Memebox Pony Nails Mania Value Set #03 Unboxing!

I am a HUGE fan of blue and aqua nail polishes, and I happen to like the formula of Pony nailpolishes, so when I saw that Memebox was offering value sets, that included some of their new bright summer shades, I was very curious.  I found that Pony Nails Mania Value Set #03 was just what I was looking for!

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Pony Nails Mania Value Set #03

Give your nails the taste of summer paradise with Pony X Memebox’s nail polish set! Aquamarine and lucite green are two trending colors of Spring/Summer 2015 and they sure look amazing on your nails. This set is a perfect assortment of two vibrant colors from the Summer collection, one pastel blue shade from the Pastels collection, and a multi glitter gold shade from the Glitters collection. The possibilities are endless, let your creative juices flow!

Pony is a K-Beauty guru that Memebox has collaborated many times in the past and I hope to see more collections from her & Memebox!

image from us.memebox

Korean YouTube superstar and self-taught makeup artist Pony delivers the hottest K-Beauty trends and exclusive beauty tips. Her YouTube channel Pony’s Beauty Diary gained a huge global following and now she is one of the most recognized faces in the industry. Korean Makeup Association awarded her the “2011 Makeup Artist of the Year Award” for her expertise and passion for sharing. She teamed up with Memebox to design products that are beginner-friendly and can glam you up instantly- Shine, Easy, Glam.

I really purchased this set for Blue Hawaii and Summer Love, but was also interested in Blooming Bouquet for nail designs too.  I already own Meteor Shower, but it is a great glitter top coat, and I may have to share the love with this extra bottle!  I was really interested in this look using Blue Hawaii and Summer Love

image from us.memebox


Pony Nails #15 Summer Love This shade is from the new Summer collection from Pony Nails.  This is a beautiful créme aqua blue shade ~ “inspired by the beautiful Caribbean sea”   It is the darkest shade of the 4 nail polishes  Full Size 10 mL Value $3.00

image from us.memebox


Pony Nails #14 Blue Hawaii  This really is a green shade with a touch of aqua. Call it Lucite Green or Emerald Green, this is a beautiful color that pairs up nicely with Summer Love.  I had a hard time capturing the green in this shade, but it is very green-blue, like the official Memebox photo below.   It is more apparent when you place it side by side with Summer Love.  Full Size 10 mL Value $3.00

image from us.memebox



Pony Nails #08 Blooming Bouquet  I have basically resisted purchasing the pastels ~ I think I only ordered one ~ but I have received them in a couple of Memeboxes, so I am doomed to get pastels!  I am not a fan of pastel colors, but they are fun to use with nail designs ~ as accents.  Because I don’t really use them for full nail coverage, pastel colors last me a LONG time!  This is a pale baby blue that actually works well with Summer Love and Blue Hawaii ~ I am pleasantly surprised, because I wasn’t sure how this would work with the very green/aqua based shades.  Full Size 10 mL Value $3.00

image from us.memebox


Pony Nails #02 Meteor Shower I do own this shade already and it is such a beautiful gold glitter nail polish with both hex and micro gold glitter and micro gold teal and green glitters.  The photos cannot do it justice.  You can use it as a top coat over another shade or apply a couple of coats by itself ~ either way, it is gorgeous!  I may have to gift this or put it in a giveaway, as I already own this and I would love to share it!  Full Size 10 mL Value $3.00

image from us.memebox


Memebox Pony nail polishes go on smoothly, and quite frankly, one coat seems to be sufficient ~ they have great coverage and I find that it doesn’t chip so quickly on my nails.  I do not experience any streaks, bubbles and the colors are really rich.  I do not know the ingredients of these nailpolishes as they aren’t listed, so I cannot tell you if they are 5-free or not. 


  1. #15 Summer Love
  2.  #14 Blue Hawaii
  3. #08 Blooming Bouquet
  4. #02 Meteor Shower
  5. Summer Love as the all over color, with Blue Hawaii and Blooming Bouquet dots

I also received a rare treat from Memebox ~ I do not know why I received samples, but I did!

I am very pleased with my Pony Nails Mania Value Set #03 and I paid $10.00 and received a value of $12.00.  This set, alas, is sold out, but you can purchase the colors individually and there are other Pony Nail Value Sets at Memebox that you can purchase here.

Did you get any of the Pony Nail Polish sets or own them already? What do you think of the coverage and the quality?  I happen to really like them!

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