Unboxing March 2017 Flicker Box + Promo Code

Sorry this unboxing is so late!! I have been so busy lately but this month’s Flickerbox is pretty fantastic.   Every month, Flickerbox donates part of their proceeds from their shop or subscription.  Last month, it was for the Joshua Tree National Park in California ~ I’ve been there for rock climbing and biking ~ it is beautiful!  They gave $2.00 from each subscription and $1.00 from every overstock order and donated it to the national park  ~ “The Joshua tree is confined mostly to the Mojave Desert between 1300 and 5900 ft and it heavily relies on groundwater. The threat of climate change could raise the average temperature in the Mojave and drop precipitation by up to 2%, thus decimating the iconic desert tree for our grandchildren”   This month’s theme is Mojave.

What is Flicker Box?

Flicker Box is inspired by a love and appreciation for handmade candles. We believe that people appreciate products produced by quality artisans made in the United States. We want to connect candle lovers with people who love to make candles. Each Flicker Box contains a variety of artisanal candles made from candle artists from around the United States. We share their story and ship subscribers a delightfully curated box right to their doorstep. Flicker box costs as low as $25/month and can be purchased as an automatically-renewing monthly subscription or 3, 6, or 12 month term subscriptions.  from myflickerbox

Information Card

Another View Starting on the left:  Candelaria “Turquoise”,  Wood & Wax Co “Cactus & Sea Salt” ,  Armadilla Wax Works “Desert Rain”

Candelaria “Turquoise”  Candelaria is Flickerbox’s exclusive brand and this 6 oz candle in a brushed gold-toned tin is my favorite scent of the 3 this month!  I can smell the citrus-y scent of lemongrass right away with the herbal tones of ginger and cardamon lurking beneath it ~ “Unique, zesty, and fresh with ginger, saffron, cardamom, geranium, and lemongrass”   Candelaria is located in Denver, Colorado and makes their candles with 100% soy, from American-grown soy beans ~ soy is very eco-friendly and has a clean burn.  They use lead free cotton wicks primed with vegetable based wax and use only premium grade essential oils and fragrances, with no added dyes or harmful chemicals.  Burn Time is about 30 hours.   RV $12.00

Armadilla Wax Works “Desert Rain”  I love getting these wave pillar candles from Armadilla Wax Works.  This one is stunning to me as the neutral shades will work in any decor ~ and it is so simple.  This has a textured pebbled surface and the colors go from an espresso brown, to a mocha brown and to a light latte (coffee on my mind!)  “A sophisticated fragrance of elegance and simplicity with crisp notes of bergamot, lemon zest, cool white rose and musk, creamy sandalwood and oak moss. Desert Rain is our own unique sophisticated fragrance of timeless elegance and simplicity, designed to remind you of the clean air of the desert, refreshed after a deep and lasting rain.”  I do smell more of the citrus, which is muted, the musk and wood tones.  This candle is hand poured into their own design molds and these pillar candles are part of the “shades” collection ~ “Beautiful scented candles accent your decor with ‘shades’ of color. Handcrafted scented pillar and ball candles feature our own artisan texture, rich candle fragrances and fragrance blends.”  Armadilla Wax Works is a Flickerbox favorite and the company is located in Prescott, AZ.    3 x 4 inch pillar candle  RV $17.00

image source

Wood & Wax Co “Cactus & Sea Salt”  And finally, an etsy shop candle maker delivers a 6 oz hand poured soy candle that smells to me like pears and florals!   The description is somewhat different ~ “Cactus & Sea Salt, a lush combination of cactus flower, ozone, sea salt, aquatic florals and musk fragrances that create an ultra calming scent that takes you on a bright, tropical and relaxing mini vacation.”   Oh well, I guess I failed on that scent test ~ but I do like the scent a lot!   So, this little travel tin candle is make with a wood wick,  and US grown soy wax with fragrances that are paraben and phthalate free.  The wick is made with American hardwood and it will increase the scent throw of the candle, while giving you that crackling sound and firewood scent.   Light the wicks close to the base of the candle, not the top.  These candles are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon.  6 oz RV $14.00


I love the scents this month and for presentation, Armadilla Wax Works has such great layer pillar candles.  I totally adore the scent from Candelaria’s Turquoise and am glad to get a candle from an etsy shop ~ love supporting indie businesses!  This box’s value is $43.00 and I paid $34.00 for my box, as I am on a month to month subscription and I am grandfathered in, so my shipping is included in the price tag.    That is a great retail value for the box, as it isn’t normally over $40.00.  When you subscribe to Flickerbox, don’t expect to have a HUGE value placed on it, as shipping costs for candles is expensive and the products are made by artisans, making their eco-friendly candles with their own scents and hand crafted, it is a great deal.  If you would like to subscribe, they are currently offering 15% off a 6 month subscription ~  use promo code MARCH at checkout.

Flickerbox also has a store, where you purchase candles that were featured in their past boxes.

Do you subscribe to Flickerbox?  What did you think of this month’s candles?  Let me know in the comments below!


Sneak Peek into Next Month’s Box



[ descriptions in italics from the product linked website ]

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