Unboxing September 2016 Herb Stop What’s In Your Aroma Box + Promo Code!

Cold season is now once again here and this month’s theme from Herb Stop’s What’s In Your Aroma Box is “Respiratory Power” ~ helping you breathe normally.  What is Herb Stop?

Herb Stop is located in Pine, AZ and has been recognized by the community and the state of Arizona  with a variety of awards.  They only use ingredients from  reliable and ethical sources and all of their essential oils are 100% pure, with the exception of their precious oils ~ such as Jasmine, Rose, Neroli, Sandalwood ~ and those will be blended with jojoba oil.    You will receive a box of 4 bottles, either 1/6 oz or 1/3 oz)  that can be essential oils, essential oil blends and/or roll-on essential oil blends.  You will also receive information about your oils and how to use them, including safety information.   Each box is $19.99 which includes shipping, USA only and Herb Stop will start mailing them out during the 10th thru 17th of every month.   Herb Stop has over 200 varieties essential oils alone, which means the boxes will be very different each month ~ as there are also custom-made blends as well.   You can auto subscribe here.   Use Promo Code BFFM15  and receive 15% off your first box!

What’s In Your Aroma Box?

All of the essential oils, unless otherwise noted, have a screw top lid and there is a plastic lid inside that has a tube, so that you don’t spill out all of your oil if you drop the bottle (and it doesn’t break).  I also like that the oils are in dark cobalt blue glass bottles to help protect them from UV rays and light.

Ravensara  (ravensara aromatica) Pure Essential Oil   I have never heard of this extract before! This is 100% pure, natural and vegan.  Ravensara is a tree that grows in Madagascar and its scent is a sharp herbal one ~ reminds me of rosemary, but bitter.   This herbal oil is an anti-viral and is used for respiratory issues like sinuses and bronchitis   5 mL RV $6.65

Description: Ravensara is a tree growing in the island of Madagascar and can be compared to the bay leaf by its feature. Traditionally noted as an exceptional immune system stimulant, excellent to use at the beginning of a cold or when feeling run down. Commonly used as a neuro-tonic as it acts deeply even in a low dosage, for sinusitis, loosening tight muscles, relieving menstrual discomfort, for aches and pains, shingles, mononucleosis, genital herpes, cold sores and wounds..

Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic Pure Ravensara aromatica (Organic Ravensara) Essential Oil  Main Constituents include: sabinene (15.9%)

  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Parts Used: Leaf
  • Extraction Method: Steam Distilled  


May Chang (Litsea) Essential Pure Essential Oil   This is another herb I haven’t heard of before and I thought it was lemongrass at first, as it smells just like it.  This has that bright grassy lemony scent and it is used skin problems as it is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.  This is a very uplifting scent and will help with asthma and other sinus issues.  Litsea looks like a bay leaf and in fact, this evergreen tree is in the same family, Lauraceae.  10mL RV $12.20

Description: Commonly known as Litsea, May Chang is similar to Lemongrass. It is traditionally known for its antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, insecticide, calming and sedative properties. It may be uplifting and stimulating. May be helpful in cases of bronchitis and asthma.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Certified Organic Litsea cubeba (Organic May Chang) Essential Oil.  Main Constituents: Geranial (38.8%) and Neral (30.8%)

  • Origin: China
  • Parts Used: Fruit
  • Extraction Method: Steam Distilled


Cajeput (melaleuca cajeputi) Pure Essential Oil  I DO know this oil!  I learned about it with Olbas bath wash and oil products, which are amazing.  This is a beautiful green oil and its medicinal scent is very reminiscent of camphor and eucalyptus and it is related to the tea tree.  It is well known in South Asian countries as a traditional remedy for muscle and joint problems, and is also used on the skin, due to its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory benefits.  It helps with throat, sinus and respiratory problems as well.  10  mL  RV $12.50

