Unboxing March 2016 Kloverbox + Promo!

I am so happy with my service from Kloverbox!  They just keep getting better and better and I know they will deliver unique and fun items to my door monthly 🙂   Kloverbox just got a new shipping service, so it looks like they are now shipping out mid month, which is great.  Kloverbox delivers deluxe and full size products and I have been impressed with their packaging and curating of their boxes.   Kloverbox is an eco-friendly, lifestyle subscription that you can subscribe month-to-month at $25/monthly, 3 month subscription at $23.75/monthly or a 6 month subscription at $22.50/monthly


This month’s theme is “To Whom It May Concern: It is Springtime” and it looks like we have some fresh products to help us usher in the warmer months!

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Buckaroo Organics Soapberry Suds Organic Laundry Detergent I actually was checking out Buckaroo’s website the other week and what a coincidence that I received one in my Kloverbox this month! Buckaroo uses 100% certified organic soapberries (sapindus) which are shrubs and small trees that are part of the Lychee family and are also called soapnuts (but they aren’t nuts, but really a fruit). These berries  have been used for centuries by those in Asia for washing and are a renewable resource, rinses easier (so less water), environmentally safe and non-polluting,  cruelty-free and this detergent can be used in HE or front loading washers.   I can even see the small brown husks of the berries in this soap, which helps soften your clothes naturally.   This small bag contains enough detergent for 20 loads and comes with a measuring cup.   Use Promo Code KLOVER20 and save 20% off at Buckaroo Organics (expires 6/30/2016)    RV $9.95

Description:  Instead of using a synthetic surfactant or soaping agent, our detergent contains 100%  Certified Organic Soapberries, also known as soapnuts. The soapberry not only cleans, but also possesses natural fabric softening capabilities. The saponin contained in the husk of the natural berry is our active ingredient for wranglin’ tough dirt and hard to treat stains and is gentle on delicate fabrics. After careful formulation, we have developed a detergent you can trust. The ingredients are organic, natural and safe for your entire family and the environment. Our detergent does not contain any of the harmful chemicals that pollute water or causes skin irritation. It is hypoallergenic and perfect for those with sensitive skin.  Designed for high efficiency machines. The soapberries are low sudsing by nature.

Ingredients: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Percarbonate, Sapindus Mukorossi (organic soapberry), Sodium Bicarbonate

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Inkredible Image, Bagito & Kloverbox Custom Reusable Shopping Bag    I saw this bright green bag and I knew it was a shopping bag, which I love to get!  I use these all the time and getting another one is fantastic.  A couple of things that are unique to this bag ~ to create this unique bag made from 100% rPet fabric (recycled platics), Kloverbox teamed up with Inkredible Image, an environmentally conscious screen printing company from Alabama, and Bagito, a company that uses plastic bottles to create their unique bags.  There are 25 plastic bottles in this one bag and after I removed the bag from its pouch, I laughed at the logo ~ it is FANTASTIC!!  “I was a plastic bottle” 😀

This bag is gusseted to hold a large capacity, up to 25 pounds, and easy loading. It is also double stitched for strength and long life and so that you are never without your shopping bag, it is designed to hang on your key ring!!  100% of Bagito net proceeds are given to their sister non-profit environmental literacy project: Power2 Sustain Project. This project will teach and empower K-12 graders to “value and sustain their l world, while inspiring the rest of us to do the same”.  This is machine wash and hang dry and is designed in Santa Cruz, CA and created at their partner company in Fujian, China.   Use Promo Code brsgklb2016 and save 25% at Bagito (expires 5/30/2016).  Mention Kloverbox at Inkredible Image and you will receive logo and graphic design work for free when you purchase 36 prints or more.   Bagito Original Shopping Bag: 15″ tall x 17″ wide x 4″ deep,  21″ with handles.   RV $7.50

About Bagito: Each one of these customizable reusable bags keeps 25 plastic bottles out of the landfill, reduces litter and supports the changes we need in the world around the single use mindset. You have choices when you shop. Bringing a reusable bag is one of them and is becoming very commonplace. Throughout the country many municipalities and counties are banning single use bags, with more and more areas of the country following suit.  The Bagito reusable shopping bag is the only one that is made from all recycled material and that supports educating the next generation in how to live in a way that makes a difference.  Designed in California and responsibly made in our partner family owned factory in China, Bagitos are double stitched and have a gusseted bottom enabling them to be easily loaded at the check out stand. Our Bagito Original can hold up to twenty-five pounds, is machine washable and will last for years.  (source)

