Autumn 2016 Innisfree Color Picker Makeup

I am a huge fan of Innisfree’s makeup line ~ I fell in love with their Color Picker lineup from last year, whose Summer theme was about the colors of Jeju Island Gimnyeong beach, from sandy shores, deep mossy greens, aquatic blues, dark lava greys and more. 

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The Autumn 2016 Color Picker shades are using the theme from the Jeju Sangumburi Volcanic Crater, featuring the warm sunset reds and oranges, neutral beige from the thatched grass fields to the browns of their ponies

“Soft Eulalia flower ~ Myeongji wind, waving Eulalia ~ Sangumburi, a bouquet of silver grass ~Tok, a sip of exploding sunset.  Jeju Sangumburi silver grass field built by the flaming sunset”

Eulalia is Chinese silvergrass and it grows around the Sangumburi crater. Myeongji wind ~  Since they allude to distant winds, this is probably winds from the Myeongji Tidal Flats.

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I did love the colors from this new line, but I wasn’t sure when this release would be made outside of Korea ~ The Summer 2015 was released months for the Western world so I wanted to get in on these colors before the New Year!   Innisfree Autumn 2016 has two different eyeshadow palettes, two facial/cheek products, a nail polish line and lipstick line ~ all limited edition.   I used Innisfree Korean website to pick out my products and then used Korean Buddy to order.  I will go over that process at the end of my blog post.  I will show all the difference variations of the products before displaying the ones I purchased, as you might like the other shades as well. 

Real Nail Color (High Gloss)  There are 7 different shades and they have an adorable cap with horses and goats (or sheep ~ I cannot tell) on them, plus the waving grass.  So sweet!  The nail polish contains calcium, argan oil and  citrus oil to help nourish and strengthen your nails.

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Real Fit Lipsticks  These come in a box, decorated with the beautiful designs for the Sangumburi Color Picker and these also are decorated with the animals and grass.  I love Real Fit lipsticks ~ I own a TON of them and they are lightweight, satin and can be built up for an intense color.  Just beautiful and the Limited Edition has 5 shades, all containing camellia oil,  jojoba oil and olive oil extracts for a smooth, moisturizing texture.

image source


I chose the following in my nail and lip color:  Real Nail Color #92 Climbing Embraces Sunset and Real Fit Lipstick in #17 Salgeu Mani First Glow.  The names of the colors are from Google Translate as I do not read Korean, so it could be something else completely!

Real Nail Color #92 Climbing Embraces Sunset is a dark garnet shade with a ton of shimmer.  It almost has a purple cast to it ~ it is a stunning color.


Real Fit Lipstick in #17 Salgeu Mani First Glow  I have no idea what Salgeu Mani means, but it could have to do with a sunrise and the first blush of color on the horizon.  This is a great dusky mauve shade that is creamy and has a glossy sheen.

I love the box design on this as well ~ Innisfree really outdid themselves when they designed this series!

Shimmering Face Duos  There are 2 compacts with the face duos and I did purchase both of them as they are different. One is more of a contour/highlight set and the other is a traditional highlighter and blusher.

On the left, No. 1 Wind Waves Thatched Mengji Maengji and on the right, No. 2 Which Glow Sangumburi.   No 1 is the contour/highlighter set and the shimmer highlighter is more on the pink-beige side and the contour is a matte light cocoa brown.   No 2 is the highlighter/blush set where the highlighter is a light gold shimmer and the blush is a beautiful apricot shimmer.  These shades are very delicate and light, but can be gently built up.

I love the presentation ~ the powders are pressed with raised waving grasses against the volcanic mountain background.  It is hard to tell in the photo below, but the highlighters are different ~ No 1 is more pinkish-peach and No 2 has a more golden shimmer. 


Eye Shadow Palette  There are 2 eye shadow palettes with 5 shadows inside each one.  One palette is more brown and golden neutrals whereas the second palette has more reds and peaches.  The palettes is in a cream case with the horses, goats and grass on the lid and comes in a box as well.

image source

I chose Palette 2, which has the more vibrant autumn shades of red and peach. 

The five colors contain a matte base, shimmer shades and a matte dark shade to create a smoky eye.   All of the shade colors are roughly translated from the back of the box. The base shade, Heavy Wind Maengji ~ it pretty much blends into my skin tone, so it is perfect as an all over base color for my eyes.  The next two shades are very shimmery ~ the golden shade, called Thatched Golden Shimmer, has the most fall-out and is more glittery than shimmery.  It is a beautiful color, but take care not to dig too deep into this shade as it is very fragile in the pan.  The next shimmery shade, called Ascension Embraces Sunset, is very beautiful ~ I cannot really describe it, but I will try ~ it is orange, but it has a reddish cast to it, so it isn’t a pure orange shade.   The next color ~ Tok Tok Glow, is a deep shimmer, not a glitter ~ it is so rich and I think it is a burgundy color with some brown in it.   The final shade, called Nolmeong Nolmeong Pony, is a matte deep dark brown.  I think nolmeong means play ~ so Play Play Pony! 

These colors are heavily pigmented, even the shimmer shades.   They apply smoothly and with the exception of the golden glitter shimmer, no fall out and pretty long wearing as well.  I am very happy with this palette 

  1. Heavy Wind Maengji 
  2. Thatched Golden Shimmer
  3. Ascension Embraces Sunset
  4. Tok Tok Glow
  5. Nolmeong Nolmeong Pony

A lovely bonus gift from Innisfree, and I do believe this event is still going on, is that with the eyeshadow palette and blush sets, they gave a free notebook and pen.  As I ordered both blush sets, I received 3 of these sets ~ one in red and two in orange.  These are really nice and well made.  I love how they packaged them in an envelope ~ open up and the notebook inside.  There is a band around the notebook, so you can take this with you as you travel or take notes and the pen fits inside.  

I am once again blown away by Innisfree’s Color Picker series.  It is so well done, both in packaging, design and colors and they put a lot of thought of tying the colors back to the theme of Jeju Island.   I believe this will be a series that I will always find something to purchase from ~ I am such an easy sell!!  I just think that Innisfree does put a lot of thought and consideration when they design this series and this really does appeal to me.

Where to Purchase

Currently, it is only sold in Korea ~ it might be in other stores, but I found mine at Innisfree Korean website.  It hasn’t been released yet on the other markets, but I am sure it will be.  However, if you wish to purchase these or any other items from Korea, I recommend using a shipping service. I use Korean Buddy ~ I have placed several orders from them over the last year and have been very happy with them.  They go out of their way to make sure that the order is to your satisfaction, they are quick to respond to your queries ~ they have a great communication portal ~ and will actually help you find the best deals.   You can either give them a list and they will find the product for you ~ if you cannot find it via a website or it is a product that isn’t sold via a website ~ or you can give them the direct links to the product.   Korean Buddy will tally up the total and you pay that.  Once the items are in their hands, they will take a photo and send that to you, with shipping options and pricing. 

Pick your shipping option and then they will invoice you with the shipping and their handling fee.   The items are packed carefully and I have never had an issue with damaged items.   If you are interested in using Korean Buddy, you can save 50% off your handling fee with them on your first order by using my blog as a referral ~ just let them know that sent you!  If you need more information, you can check out their FAQ and also contact them at their site. 



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