Description: Traditionally cajeput has been known to produce a sensation of warmth and quickens the pulse. Held in high regard in the East, it is used for colds, headaches, throat infections, toothache, sore and aching muscles, fever and rheumatism. Commonly used as a powerful germicide and to repel insects, rids head lice, and acts as a natural flea repellent for pets. May be used in inhalations for colds and respiratory infections.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Certified Organic Melaleuca cajeputi (Organic Cajeput) Essential Oil. Main Constituents: 1,8-Cineole (58.8%)

  • Origin: Australia
  • Parts Used:  Leaf
  • Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Thief Oil Roll-On  I am SO happy to have this!!  Thief (or Thieves) Oil is a legendary recipe that varies a bit, depending on who makes it ~ kinda like chocolate chip cookies ~ everyone has their own variation of that cookie.  So, what is Thief Oil?  There are many variations of this legend, but they all date back to the Bubonic Plague era.  The story states that 4 thieves robbed homes from those who died of the plague without getting sick themselves.  When they were caught, the judge made a deal with them ~ if they would share how they didn’t get sick, he would give them leniency.  The thieves used an herbal recipe which was known for their anti-septic properties.  Most viruses, bacteria and fungi cannot survive with  some essential oils.  Herb Stop’s recipe was given to them 15 years ago by a Rabbi.   RV $12.95

Description: Aromatic Plants have been used since antiquity as a protection against infectious illnesses, the most notable example being the great waves of plague, which swept across Europe. There are many records of people who worked with aromatic plants or oils, escaping the plague, while others all around them were dying.  In Toulouse a band of thieves is alleged to have stripped and robbed the bodies of plague victims without harm to themselves, thanks to an aromatic compound of vinegar, cloves, sage, marjoram, rosemary, juniper and camphor, all known and used in aromatherapy for their antiviral and antibacterial properties, with meadowsweet, wormwood, horehound and angelica. Thief oil’s possible bactericidal and anti-viral properties may offer a real protection against infection during epidemics.*

Ingredients:  Certified Organic Artemisia absinthum (Wormwood), Certified Organic Filipendula ulmaria (Meadowsweet), Certified Organic Marrubium vulgare (Horehound), Certified Organic Angelica archangelica (Angelica), Eugenia caryophyllus (Clove), Cinnamonum camphora (Camphor), Certified Organic Juniperus communis (Juniper), Certified Organic Origanum majorana (Marjoram), Certified Organic Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary), Certified Organic Salvia officinalis (Sage)  in a base of Vitis vinifera (Grapeseed) Oil and Jojoba Oil

Suggested Use: Apply a small amount under the nose or use as a base in lotions or salves. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and open sores.


Herb Stop also included an “Clean Sheets Linen Spray” recipe which uses all of the oils in this month’s box.  This will help freshen your linens while helping you to sleep comfortably as the oils really will open up your sinuses.  Use 18 drops of ravensara, 5 drops of may chang, 5 drops of cajeput and add to 3 oz of distilled water and 1 oz of clear alcohol, such as vodka to a glass spray bottle. You want to use a glass when dealing with essential oils, not plastic or metal.  Shake well and spritz on your linens.  They also have included a promo code to save 10% off any of their full sized oils and roll-on’s in their shop  ~ use ABS16.

Another great box this month from Herb Stop with a focus on breathing well, clearing sinuses and warding off colds.  I was introduced to 2 new oils, love cajeput oil and am so excited about the Thief Oil Rollon ~ I had just purchased some oils to make my own and I received this!   I paid $19.99 for this and received a value of $44.30, which included a custom blend recipe roll on.  Please note, essentials oils are not to replace seeing a doctor if you have serious ailments or issues.  However, aromatherapy, scents and herbal tinctures/oils have been used for centuries with great success.   I would never state that this should replace seeing your doctor, but if you know your body and you have discussed this with your doctor, you should be able to use essential oils for minor treatments.  If you are interested in subscribing, you can do so here and use promo code BFFM15  to receive 15% off your first box!

Have you signed up for Herb Stop’s essential oil box?  Are you interested in doing so?

[ all descriptions in italics from Herb Stop. Blog post contains affiliate link ]

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