Unboxing BuddhiBox Jewelry Summer 2015 Box + Promo Code

Okay, I know I subscribe to Yogi Surprise Jewelry box, but I really loved what I saw with BuddhiBox for their Summer quarter.  I didn’t even know that BuddhiBox had a subscription for jewelry!  I quickly signed up for it and Maxine, the founder of BuddhiBox, was really great ~ they were out of Fall boxes, but were able to put one together for me and I received it the other day.

What is BuddhiBox?  BuddhiBox is a Yogi subscription service, where they offer two different types of subs, a lifestyle box and a jewelry box.  Proceeds from boxes sold are donated to a different charity each month.

The Lifestyle Box

Your yoga is not just the postures, your yoga is a mindful living lifestyle.  On the 10th of each month, we ship you a curated box of 4-6 products that enhance your mindful, yoga lifestyle. BuddhiBox practices Saucha or pure living. We only partner with businesses that follow ethical and conscious standards of production. Proceeds from boxes sold  are donated to a different charity each month.

Subscription Plans

  • Month to Month $30.95/monthly
  • 3 Month $28.95/monthly
  • 6 Month $27.95/monthly
  • 12 Month $25.95/monthly

The Jewelry Box

This box will contain 2-3 jewelry pieces from a different designer each quarter intended to help you with your practice of yoga, mindful lifestyle. This is a quarterly box for $49.95 and ships out the 10th of February, May, August, and November.  

Informational Card

This quarter’s featured artist is Jesse & Co, whose designs are inspired by nature and are made with natural stones, crystals and recycled, lead-free pewter.  I have a 20% off coupon for Jesse & Co’s store, BUDDHIBOX20



Look at all of that GREEN!!! 

Amazonite Bracelet with Lotus Charm  This is a really chunky stone bracelet and the Amazonite stones in this bracelet are a bright spring green.   The charm is so pretty as well, with the Lotus flower etched and with petal cutout in pewter. This fits nicely on my wrist~ I was worried as sometimes boxes make bracelets for much smaller wrist sizes than myself, so I am really happy that this chunky bracelet fits nicely!  RV $35.00

Amazonite Chakras: Heart and Throat. This crystal helps calm the brain and nervous system and it rids negative energy, while improving your confidence and communication.  It helps with creativity, analysis and problem solving.  Learn more at Crystal Well Being

Lotus In Buddhism, the lotus flower represents purity, spiritual awaking and faithfulness.    The flower symbolizes purity, because it is clean, despite living in murky pond waters.

Fancy Jasper Bracelet with Tree of Life Charm This is supposed to be fancy jasper, but this looks to be rainforest jasper.   I might have gotten a different type of jasper because I subscribed so late for the Summer box.  I had initially wanted the more vibrant blues and purples of the fancy jasper, but I do love the olive green, moss and tan colors of this bracelet as well, and this actually goes nicely with the Jasper & Amethyst necklace I received in my first Yogi Surprise Jewelry box.

All in all, it turned out well for me!  This design is not on Jess & Co’s website, but I did find a similar one there.  I like this one because the Tree of Life is in a square charm which makes it different.   This is also equally beautiful as the Lotus bracelet.  RV $35.00

Rainforest Jasper  has a soft energy and will attract pleasant and cheerful people into your life.  The energy of this stone will benefit Earth activists and will give you a deep connection with nature and all life.  It carries a strong vibration for change.  Learn more at Healing Crystals for You

Tree of Life You are a child of the Universe… You have the right to exist.. You have the responsibility to grow to be yourself… The meaning of the Tree of Life as a spiritual symbol is well known and, like the tree itself, many branched and deeply rooted. Here, the Tree of Life meaning tells us that although we are rooted in the Earth plane, we are reaching for the Spiritual Realms. Here we are each alone… there we are one.”  From (and learn more at) Old Earth


Lotus Pendant  I was supposed to get a Buddha pendant and Maxine is sending me out one!  Yeah!  These pendants are really lovely and dainty, and I will be gifting them to my nieces.  They love the more delicate jewelry and I think that the design is simple, yet elegant.  RV $25.00

Update:  I received the Buddhi Pendant and this is so nice ~ very detailed.   Buddhi represents wisdom and understanding, so this necklace will go to my niece that just started college!  RV $30.00



Just a lovely subscription box!  I have always loved beads, stones and the organic hand crafted look to jewelry ~ I would have been a perfect Hippie Chick ~ and I love the message and meanings behind the stones and symbols.

So, now you are thinking TWO Yogi Jewelry boxes? Well, yeah.  I have multiple skincare/beauty boxes, why not beautiful, handcrafted jewelry?  BuddhiBox is more expensive, but it only ships out 4 times a year plus they feature different artisans each quarter, so I don’t see any conflict.   I did pay $45.00 for my box, as I used a 10% promo ~ see below ~ and I received a value of almost $95.00 ~ and that doesn’t include the Buddha pendant that is being shipped out to me!  I will post a photo of it here once I receive it and update the RV.   Update:  Now with the Buddha Pendant, the RV is almost $125.00 ~ great deal 😀

I am very pleased with both of my yogi themed jewelry subscriptions and I cannot wait to see November’s (Fall) Quarter!

If you use promo code “awaken“,  you will save 10% off with your first box

Fall Box ~ November  10th Ship Date

Look what is in the Winter Box!!  It sounds amazing

image from buddhiboxes.com

November’s Jewelry BuddhiBox shipment will feature 4 pieces of aromatherapy jewelry and an essential oil created especially for the jewelry line. Included are exclusive  handmade pieces from US Designers Inner Peaces and Three and Three Planted Seeds. A specially blended, limited release EO from Stinky Yogi will be included with the shipment.  Tranquility is inspired by deep calm waters and intended to invoke the inner peace and serenity that you feel while lying in savasana after a soulful yoga practice. All are made in the USA.  from buddhiboxes.com

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