Memebox I’m Eyeshadow Night to Day & Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly eyeshadow palette review!


Like I NEED more eyeshadow palettes and I had already committed to purchasing the Too Faced Limited Edition PB&J palette when I saw the initial press release. Memebox also came out with a nice eyeshadow palette as well ~ one for day and one for night and I really liked the colors of the Night palette, so I purchased that too!!  This is just a quick review with swatches and which palette I like better 🙂


I’m Eyeshadow Night to Day Palette


Memebox I’m Eyeshadow Night Palette comes in a sturdy matte black case, that is quite slim and compact for a 10-shade palette.  When I open it up, it contains 2 rows, 5 shades per row, a BIG mirror plus a really nice dual ended brush.  No sponge applicator here ~ this has a soft fluffy brush and a stiffer contour brush on the other end. 


The fluffy brush doesn’t work well, because the lighter shades are SO pale and not very pigmented, that there is a lot of fallout if you use that side.  I prefer using my standard brush to grab those shades.  Most of this palette is really pigmented ~ I would say that the first 2 shades on the upper row and the first shade on the lower row are the least pigmented.



I think I see a trend in the names!! haha

Top Row

  • Every Night  ~ matte cream
  • Date Night ~  matte rosy pink
  • One Night ~ raspberry pink with gold microglitters
  • Glam Night ~  copper shimmer
  • Woman Night ~ matte cool brown

Bottom Row

  • Hug Me Night  ~ pink champagne shimmer with white microglitters
  • Sensual Night ~ garnet shimmer with gold microglitters
  • Tonight ~ eggplant purple with silver and purple microglitters
  • Mature Night  ~ taupe shimmer
  • Dark Night ~ deep brown shimmer

I will say that my favorite shades are on the bottom row ~ Sensual Night, Tonight, Mature Night and Dark Night are vivid, deep rich shades and Mature Night is probably my favorite shade of them all.  I also love Woman Night, as that is a classic milk chocolate shade and works well for me.  The pinker shades I can live without for the most part, but they are nice as an accent color.    As I stated earlier, the only shades that had a lot of fall out are Every Night, Date Night and Hug Me Night, which were the palest shades of the 10 colors.  The rest of the shades do not have a lot of fall out and are very pigmented.

Now, this is what Memebox had as swatches for this palette and I do have to call a bit of the nopes on the lighter shades here.  They do not come as dark as what Memebox states.

image source


This is what I saw when I actually swatched it and took photos.  I will say that the darker shades are more vibrant and deep that what is pictured here.  The lighting makes these colors look a bit lighter, but they are a shade or two darker ~  very similar to what Memebox has in their photo, except for the light shades. Those are pretty much as pictured below.

  1. Every Night
  2. Date Night
  3. One Night
  4. Glam Night
  5. Woman Night
  6. Hug Me Night
  7. Sensual Night
  8. Tonight
  9. Mature Night
  10. Dark Night

The darker shades are really long wearing.  I used  Woman Night, Mature Night and Dark Night today and yes, they are still going strong without fading , after 10 hours.  Just a little bit of creasing, but I have oily lids ~ I did not use a primer either.  Each shade is 1 gram, for a total eye shadow weight of 10 grams.


Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Limited Edition Palette

If you follow me on Instagram (and you should ~ lol), you would have seen me post several photos of this when I first found out that Too Faced was released a limited edition palette that smells like Peanut Butter!!  I’ve been using this a lot since I received it last week, so forgive the “messy” photos ~ just goes to show you that I do like this palette a lot!

This palette comes in a tin with a nice mirror (hidden under the guide).  No brush is included

Description: Inspired by the social media sensation that is Peanut Butter from our bestselling Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Collection, we created this limited edition peanut butter palette of nine gorgeous matte and shimmer shades featuring antioxidant-rich cocoa powder with a creamy peanut butter twist! Includes our signature Glamour Guide with three looks to get you started.

Now, I will tell you, I am a bit disappointed by the scent. I do not think it smells like peanut butter that much.  It is more chocolate than peanut butter.  Since these shadows do not contain peanuts, but antioxidant-rich cocoa powder, that makes sense.  If you have used Too Faced Chocolate products (palettes, bronzers), you know that they are a lovely cocoa goodness scent.   This palette comes with a nice little booklet with “how to” eye shadow looks.  These guides are usually included in their palettes.  

There are three  larger shades (2 grams)  ~ these are the base colors and 6 smaller shades at .9 grams each

On the left hand side, top to bottom

  • Spread the Love ~  Medium Peach with Gold Sparkle (soft & sweet row)
  • Bananas ~  Soft Peachy Gold with Fine Gold Shimmer  (rich & creamy row)
  • Extra Creamy ~ Matte Creamy Beige. This is almost paper white.  (pj&j row)

I am not sure why they included two huge shimmer shades for a base.  I guess you can use these as a cheek highlighter as well.  Spread the Love isn’t as shimmery as Bananas, so it can work as a base.  The other 6 shades are ~ from top to bottom

  • Peanut Butter ~  Matte Medium Orange Brown  (soft & sweet row)
  • Peanut Butter Cup ~  Metallic Golden Bronze with Gold Sparkle (soft & sweet row)
  • Peanut Brittle ~ Metallic Burnt Orange (rich & creamy row)
  • Jammin’ ~ Dark Chocolate with Golden Sparkle (rich & creamy row)
  • Jelly  ~ Vibrant Orchid  (pj&j row)
  • Nuts About U ~ Matte Brown with Red (pj&j row)



The matte shades had a little bit of problem with pigmentation ~ Jelly was the worst, as it is supposed to be a vibrant orchid and it was pretty pale.  Peanut Butter and Nuts About U were much better than Jelly and could be build up.  Extra Creamy really didn’t have any issues with pigmentation ~ it went on like a solid base shade.

Bananas had the most fall out and was very glittery, but I was pleasantly surprised and happy with Spread the Love ~ it wasn’t as shimmery and is a pretty peach base.   The rest of the shades ~ Peanut Butter Cup, Peanut Brittle and Jammin’ (my favorite!!)  were all highly pigmented, with little fall out.  This palette is not as well rounded in shades as the Memebox palette, but its theme is very limited in scope, so it makes sense that it would stay in the neutral shades with just a pop of color in Jelly.   These are very long wearing and I didn’t need to wear a primer either.   I didn’t notice any creasing when using these shadows.

Which palette did I like better?  Honestly, I like them both!!   They are different enough with the shades and both of them come in nice, easy-to-carry palettes.  Did you get either of these?  What did you think ~ let me know in the comments below!

Where To Purchase

Memebox  ~ They also have a slew of eyeshadow colors and I highly recommend the I’m Eye Shadow series.   This palette also comes in a Day to Night version as well.

Too Faced ~ One of the nice things with Too Faced is that they give you really nice sized deluxe samples when you purchase from their online site


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