About Inkredible Image: We’re a Health Conscious, Eco-Friendly Screen Printing company located in East Alabama.  We have unique relationships with Sustainably Manufactured and Sourced “Made In The USA” clothing and Screen Printing Inks. We work one-on-one with our clients to build green, ethical garments they can be proud to wear and share!  Help Us. Help YOU. Make A Difference. (source)

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Vana Body Coconut Clay Mask  I love wash off masks, and if you are following me on Instagram, I’ve been reviewing a bunch of different wash off masks.  This one will be going into that pile of products that I have ~ in fact, I will review it this weekend!  Vana Body is an etsy shop and this is a hydrating coconut clay mask and only contains 4 ingredients: clay, coconut, marshmallow root and lavender.   The scent on this clay powder is very sharp ~ I would not describe it as lavender at all, as it has a very bitter tone to it ~ I think that is the clay I am smelling.  This clay mask will mildly exfoliate, while absorbing excess oil, and removing debris, such as dead skin cells while detoxing, smoothing and hydrating your skin.  Just take some powder and add water slowly to make a paste, apply to your face and leave on until dry and  rinse off. This product is vegan and uses organic and wild crafted ingredients with reusable and recyclable jar.   It is free from fillers, sulfates, toxic chemicals, synthetic ingredients, animal testing, animal by products, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate and phthalates.  Use Promo Code KLOVERBOX20 and save 20% off at  Vana Body ~ they have some really lovely cold pressed facial oils, cleansing oils, toners, masks.   Full Size 2 oz  RV $21.00

Description: Nourishing combination of clay, marshmallow root and coconut milk to hydrate and pamper skin while eliminating impurities. Best for all skin types. Aromas of relaxing + stress relieving lavender.

  • White Kaolin Clay: A mild exfoliant, reduces the production of sebum, removes dead skin cells, detoxifies cleanses the skin.
  • Organic Coconut Milk Powder: Calms, moisturizes and softens skin.
  • Organic Marshmallow Root Powder: Soothes skin and promotes healing.
  • Wild Crafted Lavender Essential Oil: Rich in many healing traits, supports skin in treating acne, wrinkles and inflammatory issues.

Ingredients: White kaolin clay, organic coconut milk powder, organic marshmallow root powder, wild crafted lavender essential oil



Paddywax Blue Apothecary Collection Candle Travel Tin in Fresh Lemon Meyer I love Paddywax candles (Nashville, TN) and received a bright, sparkling  scent in Fresh Lemon Meyer which is from their brand new Blue Apothecary Collection.  I have purchased several candles from their original Apothecary line and I am happy to get a scent that is so lovely and wonderful ~ it just makes me want to open up my windows and doors and let the warm Spring Air flow thru my  home… err, I guess I am jumping the gun here in March ~ we are experiencing a cold snap in the Northeast area.   Well, this candle will help brighten up my home with its lovely sharp-sweet fresh citrus scent.  This candle is made from soy wax and hand poured into a 2 oz tin which is inspired by a pillbox  Burn time 15 hours. Use Promo Code KLOVERBOX15 and save 15% at Paddywax Candles.   Travel Tin 2 oz $5.00


I really love all of the products in this month’s box ~ it is very much in keeping with a Spring theme ~ I wash a lot of linens and duvet covers this time of year and having a new laundry detergent is always welcomed, a bright green shopping bag to help carry my cleaning supplies, a fresh citrus candle to chase the winter blahs away and out the door and to freshen up my face for springtime, a great detox and hydrating clay mask.   I paid $15.00 due to a Black Friday promo code + renewing 3 month subscription and received a value of $43.45.  Do you subscribe to Kloverbox?  What was your favorite product this month?

Current Promo:  Want to save 15% off your subscription?  Use my referral link here    One and three month terms automatically renew, the six month is a one time purchase.   The monthly subscription has an option to skip a month!


[ descriptions in italics from linked website.  contains referral link ]

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