Missha Matt Painting Rouge BE01 Think Of You Review

disclaimer: this product was sent to me for review purposes. all opinions are my own and are unbiased

This is the 2nd of several products that I will be reviewing that I have received from Jolse,  a premier Korean online store.   Since I couldn’t accept a skincare product due to its ingredients and my allergies, they generously let me select a few products from their store to review.

I love matte lipsticks, especially the matte liquid lipsticks and when I was looking thru the “New” Category in their store, I saw that Missha had a new matte liquid lipstick, called Matt Painting Rouge, and it came in several shades.   I chose the most neutral shade, which is BE01 “Think Of You”.  In the photos, it looked to be a pale brownish-pink shade.

image credit from jolse

Well, as we all know, color swatches on the ‘net are dicey.  So, when I received my lippie, it looked a bit more intense that what was pictured.   A bit more peachy-coral than light brown-pink.  Now, I love peachy shades as my blush, but with lip shades, it is very tricky, as I can look washed out or an extra on The Walking Dead if it is the “wrong” shade. 

Yeah, it looks pretty vibrant there, doesn’t it?  I am scared ~ haha.  Before I get to the swatches and how I feel about the shade, I want to talk about the texture and its application.  This formula is CREAMY smooth ~ it applies beautifully with one swipe and it is heavily pigmented.   It applies with a shine that quickly dries down to a real solid matte, so make sure you remove any “mistakes” before it dries down, because this lippie does stain.  It really doesn’t have a scent or taste to it. 

This is a vibrant peach/coral brown shade.   The above photo is actually the underside of my wrist as the top of my hand has some color from the sun.  This is a brighter color, but it doesn’t look clownish.

Kiss, Kiss!  This is the problem with swatching on your hand or wrist and then wearing it!  Not to mention taking a photo that is a different angle from swatch.   You can see the peach tones on my lips more than you did on my wrist, as well as how brighter it is.   I wasn’t sure about this shade, as I felt it was too peachy for me.  However, I wore it to work and I got complements right away ~ so the shade is flattering to my skin tone.

Is it long wearing?  I always say that I am the last person you should ask about if a product is long wearing or if I care.   I am always eating, drinking, licking my lips and even rubbing my lips, so telling me that a lipstick is long wearing is not a selling point for me. However, I will say this ~ this did not rub off easily and it took either an hour or so after applying OR actually eating something for it to wear off.  Like all good matte liquid lippies, this left a nice stain on my lips so I still had some its color, even after it wore off.

Ingredients: isododecane, kaolin, neopentyl glycol diheptanoate, dipentaerylthrityl hexahydroxystearate/hexastearate/hexarosinate, polyglyceryl-2 triisostearate, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), vaseline, silica dimethyl silylate,  disteardimonium hectorite, hydrated ferric oxide (CI 77492), glyceryl behenate/eicosadioate, red 7 (CI 15850), trimethylsiloxysilicate, polypropylsilsesquioxane, amethyst powder, tourmaline, nephrite powder,  amber powder (cucurbita pepo powder), pearl powder, ruby powder, ferric oxide (CI 77491),  propylene carbonate, sorbitan sesquioleate, solvent red 48 (CI 45410), dimethicone, black oxide of iron (CI 77499), ultramarines (CI 77007), yellow 6 (CI 15985), caprylyl glycol, ethylhexylglycerin, fragrance, aluminum hydroxide (CI 77002), tropolone

Mini Comparison

As my readers know, I love theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick.  It is long lasting and also tastes fantastic ~ it is a minty-vanilla and I really love it.  However, there are those who hate that taste ~ I know, who hates minty-vanilla ~ ahaha ~ so Missha Matt Painting Rouge might be a good substitute.  Let’s see how it compares outside of the taste.  

I own a couple of theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) and I thought that the shade Committed might be a close dup to Missha’s Think Of You shade.  Both Missha and theBalm have a creamy texture that applies with a glossy finish, but quickly dries down to a solid dense, highly pigmented matte finish. 

The photo on the left has the shades swatched on the underside of my wrist whereas the photo on the right side are the shades swatched on the top of my hand ~ you can see that the colors are slightly different due to the difference of base color of my skin.   Missha Think Of You and theBalm Committed are in the same color family, where Committed is more darker, a bit more cinnamon-y and Missha is brighter with more peach tones than nude-brown tones.   I view Committed as the lippie to wear in cooler months and Think Of You for warmer months ~ very summery and fun. 

I did the rub test and you can see that even when I rubbed the product off my hand, they both are very pigmented and left behind a good stain of their original color.  Missha is also less expensive than theBalm as well ~ theBalm retails for $17.00 USD for .25 oz and Missha retails for under $9.00 USD for .23 oz.  I think that Missha’s Matt Lip Rouge has the same quality and pigmentation as theBalm Meet the Matt(e) Hughes and for those who want a K-Beauty makeup item or cannot handle the taste of theBalm, I highly recommend Missha Matt Lip Rouge.

Final Thoughts

I need to clarify something I said the other day in my blusher review ~ how I asked for makeup items to review as it was outside of my comfort zone.  It isn’t that makeup is outside of my comfort zone ~ I am an old pro at makeup and love it!  Not being a natural beauty, I will use all of the tools so I can be pretty 🙂  And I love applying makeup too ~ trying out new textures and shades, even though on a daily basis, I gravitate towards the same colors.   The comfort zone comment was more about reviewing makeup, as it is very difficult to get shade colors to render properly (or least it is for me).

However, Missha Matt Lip Rouge in BE01 “Think Of You” did take me out of my comfort zone (a little bit).  It was a brighter shade that I would normally use and I was so happy when that it worked out for me.  This lippie is creamy, applies beautifully and smoothly with no streaking.   Matt Lip Rouge has a quick dry-down to reveal a great dense matte finish and even when it fades, it leaves behind a fairly pigmented stain on my lips.   I really think this is of the same high quality as theBalm Meet the Matt(e) Hughes at a more affordable price and that is high praise ~ I totally recommend this lippie if you are looking for matte liquid lipstick.

You can purchase Missha Matt Lip Rouge for $8.91 USD, which is a savings of $1.57 off the retail price.  Jolse also has free shipping and gives lots of samples too when you place an order with them.  Missha Matt Lip Rouge has a variety of shades, from bright plums, deep reds and vibrant oranges.

image credit from jolse



disclaimer: this product was sent to me for review purposes. all opinions are my own and are unbiased

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