Primera Wild Peach, Super Sprout, Alpine Berry Watery Mask and Mild Peeling Cleanser Review

So, way back in mid-summer or so, Memebox actually launched the primera brand at their shop and I was thrilled to see them there.  It wasn’t a whole line of products, but enough that I picked up some nice items ~ you can read my full unboxing here.  Alas, Memebox’s primera selection has dwindled to practicality nothing, which is sad, as this Amore Pacific subsidiary has an absolutely wonderful line of products.   I view primera as a step up from Innisfree, as they are a bit more pricey.

About primera

Combining the words “prime” and “era,” Korean skincare label primera is an eco-oriented cosmetic brand that collects and delivers the energy released from plants directly to the skin. primera’s environment-conscious values ensure that all its products do not contain parabens, synthetic pigments, artificial fragrances and only a minimum amount of artificial chemical ingredients. The products are packaged in mostly FSC-certified paper and printed with natural soy ink as part of the brand’s earth-friendly practices. primera belongs to the Amore Pacific group of brands alongside Laniege, Innisfree, Etude House and others.

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My Skin Type and Concerns:  oily, hormonal acne, aging concerns ~ hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles

Primera’s brand is all about sprouts, germination and seeds!  They use the newly sprouted seed as the ingredient (buds, sprouts) and the idea behind this is that these “newborns” are more potent with dense concentrations of vitamins, amino acids and other compounds as it takes a lot of energy for a seed to germinate.    Primera has a newsletter where they explained this so much better than I can (primera Newsletter Source)

During the moment of germination, plant seeds are enriched with stupendous energy and nutrients. For decades, primera has been conducting extensive research on germinating process, in order to formulate highly effective cosmetics with potency of sprouting seeds; in doing so, primera continues to advance research and make new discoveries. This month’s issue focuses on the riveting tale of birds that selectively feed on sprout seeds and travel an unbelievable distance. Clearly, nature understands the power and efficacy of sprout energy.

Germination, the ultimate moment for plants! In due time, plants compress its nutrients—ranging from minerals, vitamins, enzymes, proteins, and other essential nutrients required for growth—and store them in the seed buds until the seeds mature and grow, triggering the activities of ingredients. During this process, the concentration of certain nutrients multiplies drastically; vitamin C composition, in particular, is the highest among them all. During the climactic moment of germination, the seeds that just sprouted hold and release an unbelievable amount of life energy and nutrients. Such seeds are sometimes called the “green treasure chest of the skin” due to their high concentration of vitamins, fibers, amino acids, and antioxidants, that are beneficial for skin. Through many years of research and experience on eco-friendly, natural ingredients, in addition to a basis on sprout technology, primera has become fully confident that sprout energy in cosmetic application will work. Highlighting the important moment of germination and energy collected in the process, the newly created cosmetic products are labeled “primera,” a compound word containing two words: prime—which means the most important—and era—meaning a fixed point in time.

I used the following items for the last 6 weeks**,  and I barely made a dent in this items!  They might be more expensive, but they last a long time.   These were not the only new items, I also introduced Chica Y Chico about 2 weeks into the routine.   I will have a full review of those products in a couple of weeks.

** Alpine Watery Mask was started earlier than 6 weeks ago, stopped and then started up again in October.  I also took it off the rotation to skin test L’Herboflore Lemon Balm Mask (review here)


In order of use

  • Wild Peach Pore Water  (WPPW)  Morning and Night Routine
  • Wild Peach Pore Treatment   (WPPT)  Morning and Night Routine
  • Super Sprout Serum  (SSS)  Morning Routine
  • Wild Peach Pore Emulsion  (WPPE)  Morning Routine

Night Care

  • Alpine Berry Watery Mask  (ABWM)   Night Routine

Special Cleanser

  • Facial Mild Peeling Cleanser  (FMPC)  Twice Weekly


Testing:  pH levels on watery and cleansing items :: digital skin analyzer on moisturizers and cleansers.  For the digital skin analyzer, I would just use that product alone on my skin to get a reading just for that item.

Notable Ingredients

I put the initials of the product next to the ingredient.  If an ingredient is only in one of the products used here, it will be in its own product section.

