Memebox TonyMoly Earth Beauty Value Set Unboxing!

Last month, Memebox came out with an August Masks Box (here’s hoping that they will do monthly mask boxes!) and they had a Tonymoly Earth Beauty Kelp mask in there ~ yep, the sheet mask is made from kelp!  I was so intrigued by this concept and since Tonymoly took the time to call the mask “Earth Beauty”, I was wondering if there were more in the series.  I did a quick check over at and found out that yes, they had 4 masks in the Earth Beauty series.   I really was lusting over these masks and even wrote in my August Masks unboxing that Memebox should carry those in their shop.  Sure enough, Memebox released a value set with all four masks!   And yours truly had to nab a couple of sets 🙂

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TonyMoly Earth Beauty Mask Bundle Set


I think part of the appeal of these masks is the packaging.  I love the simplicity of them, with the “highlighted” ingredient plus a few zenful placed items around it.  Very lovely and whoever composed these photos did a very excellent job!  These were also very easy to photograph as the packaging is matte, so no annoying bounce back of flash.


Tonymoly Earth Beauty Kelp Mask  (Boosting)   This was the mask I received in August and I did try it out for the unboxing.  I will just repeat my impressions of this mask here.  This mask is actually made from sea kelp, not cotton or silk.  The mask is made of kelp, which contains “90.37% eco substances (ingredients) rich in marine nutrients”.  This is a boosting mask that also detoxes, as kelp contains alginic acid, which will help absorb toxins, such as heavy metals, from your skin.    This mask is a moisturizing mask as well and contains some really nice ingredients:  Aloe Vera ~both regular and fermented filtrate, Natto Gum ~ fermented soybeans, Dong Quai ~ this is a very popular and traditional Asian herb, also known as female Ginseng and Chinese Angelica and has been used in China for over 2,000 years, alpha-Bisabolol ~ which is an anti-inflammatory, Wild Yam, fermented Chlorella,  Royal Jelly  and I could go  on and on ~ this mask has a lot of plant extracts in it!  Full Size 25g Value $6.00

Initial Impressions

Well, I have to say I never have seen a mask quite like this before! It is a piece of kelp, for sure 😀  It is thicker than most masks and does have the same slimy feel as a hydrogel. Unlike a hydrogel mask, this one didn’t slide too badly down my face, as it does not really act like a “second” skin to my face.  It does have a bit of a hard time contouring to my facial shape ~ you can see that especially with my nose and chin in the photo below (yes, I did a rare selfie!!)  That said, it is a very refreshing and cooling mask and the scent is a seaweed scent ~ I personally didn’t have issues with it, as I do love the smell of kelp, but if you aren’t used to it, it might be off putting.  I find the scent not to be overpowering, however, so it doesn’t bother me too much.

As you can see, the essence is a yellowish color, which I do think is because the green color of the kelp “stained” it.  There is enough essence on this mask and what little remained on the plastic protector sheets, I just put on my neck and arms.   After I removed the mask, I did have yellow essence spots all over my face, but I just patted it in.  I do recommend that this mask be used at nighttime, before you go to bed, to get the full benefits of the ingredients.   I found that my face was smooth, hydrated and very moisturized, even after I woke up in the morning!  I purposely didn’t put a sleep pack on, just to see what the effects would be like.

Description: This sheet mask is made of real sea kelp and soaked in a moisturizing, elasticity boosting essence to reveal beautiful skin. The sea kelp acts as a magnet that attracts harmful bacteria and pollutants to detox the skin, while the essence is rich in minerals and active ingredients that will boost the skin’s collagen production so skin can remain youthful.

How To Use: After cleansing and toning carefully apply the sheet mask. Leave on for 15~20  minutes and remove. Pat remaining essence for better absorption.

Ingredients: Laminaria Japonica (kelp), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Laminaria Japonica (kelp) Extract, Lactobacillus/Aloe Barbadensis Ferment Filtrate, Serenoa Serrulata (saw palmetto) Fruit Extract, Angelica Polymorpha Sinensis (Dong Quai) Root Extract, alpha-bisabolol, Trigonella Foenum-Graecum (fenugreek) Seed Extract, Natto Gum, Leonurus Sibiricus (Siberian motherwort) Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Dioscorea Opposita (Wild Yam) Root Extract, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, Centella Asiatica Extract, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Anemarrhena Asphodeloides Root Extract, Bambusa Vulgaris (bamboo) Leaf/Stem Extract, Chlorella Ferment, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract, Corylus Avellana (Hazel) Seed Oil, Angelica Keiskei (Ashitaba) Leaf/Stem Extract, Citrus Junos (Yuzu) Fruit Extract, Royal Jelly, Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract, Xanthan Gum, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Plantago Asiatica Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Adenosine, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Aniba Rosaeodora (Rosewood) Wood Oil, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus (lemongrass)  Oil analysis



