Unboxing November2015 Kloverbox + Promo!

Yeah, I love getting my Kloverbox! No spoilers, however, so I had NO idea what was going to be in it.  And for once, it looks like I got mine around the same time as everyone else 😀  Being on the east coast can be difficult!   Kloverbox delivers deluxe and full size products and I have been impressed with their packaging and curating of their boxes.   Kloverbox is an eco-friendly subscription that you can subscribe month-to-month at $25/monthly, 3 month subscription at $23.75/monthly or a 6 month subscription at $22.50/monthly

This month’s theme is  “Thankful”  Giving thanks for giving

Informational Card


q.c. naturals timmy’s toner  This is an astringent toner, that has lemon and tea tree essential oils., as well as witch hazel and apple cider vinegar.   It is supposed to help tighten up pores and restore the pH balance in your face.   I do know that ACV will act as an astringent while the witch hazel will soothe your skin.  Tea Tree will help with blemishes and acts as an anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-fungal.   This does sound very refreshing!  As someone with oily skin, I happen to like toners like this as they really make my face feel clean from oil after a long day.  This toner is 100% natural, organic, non-GMO, non-toxic, vegan, gluten free and cruelty free.   5% of proceeds from this toner will go to the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida.  Timmy’s toner is named after the owner’s father, who died of cancer in 2014.    Use KLOVERBOX30 to get 30% off at their shop ~ expires 12/31/15  Full Size 4 oz RV $16.50

Ingredients: water, organic apple cider vinegar, organic witch hazel, organic essential oils of lemon + tea tree


MudLOVE Thankful Bracelet   I have been into beaded bracelets for a while (re: my yogi subscription), so I was thrilled to get this bracelet from MudLOVE ~ not that it is a beaded bracelet, but it will work really nicely with them and also serve as a good contrast in textures.    This is  handmade Indiana, using 100% non-hazardous clay and lead-free/non-toxic glaze/underglaze.  Each letter is individually hand stamped using a mold created from a vintage rubber stamp.  This has an elastic cord (color may vary) and it is adjustable from 5″ to 8″ and I have to say, this is the easiest adjustable bracelet I have put on!  The knot in the band is very simple and is quite to adjust.  This is also waterproof too 🙂   Purchasing this bracelet will provide one week’s of clean water to someone in Central African Republic ~ a fantastic cause!   They have other styles and words, designs (including animals and dino’s!!) and these would make great little holiday gifts, while supporting a very important cause.   Use KLOVER to get 30% off at their shop ~ expires 12/31/15   RV $8.00

The decision to shop MudLOVE is the decision to change a life. Every product you purchase provides one week of safe, clean water to someone in need. All of this is made possible through Water for Good and its continual work to transform one of the world’s most neglected countries, the Central African Republic.

Since MudLOVE began we’ve been able to give over $330,000 from your purchases to support the work of Water for Good.   Read more at  MudLOVE


Love Bottle  500 mL Glass Bottle   First things first, cause I know some of you are humming this … or maybe not. I am, though


This is a HUGE water bottle and it has a nice ceramic cap with a red heart on the lid, held and locked in place by a bail wire closure.  The designs were randomly picked and I love mine ~ it has a glass etching of the world inside an O and then the saying “One World, One Love”.  They have lot of designs on their website, from the subtle to the fun & funky!    Love Bottles are made from recycled glass, lead free, made in the USA and 5% of the proceeds go to charity.  Love Bottle also carries accessories for your water bottle ~ extra lids, silicone seals, funnels, bottle brush I am going to get the bottle bands to put around my bottle as it will help me get a better grip when the bottle is slippery.  Use KloverLove to get 15% off at their shop ~ expires 12/31/15  RV $12.00

Description: Good health starts with drinking clean water. It is one of our most basic needs. Love Bottle provides you with the best water drinking experience you can imagine. Water in our GLASS bottles looks, feels, and tastes the best. But even more importantly, it doesn’t leach anything into your water. Drink worry free knowing you are making changes to a healthier you.  We are all in this world together. If we don’t help each other, then we don’t stand a chance. Love Bottle is partnered with Global Water to help bring clean water to people who need it. Right now over a billion people don’t have access to clean water. Please join us in helping to change this situation. Love Bottle has pledged 5% of our gross profits to charities around the world.  Over one billion human beings do not have easy access to clean, potable water. Every 21 seconds, a child dies from a disease caused by unsafe drinking water.

 image credit


Meraki Botanicals Sage Orange Deodorant   I am not really one to like deodorants as I am antiperspirant gal.  I wish organic companies would find a way to make them.  At any rate, this smells so good, that I will use it now that it is winter.   I wear sweaters now, and so I won’t have the issue of sweat stains showing up ~ haha.  This is the main reason why I chose antiperspirant  over deodorants.  This has a nice light citrus-herbal scent and it isn’t overpowering.  You do have to use your fingers to apply and since this is a very solid balm, I just warm it up by swirling my fingers around in the tin, picking up the deodorant product and then applying.  Note: Not a huge fan of these tins either ~ I would rather see this in a push-up stick product.    This is made with organic coconut oil, which will soothe your skin while calming any irritation that might have been caused by shaving.  Arrowroot powder absorbs moisture (not as well as I would like, however) and baking soda absorbs odors.   Arggh, I have to wait an HOUR after shaving to apply?  I don’t think so.  Maybe 30 minutes ~ I don’t have an hour to wait before apply my deodorant.  Use promo code KB20 to get 20% off at their shop ~ expires 1/1/2016  Full Size 2 oz RV $10.00

Description:  Commercial deodorants contain aluminum which inhibit sweat glands under your arms. your skin must sweat in order to release toxins, therefore this natural deodorant does not completely stop sweating. If you are switching from a commercial deodorant to a natural deodorant like this one, please keep in mind that the body will go through a transition phase of about a week, sweating out the toxins that have been building up under the arms. This is only temporary and will go away 🙂

Ingredients:  soy wax, coconut oil*, baking soda*, arrowroot powder, essential oil blend. *organic


Another winner this month from Kloverbox!  I really enjoyed the lifestyle items ~ the Love Bottle and MudLOVE bracelet are huge favs with me.  The toner is really nice and will be used and I will try the deodorant, as the scent is so lovely.

I paid $18.00 due to a promo code + 6 month subscription and received a value of $46.50.  Just a great eco-friendly and organic box, filled with products made by people who care about the environment and giving back.   Do you subscribe to Kloverbox?  What was your favorite product this month?

Current Promo:  Use BFFM10 to save 10% off any length subscription.  One and three month terms automatically renew, the six month is a one time purchase.   The monthly subscription has an option to skip a month!


[ descriptions in italics from linked website ]

6 thoughts on “Unboxing November2015 Kloverbox + Promo!

  1. I got my box yesterday as well. I love the water bottle! It isn’t something I would thought to buy for myself, which is why I really enjoy this subscription. I also like the bracelet. I’m like you about the deodorant, but it’s fall in the south and getting cold enough this should work. I don’t care for the toner however, as I have very dry skin and afraid it would further dry me out, so that will go in my trade pile. I really enjoyed this box though, and I like we didn’t get any spoilers, makes it more fun! Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the 2 “love” products too! I wasn’t sure about the bracelet, but I’ve been wearing it non-stop since I opened this box! haha. What type of design did you get with your water bottle?


  2. Hi LadyGordon! I have dry skin myself and this toner does not dry me out – there are multiple uses for toners, other than just for oily skin. In fact, it helps even out skin tone, shrink pores and also has moisturizing and soothing properties. I challenge you to try it, I think you’ll be surprised. And just follow-up with your normal moisturizer. Enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

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