Beta-Glucan (WPPE, ABWM)  Beta-Gluten is a compound that can be found yeast, mushrooms, fungi and oats, among others.  It is an antioxidant, as well as an anti-inflammatory.  Although it has a large molecular structure, it can penetrate deeply into your skins epidermal and dermis layers, and can reduce wrinkle and fine lines, along with smoothing your skins texture.  (study)   Beta Glucan can help speed up wound healing and reduce scarring as well.

Broccoli Sprout (ABWM, MFPC)  is a superfood and it not only contains antioxidants like beta-carotene and Vitamin C, it also has Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E ~ which creates radiant skin and shiny hair as it revives skin tissue, Vitamin A and K, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Amino Acids and Folic Acid (Vitamin B9).  All of these vitamins help care for your skin and keep it glowing and healthy.  Broccoli also contains glucoraphanin, a phytonutrient, which has been reported in reversing sun damage on your skin.

Natto Gum (WPPP, WPPE, ABWM) derived from fermented soybeans; a potent antioxidant which will help reverse skin damage, such as hyper-pigmentation,  caused by free radicals.

Phyto-Sproum™ (WPPT, SSS)  This is a primera exclusive ingredient and is an active sprout concentrate using superfood black seeds to deliver nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidant properties while hydrating your skin.  This trio will help even your skin tone, improve the oil-moisture balance in your skin, strengthen your skin barrier and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  It is made up of these three ingredients

  • Black Rice Sprouts  These help regulate the production of melanin and will lighten hyper-pigmentation.  Black rice not only is moisturizing, but has vitamins B1, B2, E, minerals, iron, amino acids, lysine, proteins plus other nutrients that will nourish your skin.  It will also stimulate your skin cellular production so your skin cells will turn over and renew to help with anti-aging.
  • Black Soybean Sprouts  Glycitein, a powerful anti-oxidant, is found in this ingredient.   This compound will  help combat free radicals and reverse the damage caused by them, they also are highly moisturizing and will help increase blood flow and help flush out toxins, revealing a healthier, softer and clearer skin. 
  • Black Sesame will help build, strengthen and protect your epidermis’ protective barrier by attracting moisture into your skin.  It will help calm and smooth your skin, helping it return to a healthy state. 

Sequoia Sprout (WPPP, WPPE)  This sprout is from the Sequoia tree, which are known for their longevity and are one of the oldest, largest living trees on earth.  Their sprouts are reported to regulate energy metabolism, boosts vitality and help deliver nutrients to your skin , according to Primera.  I cannot find anything except that as a supplement, it helps with the physical and psychological energy levels among the elderly.  So, maybe this will energize my skin!!

Wild Peach Bud (WPPP, WPPT, WPPE)   Peach bud sprout helps strengthen and improve your skins resilience as well as stimulating blood circulation, smoothing your skin, helping alleviate skin problems, such as blemishes.  Peach Bud is a natural astringent and will help with moisture-emollient balance in your skin with a matte effect.  They contain  vitamin C, which is an anti-oxidant and will help defend your skin from free radicals and infections.   Peach contain a vast number of flavonoids, vitamins and minerals, which will help remove dead skin cells, hydrate and brighten your skin.


Primera products are in nice, classy looking bottles and jars and many of them are made from glass.  Primera encourages their customers to reuse their containers ~ grow plants in them, DIY candles or in the case of my taller bottles, I could use them for room oils ~ place a room oil in the bottle and then place a few  of those sticks in them.   The problem with the taller glass bottles in my small bathroom, however, is that they do take up a lot of space and I am always afraid I am going to drop and break them.  But they are very nice looking, with nice eco-friendly looking labels.



Wild Peach Pore Water  (pH 5.5 ~ 6) The Wild Peach Pore line is designed for oily skin and pore treatment.  I would not recommend the Wild Peach Pore line to those with dry skin and this item does contain alcohol as its 2nd ingredient ~ but it doesn’t smell like alcohol at all.    This is a clarifying toner that is supposed to soothe your skin and prep it for absorption for subsequent skincare steps.  This has a herbaceous scent, so do not expect peaches!  These are the sprouts and I will say all of the primera products in this review smell herbal ~ and it is a really beautiful scent.    I used this as my first step after cleansing in my morning and nightly routine.  This toner is very refreshing on my face, due to the lavender extract.  This also contains willow bark extract, which is a natural salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid) and will help exfoliate dead skin cells, even skin texture and is an anti-inflammatory compound.    Willow bark extract thoroughly cleanses the skin and evens skin texture.

