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[ products were received complementary for review purposes. All opinions are my own and are unbiased. ]

I’ve shopped at the Korean Aritaum several times online, using a shipping service, such as Korean Buddy,  to get my items. However, did you know that Aritaum, which sells the Amore Pacific family brands, such as IOPE, Hanyul, Laneige, Aritaum, Mamonde, Sulwhasoo, Illi and more, also has over 60 stores in the USA?  They have a store locator at their US/North America site (click here) ~ they have stores in California, Texas, Washington, New York, Maryland, New Jersey and Nevada and they also have some in our friendly neighbor to the north, Canada.  I was also told by the lovely @woodnote_song that they might be in H-Mart as a tiny store, so if you have a H-Mart near you, see if Aritaum is located in there. If you are lucky enough to live near one, they have great gift sets for that last minute holiday shopping, plus a huge array of products.  

Alas, they aren’t in Boston, but the lovely folks down at the @us.aritaum sent me some items to review.  All ingredients for products shown here can be found here on this page.

IOPE AirCushion XP in Intense Cover and Matt, both in 21 Vanilla.  IOPE makes four different types of AirCushions:

  1. Matt Long Wear: Pore care make skin matte and silky-bright for long hours without darkening
  2. Intense Cover: Makes skin look smooth and clean with perfect coverage of blemishes.
  3. Natural Glow : Makes skin look naturally radiant and bright as it softly adheres to skin.
  4. Moisture Lasting: Makes skin look moisturized and radiant as if holding moisture.

Description:  The 4th-Generation Air Cushion® makes skin look bright and moisturized for long hours by improving skin’s moisture retention capability with Bio water™. / SPF50+/ PA+++

  1. Moisturizing, refreshing cushion containing Bio water™.  BIO WATER™ consisting of various water-soluble nourishing ingredients and 5 kinds of electrolyte with a function of controlling the moisture of skin promotes smooth application on skin by promptly improving skin’s moisture retention inside and outside skin.
  2. Light yet strong coverage with Air Cover Powder™: IOPE’s patented Air Cover Powder™ makes skin texture look beautiful and smooth as it closely adheres to skin without clumps.
  3. Bright, radiant skin for long hours: It makes skin tone look brighter by naturally improving skin’s own tone and radiance as if skin is holding moisture.

Since I have oily skin, I am testing the Matt Long Wear.  I will also try out the Intense Coverage Cushion as well and post that review on IG and here once I do.

Can I say how much I love the classy look of this compact?  It has a platinum toned inner lid, in a brushed finish. That is topped with a clear, slightly domed piece and it has the words IOPE in deep navy blue.  The rest of the compact is white.

This compact is also substantial – it has a nice satisfying click when you close it.  A good sized mirror is inside with the traditional BB cushion puff.  The scent of the cream is slightly floral and it does remind me of Laneige cushions.  The scent does disappear quickly.  I was a bit worried about the shade 21 – Vanilla.  I thought it might be too pale for me.  However, I am in my “winter” skin tone now, so I am paler than I would be in summer and this initially went on brighter but then melted into my skin and blended in nicely.   This has a slightly yellow/warm cast to it, it is not a pink BB cream, so this works well with my skin tone.  I normally wear Jouer Matte Moisturizing Tint in Nude and MAC NW20.  

In the photo above, you can see how bright this cream is.  The photo on the far right has the cream blended into my skin below the dotted line and without the product is above the dotted line.  I think this works well!  It did leave a matte finish behind and I would recommend that you hydrate your skin properly before applying this cream on your face.  If you have dry skin or flaky patches, this cream will show them off!  I think this cream is perfect for when it is hot outside and my face really has an oil problem.  I do like this a lot and it did wear well on my face ~ this is an initial impression as I have only been using it for a couple of days.  It has a light to medium coverage.

The Intense Coverage is supposed to be heavier in coverage and I am looking forward to trying that out and will give my impressions on that later. 



Hanyul Trial Set, which includes Rice Essential Skin Softner, Rice Essential Emulsion, Optimizing Serum, Seo Ri Tae (Black bean) Anti-Aging Cream and Pure Artemisia Cleansing Foam.  I will say that Hanyul is one of those brands that I am really obsessed with right now and I cannot seem to get enough of it.  I am so happy to have this trial set, as it allows me to try out several different lines from Hanyul

Rice Essential Skin Softner: The rice essence Moisturizing toner fills and moisturizes dry skin with Hanyul Red Rice fermentation essence™ produced by fermenting Yeoju rice (18mL)

Rice Essential Emulsion: Rice Essence Moisturizing Emulsion gently fills rough skin with moisture and nourishment deep inside skin (18mL)