Earth Beauty Bubble Mask Sheet (Bubble Peeling)   This mask is a half mask only ~ it fits on the lower half of your face and covers your nose.   This one was very interesting to me, as MaskGenie had given us a bubble mask similar to this in her very first bag ~ MediHeal Mogongtox Soda Bubble Sheet.   This has a black sheet mask, made from wood charcoal (Bijangtan), which helps with oily skin and will soak up dirt and debris on your skin, while the herbal and fruit filled essence  (anise, lavender, green tea, papaya and portulaca oleracea) cleanse and exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin cells, with its foaming action.  Full Size 18 mL Value $3.51

Initial Impressions

I opened up the bag and noticed that the pouch is actually double sealed ~ the normal outer foil package layer and then there is a plastic inner layer to protect the mask from air ~ it almost looks vacuum sealed.    The charcoal mask was dripping with essence and it did start to bubble up once it was exposed to air ~ that activates the bubbling action.  I put this on my face and it was hard to properly fit it, as the essence was so slippery (like soap) and the mask had to be adjusted a few times.  Within minutes, my lower half of my face was thickly covered in white foam (oxygen bubbles) ~ I even got foam up my nose!

I followed the instructions on the back of the mask package, not Memebox instructions (their instructions AND ingredient lists for these masks are incorrect on their site).  After 10 minutes, I massaged the foam around on my face, like a cleanser and then removed the black mask.  I used the black mask to continue to massage the essence in until there was no more foam and then rinsed off my face with warm water.

I found that this mask not as good as the MediHeal mask, as this one was TOO drying and I have oily skin.    I should have done a pH test on the foam.  My face felt dry and tight and to add even further injury to my skin, I  woke up to a couple of whiteheads where this mask sat on my face.  The scent of the mask was really nothing much ~ it just smelled like soap to me.   Honestly, these are fun masks to try, but give me a real bubble cleanser any day.   I give this mask a thumbs down for me  and if you want to try a bubbling mask, the MediHeal one is much better.



Description: Get rid of dead skin and damaged cells that cause you rough skin! Tony Moly’s Earth Beauty Bubble Mask Sheet contains a rich blend of herbal ingredients fortified with oxygen bubbles that help eliminate dead skin completely. The fine bubbles produced by this mask washes away dirt and damaged cells in order to reveal a much healthier, softer and smoother skin layer. It also leaves a moisture film to protect your skin from damage.

Ingredients:   Purified water, glycerin, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium cocoyl apple acid, disiloxane, dipropylene glycol, methyl perfluorobutyl ether, methyl perfluoroisobutyl ether, sodium lauroyl  glutamate, phenoxyethanol, hydroxyethylcellulose, chlorphenesin,propanediol, fragrance, disodium EDTA, illicium verum (anise) fruit extract, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) extract,camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf extract, carica papaya (papaya) fruit extract, portulaca oleacea extract analysis


Earth Beauty Mud Mask Sheet  (Mud Peeling) This was the third one I tried and I have to tell you, you have to COMMIT some time for this mask, as you are supposed to leave it on your face for 40 minutes!  This is a wash off mask and is a “new concept” in facial sheet masks, using prepared mud/clay for the essence and a silk facial sheet mask.  This mud is frrom Boryeong and will absorb oil and other impurities and will also deep clean and detox your pores.  Boryeong is a town outside of Seoul and they are famous for their mud, which is considered to be rich in minerals, bentonites, and germaniums, and is already used in skincare. In fact, Boryeong hosts a yearly Mud Festival, where the mud is taken from the mud flats and brought to the Daecheon beach for “Mud Experience Land”.  Google Boryeong Mud Festival ~ the photos are pretty wild!    This also contains volcanic ash, bentonite and kaolin to really absorb oil and purify the skin, while witch hazel, aloe vera and glycerin will moisturize, hydrate and soothe your skin. Full Size 15 g Value $3.51

Initial Impressions

After washing my face, I removed the mask from the bag ~ this is another 2 piece mask.  Each side has a plastic sheet over the clay mask ~ remove the transparent side first.  Apply the mask to your face, with the white plastic sheet facing outwards.  This is very important as the clay is on the side where the transparent sheet was and the clay needs to touch your skin.   I applied the top part first, pressing down firmly and molding to my face, removed the white plastic sheet and pressed down more, making sure to mold the mask over my nose and eye area.  I repeated the same process with the lower mask.   This mask fits my big peasant face nicely, not too small, and I love how cooling this mask is when it is on my face.  There isn’t much of a scent either.