This toner is not drying on my face and it feels clean, without a tight, stripped feeling.  This product did clean my pores and “tighten” them temporarily ~ no product will shrink your pores, all they can do is tighten them for a little while and reduce the appearance of larger pores.   I did a pH test on this toner and it is a decent 5.5 to 6 level.

I did not experience any redness or irritation using this product and in fact, when Memebox had a flash sale, I purchased another one to have as a backup.  That said, I’ve been using this for 6 weeks and I am only a 1/3 thru the first bottle!!  These products last a long time 😀   I did have issues with this product initially ~ trying to get it out of the bottle.  Since the bottle is pretty full, it was hard to get “air” into the bottle so that I could tip it out on my cotton pad.  However, once the top level started to go down with use, it is now very easy to get the product out of the bottle.  Full Size 180 mL

Ingredients: water, alcohol, butylene glycol, prunus persica (peach) bud extract, salix nigra (willow) bark extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract, sequoiadendron gigantea bud extract, vaccinium myrtillus bud extract, natto gum, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, ethylhexylglycerin, glycerin, menthoxypropanediol, 1,2-hexanediol, disodium EDTA analysis

Wild Peach Pore Treatment (pH 7) This huge bottle was not part of the original line up ~ but I had received a small 5 mL sample of this product.   This item is a fairly new product, as primera launched it on March 2015.  This is a treatment serum that you apply to your “troubled” (aka blemish-prone) areas and it will help reduce swelling, redness and heal your blemishes.   I loved the 5 mL version so much that I decided to hunt it down and get the full sized bottle.  Since I only use this as a spot treatment, this will last me quite a long time!   You can see in the photo above that there is a powdery solution at the bottom of the bottle.  I believe that is the Silica ingredient, as that will help absorb excess and control oil in your skin and give a matifying effect.   This contains 91% linseed (flaxseed) extracts and that ingredient will help reduce the appearance of pores, improve the elasticity and enhance moisture.

To use, shake the bottle well to mix the powder with the liquid.  I use a cotton pad to apply and just dab it on my skin where I might have excess oil or blemishes.  I can see this product getting a lot of use in the summer time.    I actually like this better than cosRX BHA Returning A-Sol, which is a fine product, but the funky scent is a major turnoff.   This has an herbal scent that is pleasant.

This has a pH level of 7 but this product does not claim to be a BHA or AHA product, so I have no issues with a higher level here. I am using this pore treatment to help soothe, heal and reduce swelling caused by acne and it does work for me quite well.  This product is not drying and it is quite moisturizing while not causing shine or dry flaky patches.  Full Size 100 mL

Ingredients: Linum Usitatissimum (Linseed/flaxseed) Seed Extract (91%), propanediol, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Germ Extract,  Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Sprout Extract, Glycine Soja (Soybean) sprout Extract, Vaccinium Myrtillus (bilberry) buds extract, Viburnum Lantana Bud Extract, prunus persica (peach) bud extract, Nelumbo Nucifera (lotus) Flower Extract, Prunus Mume (plum) Fruit Extract, purified water,1,2-hexanediol, Silica, Glycerin, Sodium Magnesium Silicate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Calcium Chloride, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil,Glyceryl Caprylate, Disodium EDTA, fragrance analysis


Contains ‘Phyto-SproumTM’ which produces 3 different skin changes  — revived tone, elasticity, and moisture level —  through aging care for skin vulnerable to outside stimulation and time.

Super Sprout Serum  This was a weak moment purchase and I.AM.SO.HAPPY that I was weak!  This is one of my favorite items from the Primera line and I was worried that it would be too heavy for my skin.  Nope, it is just right.  I love this serum, from the green glass bottle, to the herbaceous scent and how silky smooth it feels when I apply it to my skin.  It absorbs rapidly so sometimes I mix a little Tosowoong Sparkling Propolis Ampoule in there for those colder days, which in Boston has officially begun  ~  I am now a mixalogist ~ haha ~ I actually purchased my Tosowoong back in the wonderful international Memebox days *sobs* and these babies were on sale for $9.99 ~ I got two of them, so I do need to use them up.    This serum is free of artificial fragrance, synthetic colorants, animal ingredients and mineral oil, and is dermatologist  tested and has a dual function for whitening and wrinkle correction.  It is housed in a beautiful forest green colored glass bottle and has a pump applicator.  One or two pumps of this serum is all I need daily.  I guess this won some awards in Korea ~  2014 Powder Room Hit Item and Beauty+’s Choice.

