Unboxing November 2016 Flicker Box

This month’s theme is Sweet November ~ however, usually November is not so sweet in the Northeastern USA.  It is usually damp, cold and miserable.  Thankfully (or not thankfully, as this probably has a lot to do with global warming), this November was very warm and sunny.  It has just turned cold recently and there were only a few days of rain.  November was more like October this year.

What is Flicker Box?

Flicker Box is inspired by a love and appreciation for handmade candles. We believe that people appreciate products produced by quality artisans made in the United States. We want to connect candle lovers with people who love to make candles. Each Flicker Box contains a variety of artisanal candles made from candle artists from around the United States. We share their story and ship subscribers a delightfully curated box right to their doorstep. Flicker box costs as low as $25/month and can be purchased as an automatically-renewing monthly subscription or 3, 6, or 12 month term subscriptions.  from myflickerbox

Information Card

Another View

Starting on the left:  Candelaria “Onyx”, Woodfire Candle Company “Tobacco & Honey”, PaddyWax “Fresh Fig + Cardamom”

Candelaria “Onyx”  Candelaria is a brand located in Denver and all of their candles are made in small batches, using hand poured 100% soy wax, sourced from American-grown soy beans. Soy burns clean, so it is eco-friendly. They use lead free cotton wicks, primed with vegetable based wax and use only premium grade blended fragrance and essential oils ~ no added dyes, lead or chemicals.  Their travel tins are all inspired by gemstones ~ Onyx is described as “Aromatic, richly hued rosewood timbers are balanced with nuances of cassis, Otto rose, green olive, cassia bark, rich cedar, black amber, soft sandalwood, and sheer musk. A terrific unisex fragrance and easily a favorite among our collection. ” I can smell the cassis, sandalwood and musks ~ it is a very delicate and light scent that is pleasing!   The travel candles have been hand poured into a brush gold-tone finish tin.  Burn time is 30 hour 4 oz candle tin RV $12.00

Woodfire Candle “Tobacco & Honey”  omgerd.  This is my favorite scent this month!  I don’t know about the tobacco, but WOW, this is a smokey honey scented candle.  I cannot stop sniffing it!  This came in a hand stamped cotton bag, which makes it great for gift giving (but I am not gifting this one away!).  Tobacco is creamy vanilla and dark brown sugar mixed with smoky tobacco and mahogany woods.”  This candle comes in a glass mason jar with a brushed-finish zinc-tone screw lid.  Made in Northern Minnesota, Woodfire candles are artisan crafted and the American farmed soy is hand poured, using no phthalate or dyes, just creamy white goodness for a clean burn.  They have wood wicks, which also give an aesthetic of a fire, as it lightly crackle as it buns.  Soy candles burn clean with no toxins, black smoke or residue. Burn time is 30 hour 8 oz  RV $18.00

PaddyWax “Fresh Fig + Cardamom”   PaddyWax is a popular candle brand and for great reasons! Their cute relish jar series make these candles great and this mini comes in a deep violet glass jar with a quilted diamond shape pattern on it.  It has an aluminum screw top lid and the scent doesn’t smell like figs or cardamom to me ~ it is a fresh floral-fruity scent.  Which isn’t bad, but it just doesn’t smell like its name, to my nose.  I think this candle is the biggest disappointment as I love Paddywax candles and this scent really didn’t do much for me.  Paddywax soy candles are hand poured in the USA and are a Nashville, TX artisan workshop. 3 oz candle  RV $11.00

My favorite candle this month is the Woodfire candle, with its sweet smokey scent of honey.  I did enjoy Candelaria scent in Onyx, but Paddywax, despite being the most prettiest with its deep purple jar, was a let down with the scent.  Honestly, the more I smell that candle, the more it starts to smell like a nice bar of soap!  It is too fresh scented for me.    This box’s value is $41.00 and I paid $34.00 for my box, as I am on a month to month subscription and I am grandfathered in, so my shipping is included in the price tag.   This sub looks expensive, but if you factor in shipping costs for candles, which are heavy, plus that these are artisans, making their eco-friendly candles with their own scents and hand crafted, it is a great deal.

Flickerbox also has a store, where you purchase candles that were featured in their past boxes.

Do you subscribe to Flickerbox?  What did you think of this month’s candles?  Let me know in the comments below!


SPOILER For Next Month

Next month’s theme will be “Warm & Cozy” ~ and Flickerbox has already announced the candles… Don’t scroll down if you don’t want to know!











☕️ Featuring fragrances like Red Flannel by Lit & Co, Cozy Nights by Karmalit, and Spiced Chai by Bridge Nine Candles


[ descriptions in italics from the product linked website ]

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