Unboxing December 2015 Starlooks LooksBook

I recently resubb’d to Starlooks as it looks like they have stepped up their game a bit and I was very pleased with last month’s LooksBook   I have decided to stay with Starlooks for a while and see if they can continue this winning streak.  This month had 6 items and I loved their sneak peek into the LooksBook

Starlooks is a makeup brand out of California and they not only have an online shop, but a monthly subscription service.

Starlook’s Starbox theme for December is Extraordinaire and is very Art Deco inspired

Darling, You’re a Star! And have (no doubt) been cordially invited to the party of the century! Now, you’ll most certainly arrive in style. Don your holiday apparel, apply your new star-look, and get ready for flashing lights, gorgeous faces, and nothing but pure, unadulterated fun! Your presence will be their favorite gift! But, be sure to BYOB (Bring Your Own Beauty).

I love how all of the makeup fits into this nice little box

LooksBook Revealed!


Once again, I am really happy with the new format and the informational cards, which is a booklet.  The sizes are 3/4 of a full sized item, so they are decent sizes

Party Mascara Glitter Gel   This is a beautiful rose gold metallic colored mascara, which means it can be used over a darker mascara and then just apply this to the tips of your lashes ~ I did this the other night!  You can also brush this into your eyebrows as well to make a great statement.  The original photos made this look like a white shimmery mascara but it is a rose gold and I love it!  Starlooks also states that you can put dab this on your finger or brush as use it as a eye shadow as well  RV $12.00

Presence Eye Liner Starlooks does have a thing about yellow and gold eyeliners and shadows ~ lol.  This is a light yellow gold liner that can be used as a highligher, either at the corner of your eyes or under your brow. RV $12.00

BYOB(eauty)  Lip Gloss  This is a pretty rose gold bronz-y shade.   I really am surprised how much I like this one.   Starlooks can be hit or miss with their lip gloss, I do prefer their Tendergloss, which looks like they are discontinuing them 😦   This lip gloss is a normal, not too sticky and very glossy gloss.  RV $12.00


Darling Blush This dark copper-red blush has a golden sheen to it and I really like this shade ~ it goes on nice and smooth, silky and not cakey.   Use a light hand with it as it is very pigmented!   RV $12.00

Century Metallic Cream Eye Shadow Oh, this is fantastic.  This reminds me of Stila’s Metallic eye creams and it is a gorgeous deep dark charcoal grey with tons of silver shimmers.   It is pretty long wearing for a metallic eye cream shadow, but it does crease ~ how I prevent that is to first apply a primer, then dust with powder, apply the cream shadow and then dust again with a translucent powderto set.  RV $12.00

Pure Lip Gloss  This is an opalescent lip gloss that leans towards lavender.   It isn’t my favorite item in the box, as I do not like these types of pale glosses.  I probably will use this on top of another dark shade to transform it.  RV $12.00


  1. Party Mascara
  2. Presence Eye Liner
  3. BYOB(eauty) Lip Gloss
  4. Pure Lip Gloss
  5. Century Metallic Eye Shadow Cream
  6. Darling Blush

Outside of the Pure lip gloss, I am very happy with this month’s box and my favorites are the Party Mascara and Century Metallic eye shadow cream ~ so beautiful!  If you haven’t noticed, Starlooks LOVES glitter and you will always get some sort of shimmer or glitter items in your monthly boxes.  They also do mattes, as last month had a beautiful matte lip crayon.   I paid $12.00 for my box and received a Starlooks value of $72.00. I also received coupons for their online shop.    This month’s LooksBook is still available if you subscribe before 12/31/2015.  You can also purchase it for $29.00 at their online shop if you do not want to subscribe.

Did you subscribe to Starlooks LooksBook?  If so, what did you think of this month’s box?

If you would like to subscribe to the Starlooks LooksBook, I would love it if you used my referrer link – please click here  http://starbox.starlooks.com/subscribe?refer=58876


[ descriptions in italics from starlooks.com ]

4 thoughts on “Unboxing December 2015 Starlooks LooksBook

  1. I have been eyeing them lately too with the new book-like packaging and new line of products. It’s been awhile since I was a subscriber but I do like the direction they’ve been headed. Although you totally just broke my heart when you said they’re discontinuing the tenderglosses- those are one of my favorite products from ANY makeup company! 😦 I hope they come out with something similar!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can only assume they are discontinuing them because they only have 2 shades left 😦 I know they wanted to revamp their whole makeup line, so I am hoping they come out with a new tendergloss – I should write and ask! I do like their new “look” with their monthly sub 🙂


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