This product is an anti-aging serum which is packed with anti-oxidants made from the sprouts of “super seeds”, which is the famous black seed trio of black rice sprouts, black soybean sprouts and black sesame, which will help even out skin tone, fortifies your skin barrier, moisturizes and brightens your skin tone. This also contains rheum undulatum, which is part of the rhubarb family and that extract contains a compound called rhaponticin.  According to primera,  rhaponticin will help reduce melanin production (melanin is what produces our skin color and for many people, age spots and hyper-pigmentation) and will help amplify brightening effects to your skin tone.   This is a tan-ish color serum and again, it has that herbaceous scent to it.  It does absorb nicely into my skin, and does not leave a sticky or tacky feeling behind.  

I totally LOVE this serum!!  I was surprised to see it has alcohol in it, because it is so moisturizing and hydrating.  My skin loves this stuff and it just soaks right in.  My face feels so hydrated and I have proof too!!  Running my skin digital analyzer on this over the course of 6 weeks, I found that the average before and after was this

  • Before:  19.0% Oil  /  42.4% Water
  • After:      23.3% Oil  /  51.9% Water

That is an improvement of over 22% in my moisture levels 😀   I am impressed.  My skin has not experienced any blemishes or redness since I started using this and I just love the scent ~ primera’s products just remind me of a spa facial treatment.   This is a major LOVE and despite the more expensive price of this product, I will repurchase it.  That said, I have been using this for 6 weeks, and I am only 1/3 of the way thru this bottle.   I want to continue using this to see if there will be the other benefits that this serum claims.  Even with a 6 week test, some of the claims will require much longer use.   Full Size 50 mL

Ingredients: water, propanediol, oryza sativa (rice) germ extract, glycerin, alcohol, glycine soja (soybean) sprout extract, sesamum indicum (sesame) sprout extract, dicaprylyl ether, rheum undulatum root/stalk/stem extract, oleanolic acid, theobroma cacao (cocoa) extract, C14- 22 alcohols, sucrose palmitate, xanthan gum, glyceryl stearate citrate, hydrogenated lecithin, glyceryl stearate, C12-20 alkyl glucoside, cellulose gum, sodium phytate, glyceryl caprylate, dextrin, mannan, sucrose, fragrance analysis



Wild Peach Pore Emulsion This is the matching emulsion to the toner and treatment.  This not only has fermented soy beans (natto gum), but green tea extracts, for helping combat free radicals and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  This also has clove flower extract, which helps balance the moisture and oil levels in your skin, so that excess sebum is reduced and your skin balance is normalized.   As you can see in my swatch below, it is a light emulsion and it absorbs quickly into my skin, but it is hydrating.  I also experience a cooling feeling when this dries on my face, which primera attributes to the lavender oil in this product.   I found that with this emulsion, I did not need to add a lotion afterwards, as it is hydrating and moisturizing enough for my needs.    Skin Analyzer test results on average over the course of 6 weeks

  • Before:  19.8% Oil  /  43.2% Water
  • After:      20.7% Oil  /  48.4% Water

This is an improvement of about 12% in moisture level.  

The one issue I have with this product is not the contents, but the packaging.  This product is like that old Heinz Ketchup commercial  ~ it is so SLOWWW coming out of the bottle and if I shake it too much, then it comes out all at once!  I also am concerned what will happen when I get to the bottom of this bottle ~ do I have to break it to get the last bit of goodness?  Buy a lot of chopsticks in order to dip down into the bottle and try to get the emulsion to stick on the chopstick?   This is a very bad design for the emulsion ~ it is fine with the watery products, because you can get every last drop, but for anything thicker, they needed to use a pump or a tube or something.  I will have to see if I have an extra pump applicator and tube that will fit in this bottle when it gets to that time

