Sunday Beauty Zen 12.6.2015

For the first weekend of December, I’ve decided to not do a typical Beauty Zen today ~ I guess it would be considered beauty, but not with skincare or makeup, but more spiritual.

Take photos of your “Beauty Zen” and post on your social media sites ~ use hashtag #unboxingbeautyzen so we can all see the Zenful products you love!

My Sunday Beauty Zen for 12.6.2015

I love artisan, handcrafted beaded jewelry and I am really into Mala necklaces as well.  I found this great etsy shop, Boho Beach Jewelry (located on Hainan Island in the South China Sea) and I did purchase a great Mala necklace from them, made with Black Agate & Green Jade beads and featuring an Hamsa pendant last August.

I also started to follow them on Instagram as well.   One of their IG photos displayed this and I was immediately curious.

These are bodhi seeds that are hand carved, by monks at a Myanmar Temple and I started a conversation with the artist, Cara, right away to have her make something for me, using these beads.  I helped in the design as far as the charm tassel and the colors of the beads ~ Cara suggested the deep navy blue sandstone for the necklace, which offsets the warm brown tones of the beads and I had requested the bright blue agate beads along with the sandstone for the bracelet, as I thought that made an interesting contrast.   Cara also put in silver spacers thru-out the necklace and bracelet as well.

I love the faces and expressions on these beads

For the charm tassel, I chose some Thai silver lotus flowers, Chinese Longevity charm, Gourd ~ which is thought to bring luck and wealth to the wearer ~ a leaping fish ~ according Boho Beach Jewelry “In Buddhism, fish are an auspicious animal and bring luck to the wearer” ~  and a oblong charm. Cara knotted these charms together and they hang as a tassel

I am really pleased with my beautiful Mala necklace with the one-of-kind hand carved beads ~ just so amazing.  Cara is truly an artisan and if you love this type of jewelry, you should take a look at their etsy shop  ~ they ship internationally and Boho Beach Jewelry will also make custom items too.



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