My Davines Hair Experiment Has Ended…

One month ago , I wrote up that I was starting an experiment on 4/25 to just use certain products on my hair.  To recap:

I have fine, straight hair that is oily, limp and in great condition. I do not have thinning hair, but I have cowlicks and since my hair is so fine and straight, it really can use all of the volume and boost it can get.   I do not perm my hair, but do color it, blow dry and use velcro rollers.  I use Ojon’s Rare Blend Oil Rejuvenating Therapy on the ends of my hair, Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse at the crown and my drugstore hairspray.  I decided to try out the Davines Replumping series and two Davines items from their Energizing line and include them along with my hair oil, mousse and spray


I used the Replumping shampoo 5 days out of the week and the Naturaltech Energizing shampoo twice a week.  I really love the Energizing shampoo as that is a clarifying shampoo and really helps to remove all of the buildup from my products.  It also has mint and caffeine ingredients, which really cleans my scalp and removes oil ~ this is a great shampoo to do a scalp massage with.   Both products did not strip my hair, but out of the two shampoos, only the Naturaltech stood out.  I saw no difference in my hair texture or condition when I used the Replumping shampoo.  I don’t use a LOT of shampoo, but enough and I ran out of my Replumping shampoo on 5/22, despite that I didn’t use it 7 days a week. I still have a lot of the Naturaltech, as that was only used twice a week.   

Davines Replumping conditioner was used daily and because the smaller tube size made me nervous that I would run out quickly, I used smaller amounts that I would normally use.  I don’t have long hair, my hair is chin length but I love to really spread my conditioner thickly on my hair, which I could not do with this one ~ even with my efforts to conserve my conditioner, I ran out on 5/15.   Since I used so little conditioner on my hair, I did notice that my hair had fly-aways ~ which I didn’t have before.    When I ran out on 5/15, I switched to another conditioner I had on hand, Alba Hawaiian Mango Body Builder Conditioner and was able to slather that on my hair and the fly-aways disappeared. 

Davines Replumping Superactive is one of the stars in this set.   I used that daily for a week, just a few spray pumps in my hair when it was almost dry and then finished drying my hair with my blow dryer.  My hair was more volumized and shiny and since I use velcro rollers to give my hair some added volume, when I took my hair out of the rollers, my hair was very bouncy and full.   After a week of using this product daily, I switched to every other day, even though it states you don’t have to use this product that frequently.    I love the scent of this product  and how it makes my hair feel, which is lush, full and soft.  This product DOES have alcohol in it, so I do not recommend this product for those with dry hair.  I still have tons of product left in the bottle ~  I still have well over 3/4 of the product left in the bottle at this point.

Davies Naturaltech Energizing Superactive  This product was designed for thickening and strengthening thinning hair, which I do not have hair loss, but my hair is fine.   This product has eucalyptus and black cohosh extracts as well as menthol and alcohol is another ingredient, so not for dry hair, imho.    This is a very watery treatment and dispenses in a long eyedropper.    I use this 2X a week, while my hair is still wet.  I put in 1/2 eyedropper onto my scalp and immediately massage it in, as this product is so watery, it will run into my face and if it gets into my eyes, it does burn.  However, despite having to act quick, this feels so refreshing and good on my scalp.   I love the scent of this, which is a strong methol/eucalyptus scent.   I feel that this product helps with my oily scalp, gives my hair extra body and a little goes a long way.   I have over 3/4 of the product left in this bottle after on month.

Final Verdict

I will not be repurchasing the Replumping Shampoo and Conditioner.   I did not notice any difference when I had to switch to another shampoo and conditioner when I ran out of these, and at over 25.00 apiece, I cannot imagine spending $100.00 initially just for these products to last one month.  Over time, it would average out to about $75.00 monthly and I wasn’t happy with the performance of the conditioner either.

I did like the Naturaltech Energizing shampoo and for a clarifying shampoo, it would be something I might repurchase.   The two items I will repurchase for sure are both of the Superactive products.  They do work on my hair and perform as pretty much as described, giving my hair volume, body, hydration and controlling the oil in my scalp.  I cannot speak about hair regrowth on the Naturaltech Superactive, but I do feel that it does strengthening the hair follicle.  The Superactive products are a bit pricey, but they last a long time, so factored in,  Replumping Superactive would last 4-5 months, averaging out at $7.90-$9.88 and the Naturaltech Energizing Superactive would last 4 months, averaging $12.50/monthly.

Have you tried any of these Davines products? What did you think of them?   Has my experiment caused you to want to purchase some of them?  Or none of them?  Let me know in the comments below ~ I would love to hear from you!


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4 thoughts on “My Davines Hair Experiment Has Ended…

  1. I’ve enjoyed the Davines products I’ve tried so far, all of which were received as Birchbox samples: the Lovely Smoothing shampoo and MINU hair serum are the two most recent I remember. I’m not loyal to any particular hair product, however.

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  2. What a great, thorough review! Thank you! I’ve also had Davines samples from Birchbox before but didn’t see much of a difference compared to my normal Herbal Essences lol. Maybe I’m not observant enough.

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  3. Thank you,i concur.. Davines is no good… tacky awkward,gross packaging… measly amount of product.
    The more I used over 2 months,my hair became dry frizzy unmanageable…. I usually always have a good hair day…. with this Line. My hair was frustrating to deal with. And it started to fall out and break…… I discontinued and went back to my former salon brand… fall literally stopped within a week,. Looking better from first use….. Never again trying one of these small sham brands…. they lie about claims…. they may not use sulfate but replace with worse ingredients,another crummy brand was Eudora…… very cheesy name ugly packaging and damaging products


  4. Davines made my hair break off and fall out. Every time I used the shampoo and conditioner there would be so much hair loss the shower drain would be covered. This product line is NOT for me

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