One of the nice things about having oily skin, is that after I apply my toner, serums and ampoules, sometimes all I need to finish off my skin care routine in the morning is just a nice emulsion. I haven’t used a skin cream or lotion for the last 6 weeks over the emulsion.   The layering seems to work really nicely for oily skin too ~ instead of slathering on one heavy cream, by layering I can control how much my skin can handle and absorb.   I have started to really rely on facial mists so that if my skin is a bit dry, I can use those.  The fact that I don’t really use both an emulsion and a cream/lotion in my daytime routine has really help cut down on the shine and steps!!    Full Size 150 mL

Ingredients:  water, butylene glycol, cetyl ethylhexanoate, cyclopentasiloxane, pentaerythrityl tetraisostearate, dimethicone, PEG-40 stearate, camellia sinensis leaf extract, cyclohexasiloxane, prunus persica (peach) bud extract, eugenia caryophyllus (clove) flower extract, sequoiadendron gigantea bud extract, vaccinium myrtillus bud extract, natto gum, beta-glucan, hydroxypropyl bispalmitamide MEA, inulin lauryl carbamate, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, glycerin, 1,2- hexanediol, PVP, cetearyl alcohol, sorbitan stearate, dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, ammonium acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP copolymer, hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, polysilicone-11, carbomer, glyceryl caprylate, ethylhexylglycerin, propanediol, stearyl behenate, polyglyceryl-3 methylglucose distearate, polysorbate 20, tromethamine, disodium EDTA, phenoxyethanol analysis

Night Care

Daily bouts with pollution and various outside irritations cause stress on the skin. They irritate the skin and weaken its functionality. As a result, the skin becomes dry and bloats easily and loses vitality. The primera Watery Line contains alpine strawberry, which boasts strong vitality growing in the highlands,  and extract from mallow, which maintains skin moisture, to keep the skin moisturized and fully vitalized. 

Alpine Berry Watery Mask    I thought I only liked this mask when I first did the unboxing.  I have to revise that.  I LOVE this sleep pack and that is why the choir of kitties are sharing that photo above with my jar.   It doesn’t smell like strawberries, as it is using the strawberry sprout, so again ~ it is an herbal scent.  This is a creamy white gel cream, with a lovely texture.  It has a nice slip to it and it is a very hydrating sleep pack ~ with betaine, butylene glycol,  glycerin and sodium hyaluronate.  It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to absorb on my face and I do not need to add a second layer.  I did do a skin analyzer as well

  • Before:  19.1% Oil  /  43.8% Water
  • After:      26.8% Oil  /  59.8% Water

This is an improvement of about 37% in moisture level.  After sleeping for 8 hours, how did it fair with the heat turned on?  Not too bad

  • Morning After:    18% Oil  / 42% Water

It is much less than what the initial reading ~ about 20 minutes after application ~ had and it is less than the “Before”, but considering that I am tossing and turning while I sleep, smushing my face into a pillow and rubbing off the product, as well as the heat turned on, I am still really happy with that result.

I do not have any breakouts or rashes with this product ~ just baby soft skin that looks refreshed and brighter.   This is also has a refreshing and cooling sensation, which I attribute to the mint ingredient.   This does have alcohol in it, but it doesn’t smell like alcohol nor does it dry out my skin.  Sometimes, alcohol is not that “bad” as it “can help increase penetration of key ingredients. Some alcohols also act as slip agents, emollients, and/or hydrators.”  (source)   I would like to believe that the primera chemists know what they are doing here and I do believe this product to be well formulated.     I highly recommend that people read on to see the other side of the story.   It should be towards what works for you ~ for some people, that HG ingredient will cause others to suffer horribly.  Always test your new products on a small patch of skin to see if you will have a reaction to it before putting on your face.


This sleep pack is full of Vitamins A, B and C, plus it moisturizes, brightens and helps repair your skin overnight.   It contains both some unique and familiar ingredients 

  • Alpine Strawberry Sprouts These grow in Northern Europe and North America and they are pretty hardy plants, as they can bud in the highlands, where it is cold and barren.  Alpine Strawberry is full of Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant, helping to brighten and combat free radicals, reducing hyper-pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Malva Sylvestris (common mallow) is a tall flowering plant and it helps keep the moisture in your skin for extended periods of time. 
  • Papaya contains an enzyme called peptin, which is a natural exfoliator, making your skin smooth, vibrant and healthy.  Peptin cures a variety of skin issues, such as acne, dry skin and premature again.   Papaya also is an antioxidant, as it has Vitamins A, C and E along with carotenoids, helping to reduce inflammation of your skin, as well as nourishing it.
  • Lotus Flower is a skin purifier, helping to brighten dull skin that is caused by both internal and external stresses and toxins.

