Asian Beauty Blog Party Announcement!


I am so thrilled to announce a new collaboration with five other amazing ladies who love Asian Beauty!  You might already follow them, via blog or Instagram ~ it looks like we are a diverse group located in several countries!  Who are we?  Well, one of our members is very talented and created these wonderful cards for us to share with our readers, so you can see our interests, skin type and what we like!

Amy from PeepingPomeranian!  I followed her initially on IG and I love her instablogs and of course, the pom usage!!


Dee from AdoreDee ~  all the way from England!


Julie at PDX Beautiful  I follow her too on IG!

The lovely Laven from Berries In the Snow, hailing from Germany.  She also is the creative genius behind our cards!


Sophie at Maple Tree Blog ~ She is our intrepid leader, who reached out to us and asked if we all would like to do this adventure!  Sophie hails from London, UK

And of course, me!! 

We will be coordinating themes around skincare, products, routines and other fun topics.  First up, we are going to have a series of interviews 

March 20th Week

  • Sophie’s Interview with Laven
  • Amy’s Interview with Julie

March 27th Week

  •  Laven’s Interview with me
  • Dee’s Interview with Amy

April 3rd Week

  • My Interview with Dee
  • Julie’s Interview with Sophie

I hope this will be fun for you to read and learn ~ I am pretty excited to be part of this group and hope I can keep up!!


2 thoughts on “Asian Beauty Blog Party Announcement!

  1. This seems like a cool concept for a blog post and I love how it includes a lot of bloggers who has the same passion! I’d love to join next time! Can’t wait for the posts that you guys will be coming up!
    -Ghia of

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