Melody Skincare & Cosmetics

disclaimer: products sent for review purposes

Melody Skincare & Cosmetics, Melody for short, is an Asian skincare e-tailer that is based in California.   The owner, Margaret, wanted to offer skincare products that  focuses on skincare health and would clear the “congestion” from your skin.  Just like our throat and nose suffers from congestion caused by  pollution, our skin suffers from pollution ~ dirt and grime can led to premature skin aging.   It’s true!

The Journal of Investigative Dermatology back in 2010 released a study that connects pollution to premature skin aging . Soot (dirt), traffic particles and background particle pollution can cause age spots and increase the depth of wrinkles ~ especially the lines that run between your nose and the side of your mouth (nasolabial fold).  The Journal of Dermatological Science published a paper on pollution and its effect on your skin and they stated that pollution-induced skin damage is a global problem, the ozone reduces antioxidants from your skin and that air pollution has a detrimental effect on both healthy skin and even more for skin that is diseased.   JDS Journal recommended that specific  cosmetic products would be required to protect our skin from damage caused by air pollution.  Believe me, before I got into Asian skin care, I knew that UV damage was bad for your skin, but I had no idea the damage that air pollution could cause. 

Melody also believes in layers of hydrating and moisturizing products and stocks their store with skincare items that help you achieve that goal ~ whether you have dry skin, normal, combo, oily or sensitive skin.

I originally started to purchase items from Melody because they carried Manyo Factory ~ not too many Western e-tailers sold Manyo Factory last year.  And yes, I was attracted to Melody’s shop because of Manyo Factory ~ they carry herbal anti-acne lines and fermented products as well ~ I purchased the Active Refresh Herb Oil and received the mask as a gift from Joan @kinsengnsq

I have been very pleased with Melody’s customer service and their interaction with Asian Beauty fans on Instagram ~ they are very active, commenting on other IG’s and posting routines with items from their store ~ they have select brands ~ from Korea, Taiwan and even the US ~ brands such as cosRX, L’Herboflore, Lovemore, Dirty Mermaid Beauty, Acwell and Raw, to name a few.  And of course, Manyo Factory. 

What I also like about Melody’s shop is that they not only have the traditional categories of brands and skincare, but a category of skin needs.  No more guessing about if this product is suitable for my skin type or trying to find a product that helps with oil control.   They ship primarily in the USA with a flat rate shipping cost of $6.00 for orders under $50.00 and free shipping with orders over $50.00 ~ and you get free samples too with all orders.  They do ship internationally, but contact them first at to get the shipping rate ~ alas, it is not cheap to send internationally ~ I know this first hand with my giveaways!!

Melody has generously sponsored me on a couple of Manyo Factory products that I had been wanting to try for a while after using their wonderful herb oil



Both of these Herb Refresh products contain some lovely ingredients: mugwort, houttuynia codata, tea tree, aloe vera, green tea, licorice, wintergreen and peppermint ~ all ingredients I love!

Margaret also sent several samples from Manyo Factory as well as a handwritten note ~ which I think is so thoughtful.  I am so pleased to try out these products, as you know I love masks ~ wash off and facial sheet masks ~ and will review them both at my IG account and here.

Have you shopped at Melody Cosmetics?  What did you get and how did you like their service?



disclaimer: products sent for review purposes


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