Changes to point systems with Memebox & Birchbox

This past week had two major etailers change their point systems drastically. One is not bad and the other is horrible.


The point system at Memebox was a bit dismal and they actually improved it, believe it or not.  It used to be 1 point = 1 dollar, then they changed it to 10 points = 1 dollar. The problem is that it was hard to get Memepoints ~ you might get them if you

  • Purchased an item that would give you Memepoints ~ very rare
  • Memebox gave you Memepoints because of your VIP membership ~ which meant you had to purchase a specific amount of money monthly
  • Memecat (easter egg) Hunts
  • Special weekend events

All of these events were rare and when they changed the Memepoint system to 10 points equals 1 dollar, it became even rarer. But good news!  Now, each purchase you make at Memebox will earn you Memepoints.  They have been devalued even more, but for those who shop at Memebox, it will be easy to rack up those points.  Now, 100 Memepoints = $5.00.   You will also get a Memepoints on your birthday (make sure you give them your B-Day in your account settings).  There are 3 levels


  • Spend $600.00 within the year
  • Receive 300 Memepoints ($15.00) on your birthday
  • Receive ultra exclusive discounts & rewards


  • Spend $300.00 within the year
  • Receive 200 Memepoints ($10.00) on your birthday
  • Receive exclusive discounts & rewards


  • You have a Memebox account
  • Receive 100 Memepoints ($5.00) on your birthday

So, that isn’t as bad as I thought when I first read they devalued the point system at Memebox.  I like that you can earn points with every purchase, which means it allows you to get more points ~ shop more ~ get to that Gold level!!

Also, to kick off their new point system, you can earn double points for every purchase until June 30th, 2016.  If you are new to Memebox, you use my referral link here and get 20% off your first order of $25.00 or more.



One of the major selling points with Birchbox and their monthly boxes was that for every product, you could review it ~ and it didn’t need to be a wordy review, you could just do the questionnaire on the product ~ and receive 10 points.   For every 100 points, you would get 10.00 to spend at their store.  Since most boxes were 5 items, you could get 50 points, which meant that your box was only $5.00.  You also received points for purchasing items at their store, plus referring people.   The monthly subscription point system was really one of the major reasons why I haven’t dumped the monthly box ~ I have Sephora Play! right now and I like the products better, each monthly box earns me 10 Sephora points and I get a 50 point card in my box.  Granted, I can only use my points on items in the Rewards Boutique store, but that is okay ~ I have gotten some great items and I love their 500 point selections too. 

That said, because I could use my Birchbox points as cash in their store for any item I wanted, I kept BB.  Until now.  July will be my last month with Birchbox and I will cash out my points. I will still purchase items from them them, but until they change their point system back, I see no reason to stick with their monthly boxes. The changes are

  • You can now use your points in any increment.  You used to have to wait until you got 100 points, but no more.  This is actually a positive change.  Each 10 points = $1.00
  • Points now expire after 6 months from the date you earned them.  Okay, I didn’t have that problem, but I can see where this can upset some customers who save their points for Black Friday sales
  • No more review points on your monthly boxes.  Well, you have FIVE more reviews you can do starting in July.  And that is that.  Forever.  Not yearly, not monthly, but the chance to get 50 more points via the monthly boxes and then you cannot get anymore points.


Why bother?  Seriously. I love the Sephora Play! box better.  Birchbox has issues matching products based on my profile ~ they always have ~ so I would rather be with the generic Sephora Play! box.   What you can do ~ if you have multiple accounts, which many people do, because they like getting different samples, you can ask Birchbox to consolidate your points into your main account.   I did that ~ I had 2 accounts, because at times, I may have wanted to get both the curated box and a PYS box.   I am sticking with July’s box, because I will get 50 more points and then I will cash my points out and purchase something at their store.  I am concerned that the point system will be devalued in the near future or BB goes under and I am stuck with nothing.   If you are on an annual subscription, not month to month, and you want out, demand that.  Many people have done this already and don’t take no for an answer.

If BB decides to bring the point system back or at least give us 10 points monthly for purchasing the box ~ this is what Sephora does as it is a purchase ~ I might reconsider subscribing again. 




5 thoughts on “Changes to point systems with Memebox & Birchbox

  1. Did you watch the video Katia from Birchbox posted? It was one of the most ungenuine “I regret to inform you ” speeches I’ve ever seen. I’m extremely sad to give BB up. And I do completely agree with you in that they don’t personalize. I swear I get serums for my hair all the time even though it clearly states my hair is oily. Their store is the main reason I subscribe. I will greatly miss the Parlor and Arrow lines. I have a feeling August will be pretty bleak around there.


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