I really enjoy using this night sleep mask and this is one of those products that I will not tire of ~ sometimes, when I am half way thru a jar, I will get impatient with the product and how much I have left. I will start putting it on my arms and legs just to finish it ~ ahaha.  But not with this sleep mask ~ I love the scent, I love how it feels on my face and neck, how refreshed my skin looks in the morning.  Plus the scent ~ I cannot get enough of it.  I am not tired of it and I will be sad when it is gone ~ but I will repurchase!    Full Size 50 mL 

Ingredients: water, butylene glycol, glycerin, cyclopentasiloxane, cyclohexasiloxane, alcohol, trehalose, hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, fragaria vesca (strawberry) leaf extract, aminobutyric acid, nelumbo nucifera flower extract, carica papaya (papaya) fruit extract, malva sylvestris (mallow) flower/leaf/stem extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract, brassica oleracea italica (broccoli) extract, helianthus annuus (sunflower) extract, brassica oleracea gemmifera (brussels sprouts) extract, borago officinalis extract, phyllanthus emblica extract, veronica officinalis flower/leaf/stem extract, primula veris extract, mentha piperita (peppermint) leaf extract, melissa officinalis leaf extract, alchemilla vulgaris extract, achillea millefolium extract, beta-glucan, natto gum, 1,2- hexanediol, PCA dimethicone, dimethicone, polysorbate 20, dimethiconol, dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, tromethamine, propanediol, ethylhexylglycerin, sodium hyaluronate, disodium EDTA, tapioca starch, lactobacillus ferment, phenoxyethanol, fragrance(natural origin) analysis

Special Cleanser

Traces of sebum, makeup residue, and pollutants that cause skin trouble typically remain on the skin. Pollutants can cause inflammation and other skin problems, hastening skin aging.  primera is a line of mild cleansing products that smoothly and thoroughly remove impurities from the skin, leaving your skin complexion bright and your skin completely clean and clear.

Facial Mild Peeling Cleanser  (pH 2.5 ~ 3) When I purchased the special Pore treatment kit from Memebox, I was originally supposed to have received the pore clay pack, but Memebox couldn’t get the product.  They substituted this  one ~ I requested the mild peeling cleanser,  instead of the intense peeling cleanser.  This peeling gel has won a couple of awards in Korea ~  Best of Beauty 2011 Award Winner Allure Korea and Best of Beauty Get It Beauty Onstyle

It is a peeling gel and it has the same wonderful herbal scent that the other products have.  That said, I would have rather received the pore clay mask, as it takes me forever to use a peeling bottle!  This has broccoli extracts, which contains glucoraphanin, a phytonutrient, which has been reported in reversing sun damage on your skin.  Another featured ingredient is from Melia Azedarach (bead tree or what I know as the neem tree) and that is an anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory product.  It has been used for centuries in India as part of an herbal beauty routine ~  it contains emollients, controls acne and provides anti-aging  properties due to its high concentration of antioxidants, keeping your skin healthy and soft.

This is a clear gel when applied initially to my skin and as I massage it into my skin, it does roll up and form those oil-dirt balls ~ It also turns watery so that any of the product that didn’t trap the oil and dirt to form into clumps will just drip right off your skin!   You can see it the upper right photo, near the bottom of my hand.

This also passed the plate test too ~ it is hard to see above, as this is a clear gel that doesn’t turn to any color when rubbed into the plate.  It emulsifies a bit, but there is no clumping.  What to know what the plate test is about?  I have a review on Secret Key Lemon D-Toc Peeling Gel, where I explain all 😀

This does clean my pores out nicely around my nose ~ I don’t really use a peeling gel all over my face, as I only need it in the really concentrated areas where I have clogged pores ~ around my nose.  You do need to apply this to dry skin, like a normal peeling gel and then massage into your skin for about a minute and then rinse with warm water.  My skin does not feel irritated or reddened nor do I experience any flakiness.  This product does not cause any dryness ~ in fact, the exact opposite. I took a reading 5 minutes after I used it

  • Before: 20.6% Oil / 45.8% Water
  • After:    23.1% Oil / 51.4% Water

My skin moisture level increased by 12% after using this product.

