Unboxing September 2015 GreekPack!

I love food, but since I am also trying to lose weight, I don’t really subscribe to many food boxes.  I currently have Love with Food, but I refuse to do other snack boxes as I do not NEED snacks!   Love with Food is at least trying to be healthy ~ haha.   However, when Sarah over at Bits and Boxes blogged about Greek Pack, I was interested.    I grew up outside of Detroit, MI and even though our family is not Greek, Detroit is famous for its Greektown ~ we loved going there for great food and shouting OPA when the  flaming cheese dish, saganaki, was brought to our table.  Also, Detroit used to hold Ethnic Festivals every weekend during the summer and the Greek Festival was very popular and lots of fun!   This box is curated and shipped directly from Greece, so it is pretty authentic.    I saw September’s spoiler back in August and it was about coffee and if there is one thing I love more than tea, it is coffee. Park me at a Starbucks with my laptop and I am happy. Before I get into the unboxing, let me give you some more information about Greek Pack

GreekPack is a food subscription box that delivers traditional Greek food and artisans to your door every month. Each box contains six to eight products that value well over $25. Every pack is unique and different each month. GreekPack is the best present money can buy, as it combines world famous Greek products with the nutritious elements of the Mediterranean nutrition.

They have three subscription plans and they ship out boxes on the 28th of the previous month (my September box shipped out on August 28th)

  • Month-to-Month $19.99 monthly
  • 6 Month  $113.99 every 6 months
  • 12 Month $199.99 yearly


My box came wrapped in blue paper and I love the stamps!  I save stamps, so I will add these to my collection ~ I never had stamps from Greece before.  Everything was securely packaged inside and fragile items were bubble wrapped

Informational Card

Contents Revealed

Wow, I am really blown away by the contents of this box!

Briki  This is the coffee pot (stainless steel?) ~ I am so shocked and happy  to see something like this in a food sub box.  A briki is important in making Greek coffee, as it helps create the proper amount of foam.  This pot looks like it is a 2 demitasse cup size, a pouring spout (so important) and has a nice long handle.  It is best to use this on a gas stove, but since I have an electric stove, I will pick up a hotplate to make my coffee  ~ which is why I don’t have a photo of my Greek Coffee yet!   This Briki looks like the one sold here at Greek International Market, so I will give this a RV of $15.95

Greek Coffee by Bravo To make your Greek Coffee, you need..duh…Greek Coffee!  Bravo has been making coffee products since 1926 and it is specially made for use in your briki, so do not try use this in a regular coffee maker.   This is a light roast coffee, very blond in its color, with a very fine grind ~ reminds me of confectioner’s sugar ~  so it can give you that “foam” or crema that is distinctive for Greek coffee. which is why it is not suited for coffee makers.   I did open up the bag and it smells rich and almost mocha like.  Mini Size 18 g RV 50 cents

Description: A selected special blend which is being slowly roasted with artistry, to the coffee beans heart, allowing the aroma of the authentic coffee to be released. This aroma with its great history keeps offering you unique pleasure moments. This coffee is partially ground so it is ready to be prepared in a briki with no further grinding. It must be prepared in a briki and cannot be prepared in a coffee maker.

Demitasse Cup To complete your Greek Coffee experience, you need a demitasse cup.  I have several already, made from glass and steel, so having this cute white porcelain one is a nice addition.    RV $2.50

How to Make Greek Coffee

You will need:  Briki, Greek Coffee, Water, Sugar and Demitasse cups

Fill your Briki with water by first adding the water to the demitasse cup and pouring that into Briki.  This Briki looks to hold 2 demitasse cups.  Add 1 teaspoon of Greek Coffee per demitasse cup.  If you want your coffee unsweetened, skip the next step.  Add your sugar ~ if you like it medium sweet, add 1 teaspoon of sugar for each teaspoon of coffee you just added.  For sweet coffee, add 2 teaspoons of sugar for each teaspoon of coffee.

