Unboxing October 2015 Treats Box + Promo Code!

After the bitter disappointment of treats in my Greek Pack box, when I saw @bits.and.boxes IG of a new snack box that was filled to the brim with Scooby Snacks, I had to order one.  And now I am staying with them!  OMG.  Wait until you see what I got… But first, what is Treats?

Treats is an International Snack subscription service and every month, they will send you a box full of snacks (yes, it is a huge box!) from a different country.  You can receive cookies, crackers, candy, chips and all sorts of yummy treats.  They do not ship drinks.   Depending on the subscription service you choose, you can 4 to 5 or 8 to 10 snacks ~ I can tell you, I got way more than 10 snacks in my box!

  • Standard Pack:  4 to 5 International Snacks $12.95/month
  • Premium Pack: 8 to 10 International Snacks  $24.95/month

USA shipping is included.  International shipping rates are

  • Standard
    • Canada: $5.56
    • Mexico: $9.47
    • Other all countries: $10.73
  • Premium
    • Canada: $8.86
    • Mexico: $13.15
    • Other all countries: $15.80

Okay, enough of that!   I signed up for the Premium Box, because hey, in for a penny, in for a pound.   Let’s get to the Unboxing!

Informational Card

This month’s Treats Box features snacks from Serbia and Croatia.  This box WAS HUGE.

A lovely handwritten card, thanking me for my purchase and also including an extra snack, from Germany!

Told ya it was huge, didn’t I?  Yep!  Treats has thoughtfully put on their website the items and their descriptions and I don’t even need to do a breakdown here on the price.  This box is worth more than what I paid for it, by far!    I couldn’t try all of the snacks before this review ~ seriously, this box will last me until my next snack box, but what I did try, I will post pics and how it tasted.


Smoki Snack (Serbia)  

Description: Smokis are crunchy peanut shaped pieces. They are supposed to be peanut flavored, but in fact taste better then peanuts because they embody a fuller taste – it not only tastes like peanuts but has a range of savory flavors complimenting it from the salt and seasoning on the peanut. The crunchy texture of the snack mixed with the savory taste makes this a delightful treat.

Opinion/Taste: OMG, these are peanut butter puffs! So, tasty and light texture. I wish we had peanut butter puffs here in the states. I ate this whole bag at lunch time (blushes, walks away in shame) as I think this was supposed to be a multi-serving bag.  haha



Ingredients: Corn groats, peanuts (22%), vegetable fat (palm), soya flour salt   Allergy Info: May contain traces of nuts, gluten and milk


Prima Pretzel Sticks (Serbia) 

Description: Prima Preztel sticks are lightly salted pretzels sticks. They are savory and crunchy to the taste, and a local favorite in Serbia and Croatia.

Opinion/Taste: These are thin, very crunchy pretzel sticks.  They do not have a lot of salt on them, so if you are looking for a less salty pretzel, this is it.  I love my pretzels salty, so while the taste was good, the lack of salt made me sad.  Again, I think this bag was more than one serving as it was a big size.


Ingredients: Wheat flour, vegetable fat (palm, coconut, sunflower), glucose syrup, maltose syrup, salt (2%), sea salt (1%), raising agent (E 503)   Allergy info: Contains wheat


Animal Kingdom (Croatia) 

Description: The Animal Kingdom is a thin piece of chocolate designed and packaged with a cute mascot (hence the name of the snack.) Each of the Animal Kingdom packages come with a collectible sticker, which can be assembled over time into an “Animal Kingdom Album”, a book where all the stickers can be collected into an sticker album of the Animal Mascots. With it’s thin texture, small size and cute packaging, the Animal Kingdom is especially popular with children.