This is an exfoliator product as it is described as such ~ it will stick to the dead skin cells, excess oil and dirt and lift it away. Its pH level looks to be a 2.5 to 3, so it is on the acidic side of the spectrum.  I do not see any traditional AHA or BHA in this product, so I am wondering if the citrus oils or some of the other extracts are causing this to be an exfoliator ~ perhaps the neem extract?  Anyone who might know why this is an exfoliating product without the traditional ingredients would be greatly appreciated.

Ingredients: water, glycerin, steartrimonium methosulfate, acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, camellia sinensis leaf extract, brassica oleracea italica (broccoli) extract, melia azadirachta (bead tree)  extract, polyquaternium-51, brassica oleracea gemmifera (brussels sprouts) extract, citrus nobilis (mandarin orange) peel oil, lavendula angustifolia (lavender) oil, citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) peel oil, fragaria vesca (strawberry) leaf extract, borago officinalis extract, helianthus annuus (sunflower) extract, phyllanthus emblica extract, cocamidopropyl betaine, distearyldimonium chloride, isopropyl alcohol analysis



Final Thoughts

I have to say, after using primera products for almost 2 months, I am very happy with their performance.  I totally LOVE and adore their Super Sprout Serum and Alpine Watery Mask, and their Wild Peach Pore Water and Wild Peach Pore Treatment are also favorites.   This brand might be more expensive, but I also noticed how long they last ~ I barely have made a dent in all of the products except the sleep pack and I still have 1/2 a jar of that left.  I am surprised that there isn’t more traction with this brand, as it really is a lovely herbal experience!  Maybe it is more popular in Korea?  They’ve won some awards there, so that could be it ~ I read that Ciracle is more popular in Korea than cosRX and here in the West, it is the other way around. 

I really enjoyed using these products  ~ my face was visibly more smooth, hydrated and I did not experience any breakouts ~ except for that long lasting blemish on my chin from the 23 years product.    Did they brighten my skin tone?   Lighten previous dark spots?  Yes to the former, couldn’t really tell to the latter.  I will say that I didn’t experience any new hyper-pigmentation while using this.  I love the scent of these products and I want to buy more of them!!  I do have to reign in my purchases, however ~  I have so much products already on my upcoming testing schedule, but I will be using these items until they are gone.  I will want to repurchase the serum and mask, but only when I run out and have made a dent in my current serums and sleep masks :/  Such is the life of a beauty blogger!

Have you tried primera products?  Which ones ~ any that I should put on my bucket list?  Let me know in the comments below 😀


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6 thoughts on “Primera Wild Peach, Super Sprout, Alpine Berry Watery Mask and Mild Peeling Cleanser Review

  1. Hooboy. Looks like I need that serum and the peeling gel and the sleeping pack too. But SERIOUSLY. What is it with companies putting emulsions in glass bottles? It’s infuriating trying to get products of that texture to pour!


    1. I’ve used small paint brushes for a few years now and they work really well. I still had one sitting near the sink after I had rinsed it out from a craft project one day and just grabbed in a frustrated moment. But recently someone was telling me about a new thing they saw on TV. Spatty Patty. It’s like a tiny rubber scrapper for your cosmetics. Looks intriguing.

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  2. I wanted to try Primera products for ages after the first time I read a review bout the Alpine Berry Cream. Reading your review here I add the sprout serum and the Alpine Berry Sleeping Mask to that list. 😍

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  3. I haven’t heard of Primera before, but having read your review I think I need a few in my collection. Especially that peeling gel! I don’t have any broccoli based products, that’s reason enough to buy right 😉

    Sophie | MapleTreeBlog

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    1. oh, I love Primera!! I’ve tried out a lot of their products now – they are part of the AmorePacific family (Innisfree, Etude House, IOPE, Sulwhasoo, Mamonde, Hanyul and illi – just to name a few). You will enjoy this brand!


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