Place your briki on a gas stove or hotplate and turn it on medium low heat.  When it starts to get heated up, stir your coffee until it is dissolved.  Stop stirring at this point, otherwise you will not get the foam.   Continue to heat and watch for the foam (crema) to rise and remove the briki from the heat before the coffee begins to boil.   If you are making 2 cups, pour a little into the first cup and then a little into the 2nd cup, and then go back to the first and fill up, repeat with the second.  This way, both cups will get the crema in their coffee.   Do not drink your coffee to the last drop, as there will be coffee grinds at the bottom of the cup.  Enjoy with sweet cookies and biscuits, along with an ice cold glass of water!


Loukoumi  This is a Greek sweet, similar to Turkish Delight, which is a sweet confection of sugar, fruit juices and cornstarch/gelatin and honey and sometimes has chopped nuts.  Did I mention sugar ~ it has to be made of 99% sugar and on top of that, powdered sugar is used to coat the whole thing.  This is going to be very sweet!  This one is made by Παραδοσιακών Λουκουμιών “Βίκυ Παπαζιώγα”  (yeah, I took the time to look it up!) and you can check out their website here  1 piece RV $1.50 (this is a pretty big piece of Loukoumi)

image source
image source


Ouzo Hard Candy by  Confectis   I’ve drunk Ouzo before, love it but it is an acquired taste! I do like Anise and licorice, so this is pretty interesting to me ~ a sweet licorice flavored candy.  They do pack a burst of flavor and freshen your breath too!  This candy is all natural flavors and colors and are quite addicting.  I couldn’t find this brand online for sale, but I did find other Ouzo candies at Amazon.  3 candies RV 40 cents

image source

Vanilla  Chocolate Cookies by Violanta (Βιολάντα) These little mini vanilla cookies have mini cocoa chip sin them and they are very sweet and crispy.  They remind me of Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies, only more crispy!  2 cookies  RV 50 cents

image source


Nescafé Greek Frappé Coffee  Okay, we have instant coffee here, but this is (a) Greek Coffee and (b) it comes in its own shaker cup!  How cool is that?   Amazon doesn’t sell this type of kit, but they do sell the instant Greek Frappé Coffee and you would just have to supply your own sugar and shaker cup.   There is another kit that looks very similar to this, but the packaging is a bit different as well.  All I know is that this is a cool idea and what a great way to enjoy a Frappé!   You just add one inch of cold water and ice cubes, shake away.  Top with cold milk and add more water to fill up the cup.   One serving RV $3.50



What a great month from GreekPack!   I love coffee and I received a complete Greek Coffee making kit to get me started with really great instructions in the informational card.  I also received a cool instant Greek Frappé mix, including the shaker cup ~ All I need is water, ice cubes and some milk 🙂  The sweet treats to enjoy with your Greek Coffee were also very interesting ~ cookies I understand with coffee, but ouzo candy and a sweet (and I mean sweet) chewy confection were items I would not have thought to eat alongside my coffee….but look~ it seems it is a tradition!   There is even a coffee drink made with Ouzo called the “The Bold Greek” and of course, it seems that Nescafé has a hold on the Greek Islands for Frappés!


image source (1) source (2)  source (3)  source (4)


I paid $14.99 + $5.00 shipping for a total of $19.99.  It does cost $5.00 to ship ~ pretty good deal as I am very aware of International shipping costs and I received a value of  about $25.00 with 7 unique items  ~ it is difficult to gauge the cost, as shipping to the states for these products would also bump up the value of an item if purchased individually.   GreekPack did deliver on its promise of 6 to 8 items, plus a value of $25.00 or more, plus I am so pleased with the coffee selections!   Do you subscribe to GreekPack?   What do you think of this subscription?  I am going to stay with it for a while as I do love Greek treats and this comes straight from Greece!   


 [ product descriptions in italics from linked website ]

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