Unboxing January 2016 Starlooks LooksBook

This is my last month with Starlooks until they figure out their monthly subscription.  I thought that they were doing great (and this month is excellent), but they revamped their subscription service again

LOOKSBOOK ANNOUNCEMENT: Starlooks’ new LooksBooks were very successful, and have been taken over and will soon be produced by another entity – we appreciate your support and feedback as we developed our #1 most popular product. However, this means that Starlooks cannot produce and sell future LooksBooks on Starlooks.com anymore. January will be the last Starlooks-version LooksBook delivered to our monthly subscribers.

Starlooks is a makeup brand out of California and they not only have an online shop, but a monthly subscription service. They still have the $12.00 monthly mini service as well as the $17.00 full sized, but I really loved their new LooksBook, so I want to see what it is in store for them going forward. 

That said, I did get the last LooksBook and the theme is Elemental

“A volcanic eruption means destruction, but the elements spread over the earth by its molten lava are also the foundation for future growth and life.  Our world and our selves are ever evolving – someone or something that may appear to have one purpose, may actually have several.  Starlooks is inspired by this ideology.  We use it to bring you the most versatile products possible and to encourage you to continue to evolve and grow.  If something doesn’t work the way you think it should, try using it for another purpose.   You never know what eruptive creations you might invent!”


LooksBook Revealed!

Once again, I am really happy with the new format and the informational cards, which is a booklet.  The sizes are 3/4 of a full sized item, so they are decent sizes.  None of these products are currently on sale at Starlooks, so I have to assume they are all $12.00, as that is what these 3/4 sizes normally retail for at Starlooks.


Lava Cream Liner    I was taken aback a bit by this darkened maroon shade and wasn’t sure how I would use it.  I have to say, it is beautiful.  I used this as an eyeliner the other day and it did not make me look all pink eye ~ it is a deep enough shade that it doesn’t look red.   This is very creamy in the liner pot and applies smoothly.  Once it sets, it is long wearing but it is easily removed when I wash my face.  I also like that this can be used as a lip color too, as it is very vampy.

Elements Lip Liner   This is my favorite item in the trio this month.  It is a brownish plum shade, which sounds horrible, but it is very dusky and beautiful on.  It is a muted color and works well with the Lava cream liner and Earth lipstick.    This liner goes on smoothly, but I fear it might break off as it is a bit soft.  I might have to toss it in the freezer to make it a bit more firm.   I don’t have anything like this shade in my huge makeup collection, so I hope that Starlooks does carry it in their online shop, so I can purchase another one.  If you recognize this shade as a dup for something else, let me know in the comments below!  

Earth Lipstick  My least favorite item as I am not a fan of nude lipsticks.  This is a pinkish nude shade that doesn’t do anything for me, but it is a good backdrop for either the lip or cream liner in this collection.  It is creamy, applies smoothly, but the color leaves me cold.  I would have liked a brown-nude shade (EARTH!! okay??) instead.




I really love Elements and Lava liners ~ these colors are really ones I gravitate to.  Earth is meh as a lipstick shade, but it will be used as it is a good primer for other shades and I can do an ombre lip easily with this.   I paid $12.00 for my box and received a Starlooks value of $36.00. I also received coupons for their online shop.   As I stated, this is my last Starlooks until I see what they do with their subscription service, but I do like to shop at their store for standalone products.   They are really helpful if you want swatches ~ I always drop them an email and they promptly respond with swatches as their site really doesn’t showcase the actual colors of the product.

Did you subscribe to Starlooks LooksBook?  If so, what did you think of this month’s box?

If you would like to subscribe to the Starlooks LooksBook, I would love it if you used my referrer link – please click here  http://starbox.starlooks.com/subscribe?refer=58876


[ descriptions in italics from starlooks.com ]

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