pearls can be made from both sea and fresh water the color ranges of peals go from white, black, grey, pink, yellow and bluish grey. They are often times dyed in color in jewelery making. Pearls make very pretty accent pieces to jewelery and have been prized possessions for many years. They help one connect with the Goddess, the ultimate feminine energy. Pearls have been used to treat disorders of the digestive tract and muscular systems, as well as to aid childbirth and fertility. From Rocks and Reiki 

The Buddha meaning the ‘awakened’ or ‘enlightened one’ represents peace and freedom from suffering, encourages us to end the life, death, rebirth cycle by realizing the latent potential, invincible power and true nature of the human heart and mind in attaining the highest knowledge and supreme Enlightenment. Buddha taught the noble ideal of selfless service, compassion and loving kindness and to aspire to perfection, attaining spiritual awakening and by our own efforts, reach the eternal bliss of Nirvana. Buddhism has a deep and ancient talismanic tradition and charms of the Buddha are worn for protection and to assist on the path of Enlightenment or Buddhahood.  From Heart Mala


Buddha Chocolate Quinoa Crunch Bar  This hand made dark raw chocolate bar from Portland, Oregon and is sweetened with coconut crystals and has crispy crunchy quinoa, instead of rice crispies.  I LOVE this chocolate bar ~ I am a fan of Nestle’s Crunch but this is a such a better and healthier alternative ~ quinoa is a super food and an ancient grain and it is chock full of protein, nutrients, antioxidant flavonoids and has anti-inflammatory benefits.  This chocolate bar is free of refined sugar, dairy, gluten, soy and is fair trade and non-GMO’s.    1.8 oz bar RV $6.00

Description:  Raw, heirloom cacao sweetened with coconut nectar crystals and paired with crispy golden quinoa. In perfect balance. Made by hand in Portland, Oregon.

Ingredients: *Organic raw cacao, Quinoa, Organic coconut nectar crystals, *Organic raw cacao butter, Pink Himalayan salt *Our organic, fair trade cacao is sourced from sustainable, small-scale family farms.  


This month was a knockout from Yogi Surprise. I love the necklace with the antiqued brass chain and feather, along with the pale pink rose quartz pendant.  The Buddha bracelet is beautiful, just a little tight, but I love the mix of pearls, amazonite and the silver buddha head.  I did email Yogi Surprise about the fit of the bracelet and I guess I was not the only one that complained about it ~ next month, they will go back to their normal size (yeah!)     The chocolate is amazing and I love the crunch from the quinoa.   I paid $25.00 for this box and received a RV of  $129.00 and I feel this box is worth well over $25.00 (but not $129.00!)  Both jewelry pieces are marked up, but I love both of them and this box is well worth the $25.00 I spent.   Part of the proceeds from this box will go back to the local artisans that made these items and help educate their community.

Do you subscribe to Yogi Surprise?  Which box do you get and what was your favorite item this month?  Let me know in the comments below, I would love to read them 🙂

If you are interested in signing up to Yogi Surprise for either their Lifestyle or Jewelry box, I would love it if you used my referral link   They are currently running a 10% off special for the first month, no promo code needed.   Check out the spoilers for April’s Yogi Surprise Lifestyle Box and Jewelry Box.  I signed up for the Lifestyle one to see what it is all about, so look for that review next month 🙂   If you sign up for the Lifestyle box, use BELOVE to get 20% off your first box!




[ all descriptions in italics from linked website.  this blog post contains referral links ]

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