Unboxing August 2016 Flicker Box

This month’s Flickerbox is all about Peace ✌  & Love ❤   

We also got an amazing surprise in this month’s box too!  What is Flicker Box?

Flicker Box is inspired by a love and appreciation for handmade candles. We believe that people appreciate products produced by quality artisans made in the United States. We want to connect candle lovers with people who love to make candles.

Each Flicker Box contains a variety of artisanal candles made from candle artists from around the United States. We share their story and ship subscribers a delightfully curated box right to their doorstep. Flicker box costs as low as $25/month and can be purchased as an automatically-renewing monthly subscription or 3, 6, or 12 month term subscriptions.  from http://myflickerbox.com/about

Information Card

Aerial View

Starting on the left, going clockwise:  Aloha Bay Himalayan Crystal Salt Tea Light Holder, Eco Candle Company “Nag Champa”,  Candelaria Candles “Rose Quartz”, Big White Yeti “Sunshine Of Your Love”


Eco Candle Company “Nag Champa”  This is amazing ~ I can smell the amber resins and sandalwood, with the delicate scent of plumeria in this grayish-green colored candle.  The sandalwood is the predominant scent to my nose.  Eco Candle Co is located in Appleton, WI and this is a 100% soy candle, made from midwest-grown soybeans. I always enjoy getting candles from them as they are simplicity with the delicate recylced  glass container and the natural, kraft brown paper “lid” on this candle.  Eco Candle describes this scent as “a famous blend of plumeria, asian resins and sandalwood to bring out your inner hippie” and it is spot on.  5 oz tumbler RV $12.00

Candelaria Candles “Rose Quartz”  I was a little scared of this one, due to the Rose in the name and how Flickerbox described it with rose “cardamom, rose, sweet bergamot, delicate violet and cedar wood.  So fresh and welcoming with no perfume undertones; sparkling citron and fresh pear mixed in with soft sandalwood.”  Well, I am happy to say that it is a sweet citrus, fruity pear and violet scent to my nose.  No sneezing from me.  This is a very delicately scented candle and is in a gold-tone brushed travel tin. Candelaria Candles is FlickerBox own brand and they have done a great job with their scents.   This is a hand-poured 100% soy derived candle, made with American Grown soy beans in Denver, Colorado.   Soy is an eco-friendly and provides a clean burn ~ this candle also has a lead free cotton wick, primed with vegetable based wax and uses only premium grade blended fragrances and essentials with no dyes or chemicals.  Burn Time 30 hours.   4 oz Travel Tin   RV $12.00

Big White Yeti “Sunshine Of Your Love”  haha  Big White Yeti must be a fan of Cream (an early Eric Clapton band) 

This is a custom made fragrance for Flickerbox and to me, this smells like apples with spice.  I am not sure, as there is no description for it, but it is a really nice scent!!    Update: Big White Yeti gave me the scent description: “It’s a busy scent with a lot of sweet top notes and more grounded heart notes: peaches, raspberries, magnolias, cyclamen, lillies and a base of white musk”   I thought this was a fruity scent 🙂 This is a 100% soy wax hand poured candle with a cotton wick and using only fine fragrance oils.  Soy burns very clean and is long lasting.   Burn Time 25 ~ 30 hours.  6 oz Tin RV $10.00

Aloha Bay Himalayan Crystal Salt Tea Light Holder + Tea Light Candle This is the surprise I was talking about!  It isn’t listed in the card but WOW, I love this!  Himalayan Salt is quite different from normal salt (learn more here)   I own a couple of Himalayan Salt items ~ a diffuser and a room ionizer.

These are made from natural Himalayan pink rock salt, so you will see the items get white salty deposits, as the temperatures cause it to go from hot and humid to dry.  They are beautiful and functional and I had been wanting to get the tea light holders for a while now  ~ and now I have one!   When these are illuminated from the inside, they light up with an unearthly warm glow ~ it is so beautiful.

You can use any tea light in this holder and the bottom does have little footies so that it doesn’t scratch your table.   The tea light is made from 100% vegetable palm oil, from environmentally responsible plantations in Malaysia and South America.  What I think it is really cool is that they textured the tea light to look like salt crystals!


  • Himalayan Crystal Salt: 300 million years ago, a vast primordial ocean covered most of what is now India and Pakistan. The salt from that ocean was preserved as large crystal formations in the foothills of the Himalayas. It contains dozens of trace minerals, hence the pinkish-orange color.
  • Negative Ion Generator: Himalayan Rock Salt emits negative ions to clean the air and refresh the body.
  • Hand Crafted: These holders are carefully hewn out of rough blocks of salt, yielding a soothing round shape with a naturally textured surface. Our skilled  craftsmen are mostly Afghan refugees, now living and working in Pakistan.
  • Fair Trade: Manufactured in a family owned factory in Mirpur (Pakistan) which cares for its craftsmen; offering long term employment,  humane working conditions and good wages and benefits.

I am so happy that Flickerbox included this and I wouldn’t turn my nose up for other cool items like this (heck, just sent one of these every month ~ they make them in different shapes 🙂 )  14 oz Salt Crystal Candle Holder RV$6.50


This month is FANTASTIC!!  I love all of the scents ~ warm woody scents, delicate fruits ~ and the salt crystal candle holder makes me VERY happy!  It is so beautiful ~ I love these types of products and I hope Flickerbox gets a great response on this item, because I also think that the works and social mission from Aloha Bay is important.   If a country is no longer improvised and the people have a way to support themselves and their family, it leads to a more educated population which leads to less influence from apocalyptic zealots.  This box’s value is $40.50 and I paid $34.00 for my box, as I am on a month to month subscription and I am grandfathered in, so my shipping is included in the price tag.   This is a pretty awesome deal this month ~ the inclusion of that candle holder is awesome.

Flickerbox also has a store, where you purchase candles that were featured in their past boxes.

Do you subscribe to Flickerbox?  What did you think of this month’s candles?  Let me know in the comments below!


[ descriptions in italics from the product linked website ]

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