Unboxing February 2016 Herbal Bliss Co

February 2016 Herbal Bliss Box is on time this month!  I was surprised to see my box the other night as January box had come so late, that I hadn’t really started to think about February’s ~ plus this is shorter month, so I just forgot.    Herbal Bliss is a unique eco-friendly subscription service, as their whole theme is around providing herbal products ~ samples, full sized ~  from artisan crafted companies around the USA.   Their monthly lifestyle box will contain 5 items that could be culinary, health, beauty, aromatherapy and more.

What is Herbal Bliss Co?

Herbal Bliss enjoys reaching out to the diverse herbal suppliers throughout the USA to bring you five unique samples each month. Our sample categories are Aromatherapy, Blissful Body, Culinary, Well Being and a Spotlight product. Each of our suppliers thoughtfully grows, harvest, and packages to bring you delightful experiences into your home. Herbal Bliss is thrilled to introduce you to a multi-faceted experience each month.

  • Passionate About Small Batches ~ Our suppliers are often growing their herbs, creating their recipes, and building their shop fronts on their family farm. You are receiving special, handcrafted gifts from nature without bias to one supplier over another.
  • Discover Herbs ~ Herbal products are one of the fastest growing consumer products. Why is that? People are wary of chemical, laboratory products that have who knows what effect on our body systems. We want to put natural products in our bodies and on our skin & hair. We want to read a label and not only be able to pronounce the ingredients, but know what they are
  • Education ~ Herbs can be intimidating. Herb shops are usually very helpful, but sometimes you may be afraid to ask questions because other customers seem so well informed. Most people know that you should not ingest herbs for ailments without speaking to your doctor first, but there are many other questions about the use of herbs. Herbs are from the earth and have uses beyond what you think of everyday and we are here to help introduce those uses and the makers of these gifts. We bring education for each category.  (source)

Herbal Bliss offers (per box) a month-to-month sub at $25.00, 3 month sub at $22.00, 6 month sub at $20.00 and a yearly sub at $18.00 per box.

Contents Revealed!

Circa Soap Apothecary Bubble Bath Hearts  These are so sweet looking!   In the past, I have received a bath item from Circa Soap Apothecary, which is a business located in Wimberley, Texas. These are soap “confetti” in the shape of hearts, in red, pink and white colors.  Add them into running bath water, and these hearts will will melt into bubbles, while releasing its scent ~ which is rose.   I can also see using these as potpourri ~ just add them to a nice chiffon bag and toss in your clothes drawers.  Due to the scent, I will gift these, but I really love this idea of thinly shaved soap in scented shapes for a bubble bath.  RV $1.50


Savory Spice Shop Pasta Sprinkle   Ohh, I love spices and this is a traditional Italian herbal mix that can be used for some many dishes besides a topping for pasta or in your pasta sauce.  This salt free mix can be used to season meat and vegetable dishes as well as making appetizers, such as garlic bread:

Our Pasta Sprinkle makes terrific garlic bread. Soften butter and blend in Garlic Salt and Pasta Sprinkle to taste. Spread on a baguette, wrap in aluminum foil and place on the top rack of the oven for 7 minutes at 300º degrees. For a beautiful golden brown finish, unwrap and turn up heat to 350º for a couple minutes before serving.

Savory Spice has a great Pasta Chip recipe too.  This does a robust scent to it and Savory Spices are freshly ground weekly in batches and this herbal mix is gluten, salt, MSG, dairy, onion, nut, capsicum, black pepper, sweetener and sugar free as well as being vegan.  This is a nice size as well, almost 1 oz of herbs Full Size .80 oz RV $4.05

Ingredients: Imported European basil, Mediterranean thyme, Greek oregano, California basil, minced garlic

image source


Sakari Botanicals Rose Hip Oil This facial and all purpose oil is made by a Native American female owned business located in Bend, Oregon.   Their plants are organic or native seed and hand collected ~ This oil is made  with local Rose Hips from Deschutes River. Rose Hips are rich in vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant and also contains essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and a  form of Vitamin A.

Rose Hip oil is not only good for your face by helping with fine lines and wrinkles, reducing hyper-pigmentation and adding moisture to your skin, but can help with scarring (facial or body) and also can be used as a nail treatment, smooth rough skin and also as a hair treatment to return shine to your hair. Just smooth rose hip oil in your hair, massage in, leave in your hair for 20 minutes and then wash your hair. It will add shine to your hair, as it is a deep conditioner. 

I really love the presentation of this oil ~ it is in a simple glass jar, with a stamp indicating that it is made by Native Americans and there is a dry rose hip floating in the oil!   This oil absorbs quickly and without a greasy feeling.  Unboxing Beauty Tip:  If you have clay masks that cause itchiness, try applying a thin layer of rose hip oil on your face before you apply your clay mask.  Your face will not itch and the clay mask will work just fine!    I am really impressed by Sakari Botanicals site and I am placing an order for some of their other oils, including Sweetgrass and Pinon Pine Oil.  Full Size 1 oz RV $10.00

Ingredients: rose hip oil, organic olive oil


Spa life Herbal Facial Mask Thai Herbs & Botanicals  I am really thrilled that I received a facial mask in my box!  It is rare when a non-Asian beauty box has facial sheet masks, so this is very much a pleasant surprise.  This mask is made in South Korea and is made especially for  Spa Life  This contains exfoliating acids, such as papaya and pineapple, along with natto gum, which is a moisturizing ingredient made from fermented soybeans and a slew of herbal ingredients ~ sage, lemongrass, lavender, rosemary, chamomile, witch hazel and anise for antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-acne properties.   RV $6.00