I left the mask on for 40 minutes as it had dried and then I carefully removed it, starting from the outer part of face (near my ears) and lifting off inwards.  I then washed my face again, removing any traces of clay.  I didn’t care for the bubble mask as I felt I already have cleansers, so I was thinking I wouldn’t like this one that much, as I do have clay packs.  However, I LOVE this mask.  It is so easy to apply and there isn’t the mess that you get with a traditional clay pack.  The clay stays on the area where the mask is.  Fantastic!   When I initially removed the mask, I had a light coating of clay powder on my face, but it was easy to remove (heck, you could use a facial wipe!) and my face felt cool to the touch and very smooth.  My face was not dried out or sticky, my pores were clean and I felt really refreshed with this mask.   The mask reminds me of bandages that you would dip into an adhesive and then create papier-mâché.  It is thicker than most sheet masks, due to the clay “essence”, but you can mold it to your face easily.  Just remember to wash your hands afterwards before taking a selfie or doing other stuff, as there will be some clay powder residue from handling the mask.  

Description: Problems with huge pores, oily skin and dead skin cells? This mask derived from high quality mud extract is the ultimate solution for your troubled skin! It washes away impurities by mildly peeling dead skin off and free your skin from roughness. With its mud clay content, it also controls the skin’s production of sebum to prevent oiliness and pimples from occurring. It deeply cleanses the skin to give your skin a much beautiful texture and a fairer complexion.

Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Bentonite , Kaolin , Glycerin, Butylene Glycol , Clay (1,000 ppm),  niacinamide,  Betula Alba (birch sap) Juice,  Chamomila Recutita (matricaria) Flower Extract , Hamamelis Virginiana (witch hazel) Extract, Portulaca Oleracea extract, Aloe Barbadenssis (aloe vera) leaf extract,  xanthan gum , Volcanic Ash, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Allantoin,  disodium EDTA, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, red iron oxide (CI 77491), yellow iron oxide (CI 77492), black iron oxide (CI 77499), methylparaben, fragrance analysis

Earth Beauty Rice Mask Sheet (Nutrition Boosting) This is a DIY mask!  I received a similar item in my MaskGenie Oriential Beauty Pouch from Toosowoong and it was a lot of fun to use.  The mask sheet is made from rice and comes in a stiff plastic tray.  The essence contains lots of lovely grains ~ rye, barley, buckwheat, wild rice, mung beans, rice germ along with herbal ingredients ~ witch hazel, sage, peppermint, lemon balm and St John’s wort.  This also contains niacinamide, which helps even out your skin tone and brighten.    One of the cools things about this mask is that you can add your own serum to the essence and tailor it to your needs.  Full Size 35 g Value $3.51

Initial Impressions

After opening the package up, there are a couple of pieces to this mask ~ the essence pack and the plastic tray which contains the dry rice sheet mask.   First, open up the plastic tray ~ don’t do what I did initially and think that you could just pour the essence into the tray and it would soak in.  haha   This is a two part face mask and I move one of the pieces to the other tray well, so each half is in its own well.  I do that because the instructions state that the masks might stick together and I know from past experience that these masks are pretty fragile when they are wet. 

I pour the essence into each tray and make sure the essence, a milky white with a rice-y scent, is evenly distributed.  I wait a couple of minutes and then quickly apply the mask to my face.  You really should try to get the placement of the mask on your face within one or two tries.  Don’t smooth the mask too much or it will tear ~ that is what happened to me.  The rice paper is now  gelatinous and very delicate.

After 15 minutes, the mask sheet is now smooth to touch, not as fragile and not sticky.  I removed the mask, whose texture reminds me of jellyfish, and then pat the essence into my face.  I think because of the gelatinous mask, the essence picked up that property, because my face does feel “slick”.  It took about 15 ~ 20 minutes for the essence to absorb completely into my skin, so I do recommend using this mask in the evening, before bed.  Otherwise, you will have to hang around, waiting for it to absorb.  This is very moisturizing and hydrating and rich.  It is also fun to make as well 🙂


Description: Give your skin superior nourishment derived from the goodness of premium rice extract. Rich in antioxidants and known for its exceptional brightening properties, this mask sheet has organic rice as its main ingredient. This promotes brighter, smoother skin and fully nourishes it from within to put your skin at its best state. It also supplies a healthy amount of moisture to keep your skin looking glowy and healthy all day.

