OLens Scandi Lens Review

I have another review with OLens colored contact lenses!  I am thrilled that they carry a wide range of prescription strengths so I am able to change up my eye color.  I received these lenses from OLens complementary for review purposes 

I received these products complementary to review and was not paid.  All reviews are my own honest opinion and  I never have been asked to write copy for a brand.  This blog post might contain promo codes, affiliate and referral links, which using my links will help generate a small commission that helps support my blog at no extra cost to you.

Scandi Hazel

OLens, the first contact lens specialty brand globally and they have helped introduce specialized colored contacts.  OLens has developed Puscon, a material designed for sensitive eyes. It uses an FDA approved Phosphorylcholine, prevents protein deposits ~ I have a huge problem with that, increased oxygen permeability and has a hydrophobic  structure that forms a layer of moisture while minimizing water loss. OLens handles their lenses using strict KFDA guidelines. ~ read more at olensglobal.com ~  ANDDD, for those into K-Pop, Blackpink is their brand ambassador.

OLens offers several different lines: natural and realistic Scandi, exotic Russian Velvet and Spanish, romantic and fanciful ViVi Ring, 3D pigmenation, sophisticated colors with Secriss 3Con and so much more! They offer 1 day, 2 weeks, 1 month and 3 ~ 6 month contact choices, with a variety of prescription strengths ~ even no strength ~  diameter and colors.

I posted both the official photos from OLens and my photos of how they look on me.  I think that is important, as OLens uses models with brown eyes and the effect can be quite different on someone like me, with green eyes.  My lashes are very light, so before I apply makeup and mascara, my eyes look a little bald!!   I NEVER put on eye makeup before I insert my contacts ~ it’s such a bad idea, where makeup deposits could get on your lenses.  My before photos will show my bald eyes and most of my after photos will be with makeup on.

My prescription lens that I use now are for astigmatism and I am lucky that the prescription strength is the same in both eyes at -5. OLens does do a lot of BOGO so if you have different strengths, you are covered.  My base curve and diameter is slightly higher than they offer at OLens, but that is due to the astigmatism correction.  OLens has all of the specs on each one of their products and you can search on a lot of the specs, like diameter, prescription and so on.

Scandi is one of  OLens most popular colored lens. This line is their best for natural and realistic eye colors, with soft edges and blendable shading.   They come in both daily and 1 month wear ~ the ones in this review are the one month wear lenses.  The monthly wear has  a total diameter of 14.2mm with a graphic diameter of 11.9mm, 40% water content and made of polyHEMA. The strength goes from 0 to -8. This lens does not have different left-right strengths to choose from but currently it is on sale for buy-one, get-one free  ~ so you get to pick TWO boxes with different strengths.   Just like all OLens that I have tried, these are very comfortable to wear and I didn’t experience any dry eye. 

image from olensglobal.com

Scandi Aqua  The official photo has the color looking more blue on brown eyes, but it does have more of an aqua outer ring shading into more gold towards the inner part.  

Wow, on my eyes, these are truly AQUA.  The green backdrop really helps pop that light aqua and gold coloring on the lens, resulting in a very dramatic but realistic color for me.   

image from olensglobal.com

Scandi Hazel  In the official photo, you can see how golden-tinged this contact is and the eye model didn’t really show much of an impact ~ it doesn’t look too hazel to me.  It just seemed to lighten up the dark brown eye, so I didn’t have a lot of expectations when I tried these out for the first time.  Just a quick FYI, you have to look at the description to get the correct photos for the Hazel contact.  It looks like OLens repeated the Olive lens and eye photo in the photo gallery.  


Oh, I love these.  I didn’t think I was going to flip out over the Hazel color as I thought, meh, HAZEL.  On my eyes they look like an amber with greenish yellow tones, which looks amazing on me.  It took my green eyes and really transformed them.

image from olensglobal.com

Scandi Olive   These are SO similar looking to the Hazel, but the difference is there ~ it still has the intense golden ring but on the outer edges, there is some darker shades creeping in, so olive is a little bit darker than hazel.  It is very subtle.  

This transformed my eyes into a true olive green.  I am very pleased with this color!

image from olensglobal.com

Scandi Grey   This is a darker grey with a golden brown inner ring.  It looks beautiful on a dark brown eye, with the dark charcoal grey outer ring.  

I will never be an eye model

On me, these just made my green eyes look greener, if that makes sense.  But it is not really noticeable.

Scandi Light Gray After my disappointment with the Gray color, I had higher hopes for the Light Gray, as it has a much lighter ring. For brown eyes, it looks almost like a slate-purple shade.  

I did like the light gray quite a bit!  I don’t think it did a lot to change my eye color, but I thought it lightened my eyes dramatically for a Scandi lens.  The light grey didn’t “cover up” my green shade, so you can still tell I have green eyes but they look like light green eyes now. 

Wearing Scandi Light Gray

My favorite shades this time around are aqua, hazel and light grey ~ I think those really worked well with my eye color and displayed a dramatic difference.   Olive truly is olive on my green eyes, which was a pleasant surprise.  Grey was the only one that was too light for my current eye shade, so I barely saw any different with it.  Scandi is a natural realistic color lens line, so you won’t really see a huge difference, but those three shades, especially aqua, really had an impact on my eye color.


If you have never worn contacts before, just remember these tips:

  • Make sure to wash and dry your hands
  • Use a saline solution to rinse off the contacts ~ even when you are opening a new pair, always rinse them
  • To pick up the lens, I dump them into the palm of my hand and then use my finger pad to pick them up. Not my finger TIP, no nails are involved here.  
  • Make sure that the lens is curving inward like a bowl.  It is is flaring out, then you need to flip them inside out.   
image from olensglobal.com
  • Inspect the lens for any damage such as tears
  • If the lens looks good, open your eyes wide and just place the lens on your eye.  Blink a few times.
    • You might want to use your other hand to lift up your upper lid while you insert the lens.  With practice, you will be able to add and remove your lens one handed and without a mirror!  

OLens has a great section on lens care and handling and they do have a section about how to insert  here


excuse my messy brows ~ I am trying to grow out my eyebrows and my brow hairs have a life of its own!

I would suggest getting OLens Welcome Kit if this is your first purchase, your prescription strength is the same in both eyes and you are unsure what contacts would suit you best.  This will include your choice of 1 day/20 pairs from Scandi grey/hazel, Spanish brown/gray, Secriss 3con Coral brown/gray, Spanish Circle brown/gray, Russian gold/silver, ViVi Ring brown, Secriss 3Con Natural brown/gray, Misty Romantic hazel/choco or Natural Day brown.  You will also get 3 additional pairs of 1 day contacts, randomly selected from their best sellers.  The Welcome Kit is $29.99

It appears that all of the 1 month wear contacts are on a BOGO (buy one, get one free) sale which is fantastic if you have different prescription strengths.   You can check out their 1 month wear contacts here  ~ the Scandi contain 2 lens per box for $29.00 USD.  If you have the same strength in both eyes, try their Scandi Collection Kit, where you get to choose two shades in the Scandi Monthly wear. 

If you spend over $150.00, they have free DHL shipping to almost every country.  They do limit orders to $200.00 or less, as there are custom issues, so if you want to purchase more than $200.00, they recommend placing separate orders.

[ disclaimer:  products received complementary for review purposes ]

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