On being a Wishtrend Affiliate

When Wishtrend reached out to me and asked me to write up my thoughts about why you might like to become a Wishtrend Affiliate, I said yes right away!  In fact, they had offered me points for writing this, but I declined it, as I do really love Wishtrend and have been a very happy affiliate for many years.   To Join, Click Here

 This blog post might contain promo codes, affiliate and referral links, which using my links will help generate a small commission that helps support my blog at no extra cost to you.

Wishtrend carries some of my favorite brands, like Klairs, By Wishtrend, cosRX and I’m From.  In fact, a couple of products from these lines are my Holy Grails, which I will mention later on.   One of the reasons why I am very happy to write this blog post is because Wishtrend is one of the new places where the Affiliate program is global.  Yep, GLOBAL.  All you need is a Paypal account and apply here!


  • Depending on your level and also during special promotion times, you can get up to 12% commission from referral sales. Cookie duration is 60 days, which means if a reader clicks on your link ~ and doesn’t click on another Wishtrend Affiliate’s link, it is good for 60 days!  
  • You can receive products to review and be first in line to test out new products.
  • You get discount coupons for you and your followers.
  • Host a giveaway with Wishtrend!  They will handle the products and shipping ~ you just set it up at your blog, Instagram, YouTube.
  • Wishtrend will promote quality content affiliates produce
  • This is new to me… Partner with them to design your own promotion to curating your own skincare box ~ I know of one person who has done this, but she IS HUGE in the YouTube area.  I think you have to be a big name, which I am not!  But that is okay!
  • Meet & Greet:  Wishtrend organizes  exclusive offline event for affiliates.  I think this might be just for South Korea, however.  

Wishtrend Affiliate Levels

Let’s Get Real

I have read some pretty scathing accounts about the review process with Wishtrend over at reddit.com, and I won’t discount other people’s personal interactions with Wishtrend.  Now, way back when I first started being an affiliate with Wishtrend back in 2014 (oh how the years fly by), I did have a bad experiences with their Affiliate Manager, who I will call Z.  I won’t get into the details,  but I was basically ignored for a few years and was wasting away in the Wishtrend Affiliate program, despite generating sales.   Z finally left and a new Affiliate Manager was assigned, who I will call H.  H and I started a wonderful relationship and we chatted in our emails.  She was very receptive to my feedback and reached out to me for opinions.  When H left, M took over and I am happy to say, I have the same warm friendly relationship with her as I did with H.   I have nothing but positive feedback for the last two Wishtrend Affiliate managers. 

I will also add that Wishtrend always gives me autonomy with my reviews.  I am one of those folks that does take time to test and write up my reviews.  I get free items, but you don’t, so I am mindful to try and give you the best opinion I can give ~ which means that I will TEST that product out!   I have never been told to only write glowing reviews for products, nor been told what to write.  In fact, I have written reviews that were quite critical and never once was this held against me.  If I have questions, my Affiliate manager is readily available to answer them and they do solicit feedback from me.  I hope that you will join and become an affiliate as well as I find that Wishtrend has greatly improved over the last few years. 

What are my Holy Grails from Wishtrend? 

Don’t forget to use UNBOXINGWISHTREND to get an additional 5% off your purchases! 

[ disclaimer: blog post contains affiliate links and codes ]

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