Unboxing September 2015 PetGiftBox!

I am currently out of town, but I have scheduled a few reviews for your reading pleasure while I am away!  I love getting PetGiftBox for my kitties, and they seem to really like it too!  What is PetGiftBox? 

PetGiftBox is a monthly subscription for your dogs and cats!  The boxes are full of toys, accessories and snacks for your furbabies.   You can select a dog subscription based on the weight of your pup, so that PetGiftBox can properly pick out the appropriate sized toy, throw, kibble.   You can select the gender or state it is a multiple pet household.    They have several plans and one thing I love about them is that the longer term plans are not taking all of the money upfront.  You are committed to that plan duration, but they will remove the money monthly ~ less strain on your bank account!

  • $27.99 monthly/1 month plan
  • $22.99 monthly/3 month plan
  • $19.99 monthly/6 month plan
  • $17.99 monthly/12 month plan

September’s theme for the Cat PetGiftBox is “Bad Hair Day”  I am really loving how PetGiftBox comes up with their themes!! 


Informational Card

I found that PetGiftBox underestimated the retail value of a lot of the products.  I looked at the RV  (not what it might sell for) on Amazon and took that ~ sometimes the shipping made it even more!



PetStages Mad Cap Big Hair Kitty WHATT??  At first I was like, did they put a Donald Trump toy in here? ahaha…..The hair color does match 😉  This soft toy has kit-kat nip in it and my cats like licking the hair!  Cat toys are very important at all stages of life ~ not only does it help bond cats with their chosen human, but it keeps them active (both mind and body).  Cats are active at night, and having some type of toy hanging around for them to play with means that they won’t be bugging you at 2 in the morning!  RV $6.55

Multipet Cat Toy Flea I loathe to give this to my cats, because it is SO CUTE.  This is a plush toy, that is really well made with its attention to detail (look at those eyeballs and 6 legs!) and embroidery.  I might have to snag this back from my cats ~ haha.  This is also catnip infused and Obi really, really love this one.  I think it is the fuzzy material.  RV $9.07




Spot Snap-N-Clean Brush  (Short Hair Breeds) This is a great idea for a brush ~ the blue cover over the bristles  snaps off, taking the hair as well,  so it is easy to clean the brush.  You just slip your finger under the blue part and it lifts off.    My cats love to be brushed ~ they might look grumpy in the photos below, but they actually are in bliss over being brush.   The bristles are good too – they aren’t soft (and bendy) but they aren’t hard metal either ~ it won’t scratch kitty . They also makes these in other sizes, depending on the size of your pet or it is long haired. RV $12.99

Vo-Toys Grooming Solutions Hair Removal Mitt Another brush?  Actually this one not only brushes your cat’s hair and removes shedding hair, but it also captures dander, which a regular brush does not do.  My cats were initially confused by this big mitt, but once they figured out that it was pleasurable, they succumbed to it!   I guess this must feel like the next release of petting to them ~ an upgrade!   This can also be used to remove cat hair from clothes and furniture (yeah!!)  I was wondering how to clean this, as it is a fabric type brush, and it is hand wash and lay flat to dry.  RV $9.99


Get Naked Furball Relief  – Chicken  No matter how much you brush your cat… Furballs will happen.  These semi-moist treats are wheat, corn, soy and petroleum free and help “move” things along so that my kitties don’t hack up a furball.  These treats also have fiber and pro-biotics which will keep their digestive system healthy too.  These are all natural and are made with vegetable oils to make sure those furballs move thru their  intestines. Since my cats are older, their digestive system is a bit more sluggish, so these are welcomed!  And my cats like them too 🙂   RV $6.99

Product Description: Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.  High fiber helps maintain healthy digestion and les than 3 calories per treat.  All natural and made with real chicken.  Natural vegetable oils, Ganeden BC30 (a patented strain of Bacillus Coagulants) to help control fur balls


This box was purrfect for Obi and Tora ~ I even got Tora to hold still (somewhat) so I could get her in these shots.  Both of my cats LOVE LOVE (did I mention love?) to be brushed and this box had two great brushes in it ~ the traditional one (used below) and the cool hand mitt, which they weren’t sure what THAT thing was ~ but once I started petting them with it, they were happy cats 😀   Tora is the grey kitty and of course, you all know Obi, as he isn’t shy and has been shown here before

I paid $8.33 for my box, thanks to a Groupon Deal, and my cats received a value of almost $45.59!  I am staying sub’d to this box even after my Groupon Deal is over, as I love pampering my cats.

Do you want to subscribe to PetGiftBox?  I would love it if you used my referral link and you will get $5.00 off your first box!


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One thought on “Unboxing September 2015 PetGiftBox!

  1. Your cats are adorable! I subbed to this box for about 6 months for my Lab Sammy, but it went down hill in the last few months, just nothing much he liked in it. So I canceled, but it took about a week to finally get someone to respond to me after multiple emails. Sammy’s continuing with Barkbox and Pawpack (yeah he’s one spoiled dog!). But the kitty version of this box looks really good!

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