Unboxing January 2016 Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box

Ringing in the New Year with another Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box!  I love this subscription and have been pretty happy with the items I have received. If you know what Yogi Surprise is, you can skip over this bit and get to the review.  What is Yogi Surprise?   

Yogi Surprise Lifestyle Box

  • 6-8 full-size yoga lifestyle items
  • Vegetarian and GMO-Free
  • $70+ retail value in every box
  • $44.95/month + free shipping

Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box

  • 2 handmade pieces + 1 organic treat
  • Handcrafted in Bali. Fair Trade
  • $65+ retail value in every box
  • $24.95/month + free shipping

The Jewelry box will contain two handcrafted yoga inspired jewelry pieces, that are fair trade, sustainably harvested materials, nickle-free, lead-free and cadmium free.  These are made in Bali, Indonesia and 10% of all proceeds will be given to education the Balinese families to make these beautiful pieces.   It also contains an organic chocolate treat.


This month’s theme is “Intention Inspired”    A new year brings the opportunity to discern what intentions are driving the thoughts and actions that navigate us through each the day.  The act of setting on  an intention is a powerful virtuous cycle.  So as the new year unfolds, let these intention-inspired yoga jewelry pieces act as a reminder to live in a way that opens yourself to your fullest potential and deepest aspirations.  These hand-crafted pieces are a symbol that you are willing to be vulnerable to show others your true self and to see the truth in others.


Informational Card



Amethyst Lotus Flower Necklace   This is a simple but great necklace ~ its silver tone chain is about 28 to 30 inches in length and it has an unusual feature that ends in a Lotus etched charm pendant.    The bottom of the chain ends in a V, consisting of 7 round amethyst beads.   I haven’t seen a necklace design like this before and I think this will look great against a black turtleneck.  Very classic and I like its simple lines.  RV $45.00

Lotus In Buddhism, the lotus flower represents purity, spiritual awaking and faithfulness.    The flower symbolizes purity, because it is clean, despite living in murky pond waters.

AmethystBalancing the Crown Chakra, Third Eye and Crown Chakras and is the color of Spirituality

Cleanses, cleansing, purifies, restructures and renews. Fosters psychic abilities Amethyst is a natural stress reliever that encourages inner strength and brings wealth and a strong business sense to its wearer. It is a crystal of spiritual growth and protection. It brings clarity of the mind to their owner and helps you to become more in tune with your feelings so that you get to know yourself on a much deeper level. Amethyst crystals repel negative energy and attract positive energy, making them a wonderful protection stone for the home. They have one of the strongest powers to rid your home of any negative influence.  source

Amethyst promotes emotional centering.  Metaphysically amethyst encourages you to develop common sense and to become more emotionally centered and focused.  Amethyst is especially beneficial when worn over the throat or heart chakras and also can help with insomnia. If you place a piece of amethyst under your pillow at night it is said to help nightmares and assist in a more restful sleep. It is also said to help enhance prophetic dreams when placed under ones pillow at night or worn as a piece of jewelry while sleeping.  source


Turquoise and Lotus Flower Bracelet    This was our spoiler for the month and I am surprised how much I like it!  Turquoise nuggets can be hit or miss with me, but these are chunky enough that it doesn’t get lost ~ I hate those tiny chips turquoise pieces.  Also, I love between each stone, there is a square golden nugget bead ~ it really adds to an unusual pairing ~ most of the time, you see turquoise and silver together, but rarely with gold.  This also features a nice sized Lotus Flower charm in gold tone as well.  The bracelet has a long extender, so it should fit a variety of wrist sizes and has a lobster claw clasp.  Which is the only downer for me. I have a hard time putting on lobster claw clasps and wish this was a toggle clasp instead.  I probably will replace this with a toggle so I can wear it with ease ~ I can purchase toggles at etsy or eBay fairly inexpensively.    RV $35.00

Turquoise 5th Chakra ~ Throat Chakra Turquoise is perhaps the oldest stone in man’s history, the talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors…  Turquoise strengthens the meridians of the body and the subtle energy fields, enhancing communication between the physical and spiritual worlds. Placed on the Third Eye, it supports intuition and meditation. On the Throat Chakra, it releases old vows, inhibitions, and allows the soul to express itself once more. It explores past lives and regards fate as ongoing and dependant on one’s action at any moment.  Turquoise is a stone for finding wholeness and truth, and communicating and manifesting those qualities. It stimulates and harmonizes the Throat Chakra, making it easier to articulate and bring forth one’s deepest wisdom. source




Madecasse Peppermint Chocolate Bar    This is a great peppermint tasting dark chocolate bar.  I had some last night and its smooth rich and deep chocolate taste really marries well with the bright peppermint flavor.  It isn’t overpowering, so I am pretty happy with this.  This would be great with warm french bread and wine!  This is made with 63% Madagascar dark chocolate, mint and nutmeg.   2.64 oz  RV $6.00  

About Madecasse: We were Peace Corps volunteers in Madagascar. We fell in love with the people and the country and wanted to do more. So we started making chocolate there in 2008 in collaboration with a local manufacturer. Even though 70% of the world’s cocoa comes from Africa, less than 1% of the world’s chocolate is actually made there.  We exist to change this.  To date, over 90% of our chocolate has been made from start to finish in Madagascar.  In late 2015, we started to increase our supply by making chocolate in collaboration with contract manufacturer in the U.S., in addition to continuing our work with the local manufacturer in Madagascar.  This was not an easy decision for us, but it was a necessary decision to keep the business moving forward while we invest in more manufacturing capacity in Madagascar. One step to the side in order to take our mission 10 steps forward.  We expect to have additional manufacturing capacity in Madagascar by the end of 2016.

 Ingredients: cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla, mint, nutmeg

This is another great month from Yogi Surprise ~ I hope they will use toggles instead of lobster claw clasps if they choose to go this route with bracelets, as it does make it hard to get off and on the wrist.  However, I love the pairing of the gold and turquoise stones and it is very well made, so I will convert it myself.   The necklace is really nice and simple, and would also be great to layer as well.  Peppermint chocolate done well is something I enjoy ~ I hate things like peppermint patties, so I am glad this was not a chocolate bar with a peppermint filling.    I paid $25.00 for this box and received a RV of  $86.00 and I feel this box is worth well over $25.00, even if I don’t feel it is worth $86.00!  That necklace might be a bit marked up.  That said, part of the proceeds from this box will go back to the local artisans that made these items and help educate their community ~ and I always love a box with a social conscience.

Do you subscribe to Yogi Surprise?  Which box do you get and what was your favorite item this month?  Let me know in the comments below, I would love to read them 🙂

If you are interested in signing up to Yogi Surprise for either their Lifestyle or Jewelry box, I would love it if you used my referral link   They are currently running a 10% off special for the first month, no promo code needed.

February Sneak Peek

This elegant bracelet combines the soothing properties of Amazonite and the emotional balancing characteristics of the beautiful White Howlite stone. Let this Yogi Surprise Goddess bracelet be a constant reminder of your true beauty and grace.


[ all descriptions in italics from linked website.  this blog post contains referral links ]

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