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New Brand:  BOOM DE AH DAH 


New Brand: POLATAM


Use promo code ELIZAVECCA30 to get 30% off all Elizavecca items

Get Ready With Me Box

A head-turning look starts with perfect skin and ends with a flawless finish. That’s why this GRWM box is packed with the essentials you need to get your skin in top shape pre and post makeup!

  • SCINIC Aqua All in One Ampoule: 250ml
  • IT’S SKIN Babyface Pore Powder: 5g
  • IT’S SKIN Babyface Natural Eyebrow 02 Deep Brown: 0.3g
  • BONVIVANT Botanical Pure Mask Mugwort Leaf: 23ml
  • BONVIVANT Botanical Pure Mask Collagen: 23ml
  • BONVIVANT That Day Mask #Blemish Care: 25ml
  • I’M MEME I’m Eyeliner #EL02 Matte Brown: 0.5g
  • Ultimate Prep Primer 3 Set: sample set
  • PONY EFFECT Stay Fit Matte Lip Color #Flawless: 4.6g
  • I’M MEME I’m Stick Shadow #ES408 Stellar Rose: 1.5g

Ariul Moisture Surge Box

Premature aging. Dry skin. Excess wrinkles. The horrors of not moisturizing are too scary! Thankfully, this box of Ariul’s bestsellers will ensure your skin stays moist and dewy around the clock.

  • New Spa Water Aqua Lock Cream: 50ml
  • 7 Days Mask: 20g x 7pcs
  • Juice Cleanse Mask: 20g x 4pcs

V-Day, Spa Day Set

Show your skin some love with an at-home spa day! From nail therapy masks to a Snail repairing cream, this value set will help you upgrade your skin to swoon-worthy status in no time. Because whether you’re staying in or going on a dreamy date this V-Day, there’s nothing like a relaxing spa sesh to help you look and feel your best.

  • Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream Jumbo: 120ml
  • Kocostar Nail Therapy: 14oz
  • Freeset Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask Aqua: 25ml
  • Memebox Meme Maniac Cosmetic Bag: 1pc

Mini K-Beauty Zip n’ Go Sample Set

Travel light without skimping on your skincare with this travel-friendly kit of full and sample size essentials. Packaged in a cute clear zip-up bag with an adorable Memebox logo, it’s the jetsetter’s guide to beautiful skin on the go!

  • Bonvivant Botanical Pure Mask Pack #Adenosine + Acai | Full Size 20ml 
  • Bonvivant That Day Mask Packs | Full Size 25ml Blemish Care & Brightening Care: 
  • Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream | Sample Packet 
  • Dear by Enprani Tone Up Cheese Cream | Sample Packet 
  • Dear by Enprani Fondant Cheese Foundation | Sample Packet
  • Holika Holika Aloe Soothing Gel | Mini-Size 55ml 
  • Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream | Sample Packet 
  • Pony Effect Ultimate Prep Primers | Sample Packet   Skin&Lab Red Serum | Sample Packet
  • Chica Y Chico | Sample Packet  
  • Manyo Factory Galatomyces Niacin | Sample Size 5ml
  • Manyo Factory Active Refresh Herb Peel | Sample Packet
  • Cosrx AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid | Sample Packet

Me to Me Box

Treat yourself to a spa facial in the comforts of your home! We love that we can indulge in a little me-time while making over our skin with this luxe box.  Here’s the best gift you can receive… from yourself! This me-time box is loaded with 19 masks and some yummy sweets that’ll help you kick back and relax.

  • AYJUN Rose Blossom Mask: 25ml
  • 23 YEARS OLD Rose Gold 24k Mask: 40ml
  • HOLIKA HOLIKA Strawberry Pure Essence Mask: 20ml
  • HOLIKA HOLIKA Damask Rose Pure Essence Mask: 20ml
  • HOLIKA HOLIKA Pearl Pure Essence Mask: 20ml
  • BOTANIC FARM Rose Natural Energy Mask Sheet: 20ml
  • BONVIVANT Botanical Mask Pack Clarifying & Hydrating Rose 1pc: 25ml
  • BONVIVANT Botanical Pure Mask Pack #Sodium Hyaluronate + Lotus 1ea: 23ml
  • HELLO KITTY 3D Character Mask: Anti-wrinkle: 27g
  • MD’S PICK Goji Water Rubber Mask: Step1 (Gel Base): 50g / Step2 (Powder): 5g
  • MEMEBOX Fever Frenzy Notebook: 1pc
  • LOTTE Ghana Milk Chocolate: One serving
  • LOTTE Double Dip Pepero Strawberry: One serving

BONVIVANT Pretty In Pink Mask Kit

Whether your skin is dry, oily, or tired, this Pretty in Pink Kit will beautify your skin while you relax. The clay mask and sheet masks are blossoming with healthy, natural ingredients your skin will totally fall for. Plus, the bonus pink tools will help you pretty up with ease and in style!

  • Botanical Mellow Clay Mask Pink Calamine: 70g
  • Botanical Real Sheet Mask Rose: 25 ml
  • Botanical That Day Brightening Mask: 25ml
  • Botanical Pure Sheet Mask Acai Berry: 23ml
  • Cat Headband | 1pc
  • Pink Sponge | 1pc
  • Pink Bag


Elizavecca Essentials Box

Fun, innovative, and powerful, the goodies in this Elizavecca Essentials Box are some of K-beauty’s favorites. With bubbly blackhead-blasting masks to hair-beautifying Collagen treatments, this kit is a total must-snag.

  • Elastic Pore Cleansing Foam: 120ml
  • Collagen Ceramide Coating Protein: 100ml
  • Black Head Solution 3 Step Nose Strip: 1 set
  • Aqua Hyaluronic Acid Water Drop Cream: 50ml
  • Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask: 100g

About That Bod Set

Show your below-the-neck skin major love with this bangin’ bod set! It has everything you need to keep your skin irresistibly soft, all the way down to your soles.

  • MEDIHEAL Paraffin Foot Mask: 18ml
  • SECRET-A Magic Foot Peeling Mask: 40g
  • INOFACE Milk Body Jelly Wash: 100g
  • ILLI Totaling Aging Care Intense Lotion: 350ml

Pore Rescue Set

If your pores are in danger of a blackhead invasion, this Pore Rescue Set is the pore-fect pick for you! It has everything you

  • ELIZAVECCA Pig Nose Clear Blackhead 3 Step Kit 
  • SKINMISO Comedo Remover
  • ELIZAVECCA Hell Pore Clean Up AHA Fruit Toner

Our Remedy For Sensitive Skin Set

When your skin’s in a tragedy, here’s the perfect remedy! A set of super gentle yet powerful skincare goodies for your sensitive skin.

  • TOSOWOONG Enzyme Powder Wash Cleanser: 70g
  • SECRET KEY Tea Tree Refresh Calming Toner: 248 ml
  • TOSOWOONG Dr. Troubex Soothing Mask Pack: 23g x 3pcs
  • FREESET Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask Healing: 25ml
  • HOLIKA HOLIKA Aloe 99% Soothing Gel: 250ml

Picture Pore-Fect Skincare Set The key to a no-make-up-necessary face is poreless skin, and thanks to this special edition set, pore-celain skin is right at your fingertips! Over time, these gems will minimize the appearance of your pores, and picture pore-fect skin will be yours. Hello, #nofilter selfies!

  • INMISO Pore Corset Serum: 30ml
  • SKIN&LAB Dr. Pore Tightening: Glacial Clay Facial Mask: 100ml

Labiotte ~ some really cute wine lip products and lotus skincare items!  I’ve reviewed several of these Labiotte items ~ check it out here.


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