Memebox Nana Makeup ~ Initial Impressions

Back in early August, fanserviced posted a photo on her IG account about how Korea Depart is carrying Memebox branded items.   I had to take a look, as I know that Memebox-Korea has items long before it hits Memebox-USA and wanted to see what was coming up and if I could wait or not


There were several items that were of interest to me, including a makeup line by Nana, who is a K-pop singer and actress and just incredibly beautiful!  I decided to purchase the eyeshadow palette, one of the lipsticks and the eyeliner by Nana.   I also purchased I’m Meme Nooni Snowflake Cleanser with Jeju O2 Water cleanser,  but that was a separate purchase and it hasn’t arrived yet.


I love Memebox packaging on their products.  Very sturdy and well made ~ Nana’s eyeshadow palette and lipstick are very hi-tech looking, with a mirrored cases and all sharp angles.   Their boxes were a coral shade, to match the “coral” theme of her eyeshadow and lipsticks. I like that the eyeliner’s case represents the color inside.

I’m Eyeshadow Nana Cocktail Palette (#PO01)  This is a lovely palette that consists of one matte finish and 3 pearl/shimmer shades in corals.   This has a silicon oil ingredient in the powder, which helps with the fall out ~ I did not experience any fall out with the shades, even the more shimmery ones.  These are highly pigmented and just beautiful   RV $22.60

  • Peach Crush ~ a matte, light peach-nude shade that is good for an all over lid base
  • Sunrise ~  a vibrant orange shimmer shade, really beautiful.  I might use this as a highlighter on my cheeks,  but it would also look great as a highlighter on your eyes ~ maybe foil it (moisten your eye shadow brush and then into the eye shadow)  and put a dot in the center of your lid.
  • Cosmopolitan ~ this is probably the most prettiest color in the palette, but the most unwearable for me.  It is a bright shimmy raspberry shade.  Maybe this would look good foiled as well or blended with a neutral shade
  • Kahlua Milk ~ a shimmery bronze shade that leans a bit on the orange side.  It is really lovely neutral color

I found that Peach Crush and Kahlua Milk were the most wearable colors for me.  Sunrise and Cosmopolitan, while beautiful colors, are too vibrant alone, but if I blend them with a neutral shade, they can work.


These swatches here were taken outside in the shade.  My swatch photos cannot do justice to the vibrant orange and raspberry shades

1) Peach Crush 2) Sunrise 3) Cosmopolitan 4) Kahlua Milk

image source
image source


I’m Eyeliner Nana Blue Crush This is my favorite item of the trio.  I have a major weakness for blue eye liners and this one is a teal shimmery color.  It is waterproof and smudge proof and it also has a little built-in sharpener on one end.   You don’t need to sharpen the eyeliner to get to the pencil as this is a twist up liner, but the sharpener is for making a precision point to the tip of the liner.  Swatch at the bottom of the blog post   RV $10.85

image source 

image source 

I’m Lipstick Nana Sherbet in PK001 Angel’s Kiss  Nana has two lipsticks in her line, a pinkish lipstick called Angel’s Kiss (PK001) and an orange lipstick named Kiss of Fire (OR001)   As we all know how I feel about bright orange lipstick, I went with Angel’s Kiss ~ I wasn’t looking to purchase a lipstick from her line, but the photos made me think that this was a sheer rose shade, which might be fun to try.  This lipstick contains jojoba oil, shea butter, nut oils and vitamin D.  

Oh boy.  This is a BRIGHT salmon pink lipstick.   If I dab it on lightly, it is a light bright salmon pink, but the shade looks clownish on me.  I don’t know what shade Nana is wearing in the photos either, because this is not what I have in my hands.  As I paid almost $17.00 for this lipstick (!), I couldn’t let it go to waste.  I took one of my nude-brown lip liner pencils, of which I have many, and first applied the lip liner all over my lips and then dabs on Angel’s Kiss.  This made the bright salmon pink turn into a nice muted salmon pink-brown and that is totally wearable for me.  I used Catalina Nude lip liner, but any brown pink lip liner will do ~ just don’t use a light beige nude.  RV $16.28

1) Catalina Nude lip liner 2) Angel’s Kiss (dabbed on)  3) Catalina with Angel’s Kiss layered over it

image source 
image source 

If you want to see how Nana worked these shades together, check out her YouTube tutorial.  



1) Angel’s Kiss 2) Blue Crush 3) Peach Crush 4) Sunrise 5) Cosmopolitan 6) Kahlua Milk

I am waiting for my I’m Meme Nooni Snowflake Cleanser with Jeju O2 Water (what a mouthful) to arrive.  This cleanser cannot be found on Memebox-Korea site, so I do not know if they discontinued it or if it is so new, or what the deal is.  Korea Depart has this on sale for $11.48, so how could I pass that up, plus it has JEJU water (it’s magic…hahaha..mention Jeju to me and I buy it).   Officially from Korea Depart, this product contains Jeju Oxygen Water, Tangerine Peel Extract, Shea Butter, Lotus Extract.  This is a cleansing balm that melts on your skin and it also looks like it contains goat milk as well in this balm.  It does not contain parabens, benzophenone, triclosan, tar color and triethanolamine

image source 
image source 

image source 



I purchased all of these items at KoreaDepart, which does ship internationally.  I’ve hyperlinked the products to the name below

What do you think about the Nana collection?  I think that it is cool that Korea Depart and other Korean online stores are carrying Memebox branded items, as sometimes it takes a long time for them to show up at Memebox USA.  Also, for international customers, they can purchase some Memebox branded items too, as Memebox stopped shipping globally earlier this year (damn them)


6 thoughts on “Memebox Nana Makeup ~ Initial Impressions

  1. I watched the tutorial and was like WHOA two-toned lips?! If only I can pull off such bright colors, I would buy that lipstick 😦 I’m a sucker for blue eyeliner too.

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