Opinion: I received a 6 pack of these!  I have not tried them yet, but chocolate is chocolate 😀

Ingredients: Sugar, fatty milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifier soya lecithin, E322, flavor. Milk chocolate contains at least 30% cocoa content, at least 22% milk solids  Allergy Info: Contains soy lecithin, milk dry substances, and may contain traces of hazelnut


Dorina Keks (Croatia) 

Description: Dorina is the flagship chocolate product of Kras, a famous Southeast European chocolatier that has been in business in 1911 and one of the first chocolate manufacturers in the world. There are 15 flavors of Dorina – the Dorina Kek is a crunchy chocolate bar with biscuit pieces embedded within the chocolate

Opinion: This is a huge bar of this chocolate/biscuit snack ~ according to the package, there are 5 servings here.

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, biscuit, vegetable fat, honey, leavening agents: ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, dextrose, lactose (milk), salt, acidity regulator calcium phosphate, artifical vanilla flavor, cocoa mass, whey powder (milk), milk fat, hazelnuts, emulsifier soya lecithin, artifical vanilla flavor, coca solids Allergy Info: May contain almonds, peanuts


Tortica Wafer (Croatia) 

Description: Tortica Wafers are wafers covered in chocolate. Packaged in individual sealed wrappers, they are fresh and crunchy to the taste. They are especially popular in Serbia and Croatia, particularly with young consumers. They are also popular for people to buy and carry around due to its small size and packaging, as a treat the can eat while on the go.are a popular treat to carry around during your day

Opinion/Taste:  These are nice crispy and light wafers with a chocolate coating.   I did enjoy these quite a bit and I received 2 of these wafers.  I think the size is perfect for a snack ~ it isn’t too big and it hits the spot if you want a chocolate treat.

Ingredients: Chocolate coating (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, milk fat, emulsifiersL soya lecithin, polyglicerol-polyricinoleate, artificial carbonate, artificial vanilla flavor. Cocoa solids min. 48% in chocolate coating. Cocoa solids min. 36.5% in chocolate.)  Allergy Info: May contain hazelnuts

Ki-Ki Plus (Croatia) 

Description: Ki-Ki Plus are fruit-flavored, square shaped toffee candies that are soft and chewy in texture (similar to a Starburst.) Ki-Ki candies are one of the most popular candies in Serbia and Croatia, these particular candies are called Ki-Ki plus because they are enriched with vitamin C, which make them a more healthier snack alternative as a candy.

Opinion: I received a whole bag of these chewy candies.  Alas, I do not care for Starbursts, so I will be bringing this into work as part of my candy dish for co-workers to take!

Ingredients: Glucose syrup, sugar, partially hydrogenated vegetable fat (soybean oil), gelatin, acid: critric acid, fruit powder 0.5% (strawberry, sour cherry, lemon, pineapple and different types of fruit), natural flavors, humectant: glycerol, colouring extracts of fruits and plants (elderberry juice concentrate, grape juice concentrate, curcuma), vitamin C (80 mg/100 g/100%)  Allergy Info: May contain gluten


Happy Hippo Cacao (Cream Biscuits) by Kinder (Germany) 

Description: The Happy Hippo Cacao by Kinder is a wafer biscuit treat made with milk chocolate cocoa cream filling and layered by crispy waffles covered in frosty meringue shards. Happy Hippo treats come in the unique form of a hippo, which plays a big part in its brand and popularity. An example of this is a popular commercial featuring the Hippo where where the Hippo sings “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” while a dog tried to distract him and catch his attention by dancing to the music with funny and bizarre moves.

Opinion: This was an extra in my box and Treats suggests that I put it in my freezer before eating ~ My Happy Hippo is now nested in my freezer.  This does sound good ~ I love cream fillings.

