Skinfood Mineral Sugar Blend Eyes Palette in #01 Berry Chiffon Review

disclaimer: product received for review purposes.  all opinions are my own & unbiased

KollectionK is a new K-Beauty online shop, whose motto is “Kollect Korea and Keep Kute Stuff!”  They are based in South Korea and their mission is to offer fun and humorous new ideas and products from Korea to the International market.  They offer cosmetics, skincare, fashion items and cultural products, home decor, accessories and much more.   They have a reviewer program and I applied ~ after I was accepted, I was able to pick out a few items that were of interest to me

I will be reviewing all of these items at my blog and I will also do reviews on the facial sheet masks on my IG account first.  I was very interested in the Skinfood Mineral Sugar Blend Eyes palette as I love neutrals.  There are four palettes: #01 Berry Chiffon, #02 Orange Pound, #03 Pain au Polemo and Goldmango Roll. I originally wanted #03 Pain au Polemo, but they were currently sold out.  I then chose #01 Berry Chiffon, as that was my second choice and I am very glad I did.  This is an interesting palette for a couple of reasons.

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The packaging is very sleek ~ it is a plastic palette with a pearlized brown finish , measuring 4 1/4  x 2 x 3/8 inches.   This is home to 6 shades and for Berry Chiffon, they are all matte ~ this is the first interesting thing about this palette.  I haven’t seen a S.Korean palette that was all matte before ~ usually they have a glitter or shimmer shade.  The other 3 palettes are a mix, but Berry Chiffon is all matte.

  • Berry Paste: a pale brown with rose tones
  • Milk Berry: a pale pinkish-yellow shade
  • Whip Butter:  pale nude
  • Cocoa Powder: a light-medium taupe
  • Brown Sugar: medium-dark warm brown
  • Choco Chip: dark brown-black

This also comes with a nice little brush.  It is a step up from foam applicators and is good for touching up your shadows.

image source

I did find it unusual that Skinfood didn’t go from the lightest to the darkest shade, but grouped them instead by tonal shades ~ the rosier the shade, it was to the left. The more brown a shade, it was to the right. 

I am really impressed by the pigmentation of these shadows.  Korean eye shadows usually are not that pigmented ~ Etude House, I am looking at you ~  but these are really color saturated. It is hard to tell on the lighter colors, but you can see the pigmentation on the darker shades.  There is little to no fall out, they blend nicely and they have major staying power.  In fact, when I got these, I thought… Urban Decay Naked Basics ~ that was the second interesting thing I noticed about this palette.  These remind me of them so much, so I decided to do a little mini comparison!

Mini Comparison

Lucky for all of you, I own both Naked Basics palettes ~ in fact, I hit pan on my original Naked Basics and just repurchased that, so I have that for a comparison.  As you can see, Skinfood’s palette is slightly smaller and slimmer than the Naked Basics palettes, but not by much. Skinfood is slightly less product at 1 g x 6 colors whereas Naked Basics is 1.42 g x 6 colors.  However, Skinfood gives you a brush and Naked Basics does not.  Skinfood Mineral Sugar Blend Eyes retails for around $24.00 and Urban Decay Naked Basics retails for $29.00

So here they are, in all of their glory.  If you are like me, you can really see the similarities with the shades here.  Let’s swatch and compare!

Naked Basics Original ~  Venus: soft, off-white demi-matte, Foxy: very light yellow/white matte,  Walk of Shame: very light nude matte, Naked2: taupe matte,  Faint: warm, dusty brown matte,  Crave: deepest, darkest brown/black matte

Naked Basics 2 ~  Skimp: pale nude satin, Stark: nude-pink matte,  Frisk: warm gray matte,  Cover: muted red-brown matte, Primal: muted brown matte, Undone: deep, smoky brown matte 

Since Naked Basics Original is warm toned and Naked Basics 2 is more cooler, I will have to say that Berry Chiffon is warm toned.  It matches 3 shades with the Original Naked Basics ~ I was blown away at the exact dups of the darker shades in those palettes.

Seriously, you can see it, right?  The only shade from Naked Basics 2 that I thought was a dup was Shrimp and that matched Skinfood’s Whip Butter shade.  The other two Skinfood shades, Berry Paste and Milk Berry, are unique to Skinfood’s palette. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a great matte S.Korean eye shadow palette that has staying power and fantastic pigmentation, you might want to consider this one.  It has 4 similar shades, if not exact, that are found in Naked Basics Original and Naked Basics 2 palettes, plus two rosy-nude shades that are unique to Berry Chiffon.  I am very happy that I have this palette and I hope that Skinfood continues to make it for a few seasons ~ the staying power and popularity of Urban Decay’s Naked series will hopefully have them create more palettes like this.  I love that that this has some pretty rose colored shades and my basics nude/brown shades.  This is a great day to night palette and you can use the darkest shade as an eyeliner ~ just wet the shadow and line your eyes with it.  I have been using this non stop since I received it ~ it is just a great basic palette! 

KollectionK sells this palette for $24.00  (click here) and they have other shades as well in the palettes.   They do ship internationally, give free samples and their shipping rates are really reasonable as well ~ they have 3 different types of shipping services, so you can choose a faster option or a slower one, depending on your needs.  You can read more about their shipping fees here.  I ordered before from them before requesting to review products ~ and I found that the level of customer service to be the same, whether I am a customer or a reviewer.  I was able to find items that I couldn’t easily find elsewhere at the time.   I highly recommend taking a look at KollectionK and seeing what they offer as they really do carry some cute items and seem to be up on the latest releases too.

disclaimer: product received for review purposes. all opinions are my own & unbiased

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