InstaReview Innisfree Jeju Color Picker, Real Fit Lipstick & Tapping Concealer

I did an InstaReview blog post a few weeks ago and I thought it was time to do another one!  I received these Innisfree products over the last few weeks and thought I would share my initial impressions and some swatches 🙂

InstaReview Innisfree


I really think that Innisfree’s makeup line is totally underrated and ignored.  I think they make some lovely collections and am always excited to see what they have coming out.   I found a summer and a new fall collection online and decided to purchase a few items.  I am a makeup junkie but I like to pick out my makeup colors.  I am very particular about shades and I do not like overly bright colors (lived thru the 1980’s makeup decade, thank you very much.  I have no wish to revisit)  All swatches will be at the end of the blog post.  First up, some lip products.

Real Fit Lipstick

The Real Fit Lipsticks are from their Autumn Collection this season.  I chose #09 Dried Rose and it is a beautiful deep mauve-rose ~ totally lovely and the texture is like a satin-matte ~ not quite total matte, but not a glossy or full satin lipstick.   The color is highly pigmented and I only need one swipe on my lips for full coverage.   These are creamy and have no scent to them.  hey have ten shades to choose from and it was very difficult to stop at just purchasing ONE lipstick!!

image source
image source




Tapping Lip Concealer

Say what?  What the heck is a tapping lip concealer and why did I need one??  I don’t REALLY want a lip concealer, but I felt compelled to purchase one.  This looks like a normal pot of concealer and it is basically my skin shade, a bit lighter.  However, when I apply my lipstick over it, the color is different ~ it changes to be more richer and deeper.  Hmmm, this might come in handy with those bright colored lipsticks I sometimes get in my sub boxes!!

image source



Jeju Color Picker

The Jeju Color Picker (what a mouthful) line was actually part of their Summer 2015 release, but I think some of the colors work really nicely for fall.   I love the seaside designs on the caps for the Jeju Color Picker line 🙂

image source

 Innisfree Jeju Color Picker line is based on the colors found on Jeju Island Gimnyeong beach, from sandy shores, deep mossy greens, aquatic blues, dark lava greys and more.  Since I purchased several of Innisfree’s blue and green nail polishes earlier this year, I decided to break out of my mold with the colors.  I normally gravitate towards blues and bronzes, but I decided to go with colors that I don’t have too many of.

image source
image source

I went with two gel eye auto-liners in colors #08 and #09.  Can you guess that I really was looking at the blues? haha.   #08 Seaside Rocks  is a dark grey-brown pearl eyeliner.  Very unusual color and it is my favorite of the two.  It is to represent the color of the lava rocks on the shore of Jeju Island.  #09 Emerald Sea from Haenyeo, which are the famous Jeju female divers  is a dark khaki shimmer which reminds me of seaweed and algae from the ocean.   These eyeliners apply smoothly and they twist up, so you do not need to sharpen.  And they are very long lasting and do not budge once set, within a minute.  Very easy to apply and long wearing ~ great combo!

image source




image source

Okay, I couldn’t resist getting ONE blue.  The next two items I purchased from Innisfree’s Jeju line are their Glow Liquid Eye Shadow.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about a liquid shadow, but this is very easy to apply, but you also have to know how to apply it, if you get a darker color.   I strayed with my blue, but stood firm against the browns and went with a green.   #03 Indigo Sea Under the Sun (don’t you love these names??) has been described as emerald green, but it isn’t.  It is a beautiful shimmery blue-green shade, almost teal.  This color would be fantastic for a smokey eye and because it is so dark, what I do is dab some onto my lid and then using my finger, smooth and smudge it out where I want it to be on my eye lid.  I then clean up around the edges ~ you do have to work quickly, as when these shadows dry down, they will be in place until you wash your face. I like to pair this with the #08 eyeliner.   I am impressed on how these liquid creams are so long lasting and smudge proof once they set. 

The second shade I purchased is #04 Emerald Sea from Haenyeo ~name sound familiar?  This is actually lighter than the eyeliner and a shimmery, glistening olive green.  This will look great paired with browns and other neutrals.  I am happy that I purchased this shade instead of going for my standby browns.

image source



image source

Rounding off my Jeju Color Picker Series, I picked two shades from their Eco Nail Color Pro nail polish line ~ As I mentioned earlier, I already own quite a bit of blues and greens from Innisfree, some that look very similar to what is shown in photo above.  I went with two neutral shades, #144 and #145.  #144  Green Sea from Eyes of Haenyeo is a shimmer olive green and #145 Soaked Sand is a wonderful deep beige shimmer.    The swatches below are with 2 coats.  These polishes apply smoothly without streaking and beautifully pigmented.

image source

You can see why I think that the colors I picked from the Jeju Color Picker line are very appropriate for fall ~ they are deep rich neutral shades for the fall, with the exception of the Liquid Eye Shadow #03 Indigo Sea Under the Sun ~ which is a dramatic color, perfect for parties and going out on the town!

Do you use Innisfree makeup? What is your favorite line or color from Innisfree?  I would love to hear from my readers 🙂




Where to Purchase

I purchased my items from w2beauty, jolse and beautynetkorea, but there are other sites that carry these products.  If you have never registered with w2beauty, if you use my referral link and register, you will receive a $5.00 voucher to use on any purchase over $30.00.     My referral link and sponsor code 0811226902

Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick

Innisfree Tapping Lip Concealer

Innisfree Jeju Color Picker

Auto Eye Liner

Glow Liquid Eye Shadow

Eco Pro Color Nail Polish






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