  • Lemongrass ~ Lemongrass will help reduce/limit the bacterial and microbial growth on your skin, as it is an  anti-microbial and anti-bacterial herb.   This means it will also help protect your skin from infections and it will help cure fungal infections on your skin as well.   Lemongrass is also an astringent and will help reduce the appearance of your pores, control sebum (oil) production and temporary firm your skin.
  • Papaya ~  Papaya contains an enzyme called peptin, which is a natural exfoliator, making your skin smooth, vibrant and healthy.  Peptin cures a variety of skin issues, such as acne, dry skin and premature again.   Papaya also is an antioxidant, as it has Vitamins A, C and E along with carotenoids, helping to reduce inflammation of your skin, as well as nourishing it. 
  • Rosemary ~ antimicrobial effects and prevents bacteria from infecting pores
  • Lavender  ~ helps regulate the amount of sebum our skin produces as well as heals skin

Description Lemon grass a well known Thai Herb helps minimize pores. It also helps revitalize tired skin. Papaya extract helps your face feel silky smooth and young looking. So Thailand take me away!

Ingredients: Water (aqua), glycerin, butylene glycol, PEG/PPG-17/6 copolymer, carica papaya (papaya) fruit extract, ananas sativus (pineaaple) fruit extract, cymbopogon schoenanthus (lemongrass) extract, salvia officinalis (sage) leaf extract, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower extract, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) extract, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, natto gum (phyto collagen), hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) water, panthenol, allantoin, erythritol, hydroxyethylcellulose, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), PEG-14M, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, xanthan gum, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, disodium EDTA, 1,2-hexanediol, propanediol, caprylyl glycol, illicium verum (anise) fruit extract, phenoxyethanol, chlorphenesin, fragrance  cosDNA.com analysis


ChoNanga Vibrancy Chocolate Bark   I cannot eat this because of the rose petals, but I know this will be a nice item to pass onto a friend.  This does sound very tasty ~ made with 70% cocoa, sunflower seeds and blueberries along with a blend of herbs ~ damiana, nettles, lavender and rose petals.  Damiana is an interesting herb ~ it is supposed to be an aphrodisiac and will boost your sexual  potency!! haha  This also has horny goat weed (lol) that is reported to boost a low libido.   Insert lots of chocolate and sex jokes here.  One other ingredient of note is nettles, a herb that has been used for centuries in food and medicine and is a rich source of vitamins ~A, B-complex, C, D and K1 ~ as well as iron.    4 oz RV $7.99

Description: Whether you are looking for a romantic evening or want to live with inspired purpose, our Vibrancy formula will enliven your inner fire and open your heart. Designed specifically for women, this formula combines luscious dark chocolate with crunchy Sunflower Seeds, Blueberries, and an herbal blend of Damiana, Nettles, Lavender, and Rose Petal. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Fair Trade Certified Chocolate, All Organic Ingredients, No Soy Lecithin or Emulsifiers, No Preservatives or Artificial Ingredients

Ingredients: Organic 70% Bittersweet Chocolate (Organic Fairtrade Cocoa Mass, Organic Fairtrade Cane Sugar, Organic Fairtrade Cocoa Butter, Organic Fairtrade Vanilla Extract), Organic Dried Blueberries, Organic Sprouted Sunflower Seeds, Organic Horny Goat Weed, Organic Nettle Leaf, Organic Damiana, Organic Rose Petals, Organic Lavender

Despite that I cannot use two of the products due to my allergies, I can gift them and they are really nice, quality items.  This whole box is filled with items that are high quality and fun as well!  I still am chuckling over the chocolate ~ I never received a chocolate to help with sexual potency before!   The herbal spice mix will be used quickly, as I am always using these types of spices in my dishes and I love the rose hip oil ~ funny enough, I am not allergic to rose hips!  I love that there is a sheet mask in here and I plan on trying this out tomorrow night for my IG sheet mask review, so follow me on IG (click here)  if you want to know what I think of it!    I paid $17.00 for my box, as I am on a 6 month subscription with one of their promo codes and received almost a $30.00 value ~ a deal for an indie, eco-friendly subscription box.

Do you subscribe to Herbal Bliss?  Are you interested in this subscription and what products do you want to try out?


[ descriptions in italics from linked websites. blog post contains affiliate links ]

2 thoughts on “Unboxing February 2016 Herbal Bliss Co

  1. Lol, I just had to say that that SpaLife mask is totally not $6.00 RV. I have that exact mask, which I got at TJMaxx for $2.99/box 3. I do not get where these sub boxes come up with their RV sometimes…


    1. Unfortunately, some online sites do sell it at that price tag. See iHerb.com (which I linked that store in here, so that people can actually see that the price is on point and not made up by the sub box) It isn’t that Herbal Bliss came up with that price tag, but it is what the vendor sells it at. TJMaxx is a discount store, so it would have it very discounted — and it isn’t carried in every store nationally. TJMaxx also carries many other name brands at very discounted prices, but no one quibbles over the retail value of those items.

      Unless I see online that the price is really discounted across many online retailers, I won’t quibble too much with the retail value of the item. I have pointed out many times on my blog if I find that the price tag is way overblown (many times!) after researching a variety of online shops and comparing prices, but I use online pricing, as not everyone has a TJMaxx or other discount store that carries those items.

      I mean, look at the prices of KBeauty – testerkorea vs roseroseshop vs yesstyle vs memebox, etc etc. They all vary in price tag.

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