Unboxing September 2016 Flicker Box

I love fall!  Beautiful changing colors, apple cider, fantastic weather ~ plus I can start wearing sweaters and boots!  Flickerbox also does great themes in the fall season too with yummy scents.  This month’s Flickerbox is all about Beans & Leaves.  What is Flicker Box?

Flicker Box is inspired by a love and appreciation for handmade candles. We believe that people appreciate products produced by quality artisans made in the United States. We want to connect candle lovers with people who love to make candles.

Each Flicker Box contains a variety of artisanal candles made from candle artists from around the United States. We share their story and ship subscribers a delightfully curated box right to their doorstep. Flicker box costs as low as $25/month and can be purchased as an automatically-renewing monthly subscription or 3, 6, or 12 month term subscriptions.  from http://myflickerbox.com/about

Information Card


Aerial View

Starting on the left, going clockwise:  Copper & Clover “Turkish Latte”,  Mosley Lane”Hazelnut Kona”, Lit & Co. Candles “Pumpkin Spice Latte”


Copper & Clover “Turkish Latte”   I do not believe I have received a candle from Copper & Clover before (I searched my old Flickerbox reviews and didn’t see it)  but I will say, I am happy to get candles from this brand in the future!  This is a sweet smelling coffee candle ~ a great vanilla scent with coffee, with just a hint of spice ~ cardamom Copper & Clover candles are hand made in San Diego, California and made in small, hand poured batches, using 100% soy.  This creamy colored candle packs a HUGE scent and it in a small glass jar with a bronze colored screw lid.  4 oz  RV $10.00  Save 10% on your next purchase at Copper & Clover’s shop ~ use promo code Flicker10.

Mosley Lane”Hazelnut Kona”  I have a confession ~ I LOVE getting Mosley Lane-Flickerbox Colloboration candles ~ they are HUGE and have some fantastic scents.   This candle is no exception “Coffee lover’s fantasy of toasted hazelnuts, roasted kona, sweet chocolate, vanilla bean & ground cinnamon”  It is just amazing ~ very nutty coffee scent, sweet with a hint of chocolate.   The coffee smells like fresh roasted coffee ~ seriously!   Mosley Lane is an eco-friendly family owned business from Ohio and this huge candle in a mason glass jar with a gold screw top lid, nothing fancy, but it will work in every room.  Mosley Lane’s hand poured candles are made with 100% USA ingredients: 100% natural dye free soy wax and beeswax blend, lead free, natural fiber cotton wick and concentrated fragrance oil that are phthalate free. Burn time is 50+ hours 11 oz RV $15.99

Lit & Co. Candles “Pumpkin Spice Latte”   It’s been a while since Flickerbox added Lit & Co to our boxes ~ I think the last time was back in October.  Lovely pumpkin scent with sweet coffee. Even the candle seems to have swirls of a lighter white with creamy off-white ~ reminds me of melting whipped cream. “Sweet, spicy pumpkin is blended with rich espresso and a touch of vanilla whipped cream. A really perfect, warm scent for Fall! “  Yep, that is the scent!  Made in Boise, Idaho, this candle is in a frosted glass jar and a nice brushed silver lid that has a rubber lining, so it fits securely over the jar. Made with natural soy bean wax, pure fragrance oils and a cotton paper wick, this candle is really classy looking, with its clean lines. I hope we see Lit & Co for December, as their etsy shop has some AMAZING winter scents ~ pine cones, cider & chestnut, snow, frankincense + myrrh, mistletoe and blue spruce. Burn Time 45 hours  8 oz RV $15.00

Description: Soy is longer-lasting and cleaner-burning than paraffin; this means a longer burning candle with no carbon soot on your walls and ceilings and no toxins being thrown into the air you breathe. Soy is renewable, biodegradable (unlike petroleum-based paraffin), and helps create economic growth for American farmers.  Each candle is completely hand crafted using only the highest quality ingredients. Pure fragrance, cotton braided wicks and 100% pure soybean wax made with botanical oils combine to make an exceptional, long-lasting candle. The candles are poured into glass and tin containers that can be refilled multiple times to encourage recycling.


As a coffee junkie, I have to say that this month is amazing ~ thank you so much, Flickerbox! The sweet coffee scents make me want to grab a soft old sweater and cozy up outside with a cup of coffee ~ except it is still pretty warm here! haha  But you know what I mean.  This box’s value is $40.99 and I paid $34.00 for my box, as I am on a month to month subscription and I am grandfathered in, so my shipping is included in the price tag.   This sub looks expensive, but if you factor in shipping costs for candles, which are heavy, plus that these are artisans, making their eco-friendly candles with their own scents and hand crafted, it is a great deal.

Flickerbox also has a store, where you purchase candles that were featured in their past boxes.

Do you subscribe to Flickerbox?  What did you think of this month’s candles?  Let me know in the comments below!


[ descriptions in italics from the product linked website ]

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