Ingredients: Sugar, vegetable fats (palm, shea), wheat flour, whole milk powder (7.5%), fat-reduced cocoa powder (5%), skimmed milk powder (4.5%), hazelnuts, whey powder (milk), chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: lecithins (soya), vanillin), wheat starch, sunflower oil, emulsifier: lecithins (soya), whey proteins (milk), raising agents (ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, ammonium carbonate), salt, vanillin  Allergy Info: Contains wheat, milk, tree nuts and soy


Lizli Chocolate (Croatia) 

Description: Lizli Chocolates are a thin chocolate on a stick, sculpted in the shape and appearance of a cartoon mascot. There are five possible mascots (bear, bunny, cat, dog, and elephant) and you don’t know which one you’ll get before you open the pack. The chocolate itself is rich in taste but not too sweet. The taste, appearance and animal mascots/branding of this chocolate make it a very popular treat for children in Serbia and Croatia and it is a great tasting piece of chocolate.

Opinion: I received 2 Lizli Chocolates and these sound very much like Pocky Sticks, except they are in the shape of an animal.   Very cool idea!

Ingredients: Sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifier soy lecithin, artificial flavor. Cocoa solids: 30% minimum in milk chocolate. Milk chocolate contains min. 22% dry solids  Allergy Info: May contain hazelnuts


Bananko (Croatia) 

Description: Bananko is a banana-shaped, chocolate covered candy bar with a banana-flavoured foam center. Distinctive in it’s banana shape, they snacks are distinct as a unique and staple candy bar in the Baltic region.

Opinion: I received 2 Bananko candy bars and I do love bananas and chocolate together ~ I look forward eating this!

Ingredients: Sugar, water, glucose syrup, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, gelling agent: agar e 406, fruit powder 0.2 % (banana), milk proteins, acid: citric acid e330, emulsifiers (soya lecithin e 322, polyglycerol-polyricinoleate e476), acidity regulator: sodium bicarbonate e 500 (ii), artificial flavors, color: turmeric e 100  Allergy Info: Contains milk and soya. May contain traces of gluten and hazelnuts


Kidy Coconut Desert (Serbia)  

Description: Kidy Coconut Deserts are chocolate bars with a chewy, coconut-flavored filling in the center. These chocolate bars are very sweet with a distinct coconut taste, and the coconut and the chocolate make a pleasantly flavorful blend. If you like the taste of coconuts, you’ll love these chocolates.

Opinion/Taste:  I love Almond Joys, so I had to try this candy bar, of which I received 2 of them.  Kidy Coconut Desert is a lot better than an Almond Joy ~ the coconut filling is more dense and packed, very chewy.  I found them to be less sweet than an Almond Joy and I really tasted the tropical coconut flavor ~ it tastes very natural.  I really enjoyed these chocolate bars ~ a lot.  I might have to hunt these down online and see if I can get some more.

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, coconut flavor, palm oil, cocoa butter, whey powder, cocoa mass, skim milk powder, humectant sorbitol, egg white powder, emulsifiers (sunflower lecithin, E476), salt, flavours. Chocolate coating contains minimum 35% dry material of cocoa components  Allergy Info: May contain trace of hazelnuts and peanuts


Munchmallow (Serbia)  

Description: Munchmallows consists of a marshmallows on a thin slice of cookie, covered in a chocolate layer. Like it’s name suggests, Munchmallows are chewy in texture, and when you bite in, it’s chocolate outer layer mixes with the marshmallow and cookie, which creates a delightful blend of different flavors, are is accentuated with feeling of the marshmallow melting in your mouth and blending with the other flavors. This is a very unique snack, we highly recommend you try it.

Opinion: Oh WOW – another full sized box of cookies!  These sounds very familiar to me ~ I wish I could place the snack I am thinking of.  At any rate, there are 6 individual wrapped cookies in this box, so the filling will not go stale.  I am normally not a fan of marshmallows, but I do make an exception when they are surrounded in chocolate!  I can’t wait to try these.