Optimizing Serum (5mL) ~ oh I love this serum and I am currently using the full size.  This is a first serum, which I am now thinking it is a first essence type of product. This uses dark brown pine needles and other oriental herbs to make an 83% concentrated fermented “broth” and is an anti-aging serum, designed to help with wrinkles. OMG, this stuff is wonderful!! It smells like I am in a meadow surrounded by pine trees – it is a piney-wildflower scent – not heavy, but just lovely. The serum is very light weight – in fact, I read that it is called a first serum, because it is so light and you use it after cleansing. My gawd, this stuff makes my skin so happy ~ it hydrates without being greasy and just smells wonderful. I don’t know if it has great long term benefits, as I just started using it, but I will review it fully here in a couple of months! This serum is great for oily skin and it helps prep and boost your skin, preparing it for other products.

I did find the answer to my question, as I’ve seen this bottle in a more “rounded” shape than this streamlined rectangular shape that I own.  MinJi at Aritaum said that I have the newer bottle release ~ they have repackaged it.  So, it is the same whether you get the round bottle or the rectangular shaped one.

Description: The First-step Anti-aging Serum makes skin clear, healthy, and younger-looking with concentrated Brown Pine Needle Fermentation Water™  Use at the first step of skincare after cleansing the face. Dispense content onto your palm and apply on the face, starting from the center and working outward as if stretching skin. Slightly press the facial line and skin around the mouth to promote absorption into skin.

Seo Ri Tae Anti-Aging Cream:  Black bean is soybean, for those who don’t know.  It took me a few times before that light-bulb clicked in my head! haha  (5mL)

Description: Black bean ferment secretion ™ is obtained by fermenting whole black beans cultivated in Yeongwol, Gangwon-do. Ingredients such as Black bean ferment secretion ™ and anthocyanin from black beans, which has strong skin protection effect, make skin healthy and younger-looking. Smart total anti-aging care for 6 aging signs ; Sagging skin, dry skin, rough skin, dark skin tone, wrinkles. Seo Ri Tae extract method A high procedure of extracting both dissolving contents in water and wine.

Pure Artemisia Cleansing Foam:  Artemisia is mugwort which has been used in traditional European herbal medicine to help heal skin wounds and contains a rich source of antioxidants (15mL)

Description: Cleansing Foam effectively washes away impurities from skin with viscous fine foam containing Pure Artemisia

IOPE Dual Lip Blender in #2 Burgundy Blending 💄  I am really loving this! This is a lipstick core with a moisturizing balm around it. You can do gradient lips with it, but I really fail miserably at doing that, so I use it for the color and the balm ~ together ~ for a glossy, non-sticky moisturizing lippie! What is nice about this is that you can go as sheer as you want or as vibrant as you want, as the color is buildable. It doesn’t have a scent that I can tell, and it doesn’t taste like anything ~ just a great shade of a reddish-purple and nourishing your lips at the same time! The tube is very classy ~ a sleek rectangular shape with a silver cap and a deep dark navy blue. IOPE makes these in several colors ~ red, pink, orange, burgundy and rose gold. Have you tried these new lippies from IOPE? I normally love matte lipsticks, but a nice glossy one that isn’t sticky is just as nice!

Description: Combination of water fit lip stick& water fit tint lip balm. Care your lip keeping your lip moisturized and it bright and create natural gradation looking as if your lip is tinged from the inside. Core lipstick > rich gloss with high gloss with soft application.   Add sense of volume with high gloss lipstick containing oil. High gloss lipstick makes your lip well padded and elastic. This is glossy lipstick with good application.  Round tint lip balm > Smart tinting color depending on lip condition and lip moisturizing care  This is tint lip balm helping your lip moisturized and lively with “smart tinting” that finds optimum lip color depending on moisture level (pH) of lip and “power moisturizing care” by moisture protection membrane

  • Apply this product in a manner that dark part of lip blender faces the inside of lower lip .
  • Apply this product in a manner that dark part of lip blender faces the inside of upper lip from the center to the edge.
  • Open and close your lip softly twice or three times
  • Complete gradation lip looking as if lip is tinged from the inside.
  • Tip 1. If you want more dramatic effect, apply lipstick on the inside of your lip once more with edge of lipstick upward.
  • Tip 2. If you keep lip blender after cleaning it from the top to the bottom, you can use it cleanly when you use it next time

Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense in #07 Let’s Kiss ~ I have never tried Mamonde makeup before and I was a bit scared when I saw the color in this crayon lip balm. That is REALLY a bright orange-poppy shade! But after swatching and then applying to my lips, it turns out that this a pink-coral shade with a dewy finish, which I do like a lot! It doesn’t make me look half dead – haha. This goes on smoothly but since it is a chubby crayon type, you might have to be careful about build up in the corners. Also, whereas this is made with moisturizing ingredients, jojoba and lanolin, it will accentuate chapped or rough lips. So make sure you exfoliate your lips and keep piling on those lip balms to keep your lips nice and  smooth. This doesn’t really have a scent I can detect and it is also tasteless. Mamonde makes these intense lip balms in a variety of colors and not only in dewy (glossy), but matte finishes as well. I will have to keep my eyes out on getting one of the matte versions as a matte lip crayon would be so fun to have!

Mamonde Sage Oil Balancing Facial Sheet Mask I have tried this mask before and I do own a lot of their flower masks ~ I need to start reviewing them again.  This was my original review: This mask is described as : “excellent cleaning performance of fresh herbal sage, cleanse excess oil, moisturizes skin and prevents shine”   Their masks are cotton, neither thin or thick, but in the middle. Essence amount is fine, the mask seems to have enough. The fit is a bit on the smaller side  but it covers my face adequately. This mask does smell like sage, a lovely light herbal scent. Sage is an anti-bacterial, antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory and helps bring balance into your skin, while both the ingredient and scent are soothing ~ for your skin and nose! After 25 minutes, I removed the mask ~ my face didn’t feel like it had been sucked dry of oil. No, it was a more moisturizing mask than I expected as I was hoping for a more mattifying effect. I felt that this mask didn’t not live up to its oil balance claim, but it was quite moist and hydrating. My skin felt smooth and moisturized.

Aritaum Rice Facial Sheet Mask:  I haven’t tried this one, but I have tried Aritaum products, like their honey sleep pack, so I am really pleased to try out their sheet mask.  A rice mask that leaves rough, lifeless skin smooth and clear.

Thank you MinJi @us.aritaum for these lovely items and I can’t wait to try them out.


[ products were received complementary for review purposes. All opinions are my own and are unbiased. ]
[  Descriptions in italics from ]

36 thoughts on “Aritaum Store ~ An AmorePacific Family

  1. I have a friend who likes Amore Pacific cleanser but is looking for a less expensive alternative. Do you have any suggestions? She usually likes something natural and loves the scent of Amore.

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  2. I haven’t used cushion foundations before so I don’t have a favourite, but I’ve been recommended the IOPE one. I’m crossing my fingers I’ll win this giveaway 😉 thanks for hosting it!

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  3. I’ve suffered from dry and inflamed skin for my whole life, so I’m always looking out for gentle, nourishing, and nutritive skincare.I also have some deep comedies at the top of my cheeks and nose which I suspect comes from the overly dry condition of my face which causes my face to produce more sebum. Maybe this could be my holy grail product

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  4. I actually have combination acne prone skin, but it’s been SO DRY lately. I’ve been having to use heavy creams so I think this would actually work well for my skin! If it ends up not working, my mom would love it. My perpetually oily blemished skin has really calmed down and changed since going on rx adapalene cream from my dermatologist. But, I always feel dry. Ugh. I’m constantly misting lol. Anyway. Now that you have my life skin story I’ll go enter. 😂 Thank you for the great reviews as always, and the AMAZING giveaway!


  5. my skin is so dry, winter makes it CRY!! even if i don’t win this giveaway i’m interested in purchasing these products for sure! my skin needs all the help it can get! 🙂

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  6. hm, i only first tried a cushion foundation a few months ago while living in thailand – cc intense cover cushion from the face shop! i quite like it, but unfortunately in the shops there were only two shades available and i had to get one a bit too light for me… so now i’m kinda mixing a darker bb cream with the light cc cushion haha it works!

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  7. I’ve never tried any Iope products before and I’ve been wanting to try them. I’m slowly starting to get more into AB skincare and I think this set would be great to try! I have combination oily skin with an especially oily T-zone.


  8. I’m super excited for this GA as I’ve never tried any Iope items before. My skin is dry and sensitive and I’ve heard this brand can do wonders 😊

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  9. I’m really intrigued by gift sets because my routine to this point is cobbled together from multiple brands so it would be interesting to experiment with just one line. Also I think this will be great for my dry skin!

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  10. I just started accutane so my skin is insanely dry – that’s why this would be perfect for me! I’ve also never tried a BB cushion so this would be great to win!

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  11. I haven’t tried any BB cushion. The one I bought some time ago was a Misha cushion which turned out to be unsuitable fo rmy dry skin and I gave it to my daughter.

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