What happened to my photos? ……or Photobucket is bucketing.


So, I noticed that some of my blog reviews are missing photos. That is because Photobucket is cratering right now and I host all of my photos on photobucket. I hope they get this resolved soon as it is a pain in the behind.

I apologize if you are looking at some of my older reviews and do not see photos ~ that isn’t because there isn’t any, it is because of %$&$&(@!#### Photobucket.

3 thoughts on “What happened to my photos? ……or Photobucket is bucketing.

    1. photobucket has had a lot of problems this year. I think this last round might be the straw that broke my back. I might keep my old photos on there, but transfer them to a new hosting service as well. It will take me months to convert all my links. I hate PB right now. It is still down.

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