Support Indie Business Spotlight: Annexea Beauty

Annette is the owner of Annexea Beauty, an online shop that offers affordable gluten free, cruelty free, 100% vegan and organic cosmetics, vegan synthetic makeup brushes and her own patented product, The Eye Eclipse.  I  was given the opportunity to try a few products from her shop and  Annette generously sent me a full set of makeup brushes and both versions of The Eye Eclipse.

I am always complaining about my fine lines and wrinkles under my eyes, so anything I see something that will prevent further damage, I am very interested!  The Eye Eclipse™ is a patented patented eye makeup remover helper-tool invention by the owner and it is something that we may not even think about ~ removing eye makeup and the damage it does around the thin and delicate skin under our eyes.  This tool looks like something you would use if you were painting, but it will help prevent the rubbing, tugging and pulling while you are removing your eye makeup.  I am always complaining about my fine lines and wrinkles under my eyes, so anything I see something that will prevent further damage, I am very interested! 

The Eye Eclipse is a tool that helps you shield and protect the area under your eyes, which has some of the most delicate and fragile skin on your body. I just place the Eclipse tool under my eye ~ its tip is a soft gentle rubber, take my cotton pad with the makeup remover product on it, and swipe gently down my eye and onto the Eclipse. This helps prevent additional rubbing and friction on my skin, so it is not damaged further. This works surprisingly well too ~ I also found that this is great for creating a smokey eye look ~ sometimes I get SO much dark eye shadow residue under my eye, that I spend a lot of time cleaning up my skin and then having to reapply my foundation. This captures all of the eye shadow fallout!  

If you have the Original, reusable The Eye Eclipse, you just then rinse with soapy water and air dry.  The Disposable Eye Eclipses come two in a pack and are one time use only.  I can see these being used for makeup demonstrations and travel.   Annette has created a step by step tutorial on how to properly use The Eye Eclipse ~ It is quite simple, but if you never used it before, you might want to see how it works.

  • The Eye Eclipse™ is a new, revolutionary tool that will help you shield and protect your under eye area while you take off your eye makeup.
  • The Eye Eclipse™ helps prevent excessive rubbing, straining and unnecessary manipulation that goes on while you take off your eye makeup, on a nightly basis.
  • The Eye Eclipse™ helps you in taking off your eye makeup the correct way as it protects the most delicate area on your face.

The Eye Eclipse™Original is $24.95 and The Eye Eclipse™Disposable is $14.95 for a 2 pack.

Annexea Beauty also creates makeup brushes and they currently have 3 different lines ~ Silver Streak, Rose Gold (which has rose colored bristles) and French Lilac.  I wanted to try a few brushes from the French Lilac line, as I love the colors and how the brushes looked ~ I was drawn to the pinkish-copper-bronze handles, with a bronze collar and the smokey gray-purple tipped cream colored bristles.  I was gifted with the FULL set of French Lilac Brushes, which was totally unexpected!  I have been using these brushes since I received them a month ago and I purposely took the above photo when they were dirty, so you could see that I have been using them. 

These brushes are cruelty free and made with 100% synthetic bristles.  This pattern is really pretty and the brushes range from super soft fluffy to firm, depending on the type of brush it is ~ the full set contains 10 brushes:

F24 – Blush/Bronzer  Multipurpose brush perfect for applying blush, bronzer, highlight and any other powder product onto the face RV $10.00

F25 – Small Round Buffer  Buff your favorite foundation or powder into the skin for a full coverage application RV $10.00

F26 – Angled Kabuki Head Brush  This dense flat head brush delivers a high definition finish for your cream and liquid foundations, with an angled head for hard to precision on hard to reach areas RV $10.00

F23 – Flat Head Kabuki Brush  This dense flat head brush delivers a high definition finish for your cream and liquid foundations RV $12.00


F27 – Foundation Brush  Apply your favorite liquid or cream foundations, as well as primers or tinted moisturizers. It also doubles as an excellent brush for your cream mask applications RV $10.00

F22 – Small Powder/Blush Brush  Apply powder for medium coverage, or your favorite blush or bronzer with this brush  RV $14.00

F21 Large Powder Brush Apply your favorite finishing powder with this synthetic hair brush for a flawless finish RV $17.00

F17 – Dual Ended Precise Concealer Brush Dual Ended Precise Concealer Brush – This brush allows for precise concealer application, as well as concealer spot treatment for smaller areas  RV $4.00

F16 – Dual Ended Eye Shadow Brush Double ended for all your eye shadow application needs, from laying down eye shadow to smoking out the lower lash line with the smudge brush tip  RV $4.00

F15 – Small Eye Shadow Brush  Achieve controlled color application with this dense flat brush. Perfect for powder or cream products for an intense pigmentation on the lids  RV $3.00

I have been using these brushes daily now and I have cleaned them as well ~ and they do hold up nicely and don’t loose their shape or their nice gentle softness.  They pick up makeup quite well and can withstand rigorous blending!   You can purchase the full set for $80.00 or individually ranging from $3.00 to $17.00

I have a special blogger code of UNBOXINGBEAUTY20, where you can save 20% on your entire purchase at Annexea Beauty ~ I do not make an commission or anything ~ I requested a code for my readers. Annexea Beauty has free shipping for orders over $20.00.  They also have organic and gluten free cosmetics as well as makeup tools.  If you are in need of some nice affordable brushes, check out her shop and support women owned indie businesses!!


[ disclosure: products received for review purposes.  descriptions in italics from annexea beauty  ]


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