Ingredients: Cocoa topping (sugar, hydrogenated vegetable fat (soybean), fat reduced cocoa powder, emulsifiers (soy lecithin, polyglycerol polyricinoleate), sugar, wheat flour, glucose syrup, hydrogenated vegetable fat (soybean and rapeseed), sorbitol, gelatin, fat reduced cocoa powder, powdered egg white, salt, raising agent (sodium-bicarbonate,, ammonium-bicarbonate), preservative (potassium sorbate), artificial flavor Allergy info: Contains wheat, egg and soy


Napolitanke Mocca (Croatia) 

Description: The Napolitanke by Kras is the most famous wafer product in Serbia and Croatia. The Napolitanke also has the added health beneit of being low in sodium and low in fat. The Napolitanke Mocca one of the flavors in the Napolitanke product line. Specifically, it is a wafer with coffee-flavored filling – perfect for coffee lovers although the coffee taste is not too strong. It is crunchy in texture and lightly sweet in taste. Like other European cookies and wafers, it’s often eaten with a cup of coffee or tea.

Opinion/Taste:  Okay, seriously, this is insane.  Look at the size of this box ~ it is almost 12 oz and since the wafers are so light, that is a lot of food there!  Four pieces is a serving and there are 16 servings in this box.   These are so yummy ~ I love coffee and I do love the crisp wafers with cream fillings, so this is a win-win for me.  The coffee taste is medium, so think Dunkin Donut’s strength, not Starbucks.  Very tasty and I probably will eat these quickly ~ haha

Ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, partially hydrogenated vegetable fat (soybean oil and palm oil) or vegetable fat (palm oil and shea oil), coffee 2%, fat reduced cocoa powder, fully hydrogenated vegetable fat (soybean oil), lactose (milk), salt, acidity regulator sodium bicarbonate  Allergy Info: May contain hazelnuts and soya

Isleri Eurocrem Biscuit (Serbia) 

Description: The Isleri Eurocrem Biscuit is a chocolate covered biscuit with hazelnut creme. The cream is well balanced in sweetness and the chocolate has nice cocoa smell and after taste. Good example of a european biscuit to be enjoyed with tea.

Opinion/Taste:  I did find these cookies to be on the sweet side, but with a nice strong cup of tea or coffee, it did cut back on the sweetness.   I did love the pairing of the cocoa and hazelnut creme.  Did I mention how much I love these types of creme cookies?  This is another full box of cookies, containing 8 cookies or 2 servings (according to the package! haha)  I could only eat two because of the sweetness.

Ingredients: Biscuit 47% (wheat flour, sugar, hydrogenated vegetable fat, powdered eggs,whey powder, raising agents: ammonium hydrogencarbonate and sodium hydrogencarbonate, salt, emulsifier: Soya lecithin), cocoa cream 39% (sugar, hydrogenated vegetable fat, skimmed milk powder 11%, reduced fat cocoa powder 7%, hazelnuts (min. 2.5%), sunflower oil, emulsifier: Soya lecithin, artificial flavours), chocolate coating 14% (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifiers: Soya lecithin, sorbitantistearat and poliglecerol polirinoleat, artifical flavor)  Allergy Info: Contains wheat, milk, eggs, hazelnuts and soy

So, yeah, seriously.  You know, I used to one serving type of snacks.  Treats gave me a 8 to 10 snacks, but they gave me full boxes of cookies and multiples of snacks.  It isn’t 8 to 10 snacks (as in counting the snack items), but 8 to 10 different types of snacks and this month I received 12 different types of snacks, plus an extra treat from Germany.  Many of these snacks were multiple servings and the ones that were single servings, I received at least 2 of them.    Yeah, I staying with this subscription box.  This is an amazing value and I am not sure how the heck they do it!!    I love that this is an International snack box, which means I will get snacks from all over the globe.  

Did you get October’s box from Treats?  Are you interested in subscribing now after seeing this amazing box full of snacks from around the world?   If you are, you can use TAKE15 to get 15% off your first box at Treats.  I cannot wait to see what they have for November’s box!!  


[ descriptions in italics from http://www.trytreats.com ]

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  1. Those marshmallow cookies look a lot like a brand/type of cookies called viva puffs. (I had to look up the name since I couldn’t remember. And it was bugging me.) This looks like a great box. I’ll definitely be checking this one out.

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