Unboxing December 2016 Herb Stop What’s In Your Aroma Box + Promo Code!

This month’s theme is perfect ~Winter Wonderland!  All of these oils are designed to help create a festive and wintery mood.  Herb Stop has started to add whether their oil is safe to use in foods as well with the Food Chemical Code Index ~ if yes, it is safe to add in food.  What is Herb Stop?

Herb Stop is located in Pine, AZ and has been recognized by the community and the state of Arizona  with a variety of awards.  They only use ingredients from  reliable and ethical sources and all of their essential oils are 100% pure, with the exception of their precious oils ~ such as Jasmine, Rose, Neroli, Sandalwood ~ and those will be blended with jojoba oil.    You will receive a box of 4 bottles, either 1/6 oz or 1/3 oz)  that can be essential oils, essential oil blends and/or roll-on essential oil blends.  You will also receive information about your oils and how to use them, including safety information.   Each box is $19.99 which includes shipping, USA only and Herb Stop will start mailing them out during the 10th thru 17th of every month.   Herb Stop has over 200 varieties essential oils alone, which means the boxes will be very different each month ~ as there are also custom-made blends as well.   You can auto subscribe here.   Use Promo Code BFFM15  and receive 15% off your first box!

What’s In Your Aroma Box?

All of the essential oils, unless otherwise noted, have a screw top lid and there is a plastic lid inside that has a tube, so that you don’t spill out all of your oil if you drop the bottle (and it doesn’t break).  I also like that the oils are in dark cobalt blue glass bottles to help protect them from UV rays and light.

Spruce (tsuga canadensis) Pure Essential Oil   Ahhh, transported deep into a pine forest!  This is actually Canadian Hemlock, which isn’t to be confused with the poisonous hemlock.   Tree oils are both uplifting and grounding and perhaps that is why I love wood scents so much ~ I love how it combines a feeling of positivity while also not letting my feet float too far off the ground .  This one has a more sweet scent than traditional evergreen oils, so you won’t mistake it for bathroom cleaners (haha).  Spruce is wonderful for massages, breaking up aches and pains, while also opening up congested sinuses and airways.  Add to your bath for immediate relief when you have a head cold.  This is 100% pure, natural and vegan, bottled in the USA.  5 mL RV $5.20

Ingredients: 100% Pure tsuga canadensis (spruce/hemlock) Essential Oil.  FCC.

  • Origin: United States
  • Parts Used: Needles
  • Extraction Method: Steam Distilled  
  • Food Chemical Codex: No

Wild Orange (citrus sinensis) Pure Essential Oil   This smells more like a mix between tangerines and grapefruit ~ it is so bright, so sweet and uplifting, I feel like I should be eating some tangerines right now!  This oil helps with digestion as well as being a great positive mood changed.  This oil can be used in food recipes ~ add 2 drops of this oil to your shortbread or plain cookie batter before baking for a delightful orange taste! 100% natural and vegan, bottled in the USA.   5 mL RV $3.25

Description: Traditionally used as an antidepressant, to encourage positive outlook, for oily skin and promoting immune function.* Enhances most aromatherapy blends.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Citrus sinensis (Wild Orange) Essential Oil. FCC.

  • Origin: Belize
  • Parts Used: Peel
  • Extraction Method: Expressed
  • Food Chemical Codex: Yes

Cardamom (elettaria cardamomum) Pure Essential Oil  I love to use cardamom pods when I cook rice or bake cookies.  It has  a great spicy, citrus scent that works well with cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, oranges, lemons and other citrus.  The scent is warm scent that reminds me of mild eucalyptus scent, without the sharp bite.  The scent of this oil helps ease digestive issues, while helping stimulate a healthy system.  Another 100% natural and vegan oil, bottle in the USA by Herb Stop.  5 mL  RV $12.99

Description: Traditionally used for disinfecting, uplifting, refreshing and is a wonderful fragrance.* Commonly used as a carminative, antispasmodic and reputed to be an aphrodisiac.* Emotionally, Cardamom may assist in spiritual awakening to the beauty and bountiful in nature, helping us to see with our hearts.*

Ingredients:  100% Pure Elettaria cardamomum (Cardamom) Essential Oil.

  • Origin: India
  • Parts Used: Seeds
  • Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
  • Food Chemical Codex: Yes

Citrus & Spice Roll on  This is more than your orange pomander that you make at Christmas time!  This not only has the bright sparkling scent of wild orange and the warm spicy clove oil, but also cinnamon, spruce and vanilla, making this a wonderful winter wonderland scent.  I wonder why we associate oranges and cloves around the winter holidays?  Was it because these items used to be so expensive in northern countries and they were given as presents this time of year? Add this to your feet before putting on your socks, to help give some warmth and good scents to your feet.     100% natural and vegan and made in the USA by The Herb Stop.  Full Size RV $16.95

Description: Citrus & Spice is made with essential oils that are know to warm the body and emotions.  This oil blend was created for times of stress, overwhelm, respiratory issues and even muscles aches*.  Suggested Use: Massage a small amount of oil onto the wrists, bottoms of the feet or simply inhale.  Avoid sensitive areas such as the eyes and mouth.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Essential Oils of Black Spruce, Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon and Vanilla (10 fold) in a base of Pure Golden Jojoba Oil. 

Herb Stop also included an “Winter Fresh Clothing Sachet” recipe which uses all of the oils in this month’s box.  Use 20 drops spruce, 30 drops wild orange, 10 drops cardamom and 30 drops of vanilla (optional).  Blend the oils in a glass bottle and shake well.  Add 3 drops to a cotton ball and place inside a porus bag, like muslin or organiza, and place inside your linen and clothing drawers for a fresh warm scent. ,  They also have included a promo code to save 10% off any of their full sized oils and roll-on’s in their shop  ~ use  ABD16

I loathe snow, but I love the holiday scents this time of year ~ orange, spices, pine, so I really loved this month’s box.  I paid $19.99 for this and received a value of  over $38.00, which included a custom blend recipe roll on.  Please note, essentials oils are not to replace seeing a doctor if you have serious ailments or issues.  However, aromatherapy, scents and herbal tinctures/oils have been used for centuries with great success.   I would never state that this should replace seeing your doctor, but if you know your body and you have discussed this with your doctor, you should be able to use essential oils for minor treatments.  If you are interested in subscribing, you can do so here and use promo code BFFM15  to receive 15% off your first box!

Have you signed up for Herb Stop’s essential oil box?  Are you interested in doing so?

[ all descriptions in italics from Herb Stop. Blog post contains affiliate link ]

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