How to use:  Open the cap of the tray and pour in essence.  Wait for about 3 minutes until the essence is absorbed into the rice gel.  Do not wait too long since the upper and lower masks may stick together.  When the rice gel fully softens, place on face while aligning the gel with the face (upper and lower parts).  Remove the rice gel after 10 ~ 15 minutes

Ingredients:  Purified water , glycerin , cetyl ethylhexanoate,  niacinamide, sodium chloride, Sodium hyaluronate,  Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride , polysorbate 20 , polyacrylate crosspolymer-6, oryza sativa (rice) extract(1000ppm), secale cereale (rye) extract, hordeum distichone (barley) extract,  phaseolus radiatus (mung bean) seed extract, polygonum fagopyrun (buckwheat) seed extract,  zizania aquatica (wild rice) extract, oryza sativa(rice) germ extract, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) water, salvia officinalis (sage) leaf extract, melissa officinalis (lemon balm) leaf extract,  arctium majus (burdock) root extract, mentha piperita (peppermint) leaf extract, juniperus commuis fruit extract, viscum album (mistletoe) extract, saponaria officinalis root extract, hypericum perforatum (St John’s wort) extract, adenosine, sodium citrate, disodium EDTA, 1,2-hexanediol , chlorphenesin, phenoxyethanol, fragrance analysis


Selfies!!  A montage… And selfies just seem to either make me look smug and haughty or just goofy!  I rarely do mask selfies as I figure once you’ve seen a person in sheet mask, you’ve seen ’em all.  I  honestly don’t care to take photos for sheet mask selfies unless the mask is weird or unusual.   I like looking at other people’s sheet mask selfies, but I don’t have the will or effort to take them for myself. And seriously, why do I look cross eyed all the time in selfies?


  • Upper Left: Kelp ~ Well, well, looking a bit snooty, if I might say so.  I have a kelp mask and YOU don’t!  ahaha
  • Upper Right: Bubble ~ It’s Ms Bubble!!  Is that foam up my nose?  I am also wearing Shara Shara eye patch, so the black mask around my eyes is not part of the bubble mask.  The bubble mask is the area that is all white and foamy 😀  
  • Lower Left:  Mud ~  No, I am not getting mummified!  I purposely cropped out my mouth area because I really do have the “bitch” face going on in this photo!  There is no way around it, I cannot smile when I have a mask on!
  • Lower Right: Rice ~ I really messed up with the lower part of the mask (ripping it), so you get a overhead forehead selfie!  And I went all minimalist here ~ I decided to go B&W with the photo 😉


I have to say, this was a really fun mask set to try out!  For $15.00, I received 4 masks that were pretty unique and targeted different needs.   From the DIY rice mask to a foaming bubble mask, a hardened clay mask sheet and or a mask made from kelp, these were all cool to try out ~ very fun!  I would say my favorites are the clay and rice, I like the kelp, but it is too moisturizing for me right now ~ it would be better to use in the winter.  The only one I disliked was the bubble mask, as it really did dry my face out and I felt like it was putting cleanser on my face.  I guess it is a fun novelty to try it once in a while, but I didn’t care for the way it felt on my face after I rinsed it off.   The clay, however ~ total LOVE.

I paid $15.00 for this Tonymoly Earth Beauty Value Set and that is basically the going price for these masks.  These are pretty new, so if you are going to go and purchase these from, because you do not live in the USA, you will pay for shipping.   For USA readers, what I did was just purchase 2 of these packs and got free shipping.    If you are looking for really fun masks to try, I highly recommend picking this mask set up.  Seriously, what is not to love??   This set is still in stock at Memebox and I have a promo of KAY20, which is good for 20% off your Memebox purchase.  If that doesn’t work, try MEME10, for 10% off.    Did you pick up the Tonymoly Earth Beauty Mask Set?  Which mask is your favorite?  If you haven’t, are you interested in them? 

There are quite a few boxes available at Memebox.  I have unboxed a few of them and also individual products that I feel are worth looking into ~if you are interested in reading about the contents, please check out my blog posts

This box is brand new and Ciracle is a really great brand for those who are looking for blemish care

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11 thoughts on “Memebox TonyMoly Earth Beauty Value Set Unboxing!

  1. Oh my God, your bubble mask face!

    The mud and the rice ones sound really interesting–I’m going to have to pick those up. I had a bunch of the kelp ones, but sadly it seems that as much as I love seaweed, actual kelp masks are not for me. (I felt the same way about the identical Whamisa kelp mask). Ended up destashing those to a couple of buddies.

    Thanks for such honest and descriptive reviews!


    1. haha ~ I wanted to take a photo where I didn’t look so grim and wanting to rip someones head off! So I went goofy with Mr Bubble…. The mud is excellent. I love the cooling feeling. It is too bad that the kelp didn’t work for you ~ it isn’t my favorite of the 4, but it is still sooo much better than the bubble one…

      thank you for reading my blog! It means a lot to me 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey, your blog is awesome and I’m not reading it to do anyone any favors 😀 I’ve never been a beauty box person, but the more unboxings I see on yours, the more I creep slowly closer to ordering a few boxes for myself!


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