Unboxing July 2015 PetGiftBox!

About a month ago, I saw a coupon for a 3 month subscription to PetGiftBox at Groupon, for $25.00!  I decided to get it, as normally, this subscription is a lot more than that and besides, my kitties need their own box too!    I hadn’t seen a lot of reviews on the Cat Gift Box version, but lots of them for the Dog Gift Box version, so I was really curious what they might include.  What is PetGiftBox?

PetGiftBox is a monthly subscription for your dogs and cats!  The boxes are full of toys, accessories and snacks for your furbabies.   You can select a dog subscription based on the weight of your pup, so that PetGiftBox can properly pick out the appropriate sized toy, throw, kibble.   You can select the gender or state it is a multiple pet household.    They have several plans and one thing I love about them is that the longer term plans are not taking all of the money upfront.  You are committed to that plan duration, but they will remove the money monthly ~ less strain on your bank account!

  • $27.99 monthly/1 month plan
  • $22.99 monthly/3 month plan
  • $19.99 monthly/6 month plan
  • $17.99 monthly/12 month plan

So, without further ado, here is my kitties 1st month on PetGiftBox!  This month has a patriotic theme, as it is July.

I love how they addressed it to my cats (my name was below it, as not to confuse my postman!)   And look at the wrapping paper with the paws!  How cute is that?

Informational Card

My cats were sleeping when I opened this box ~ next time, I will try to open my box in front of them and get some photos of them with their treats!

Scratch and Roll Toy ~ this is is a toy that my cats have played with before (similar version).  It is made of cardboard, is infused with catnip fragrance and has little balls and feathers on the end.  They like to kick the crap out of this one ~ picture a cat on their side, with this toy cradled between their front and back legs and then kicking it till it is shredded!  Yes, pent up aggression with my furry felines.  Retail Value $799

Loofa Catnip Toy ~ The demented red-orange woodchuck toy is a MAJOR hit with my girl kitty right now!  I tossed this at her this morning and she went nutz.   It crinkles, smells like catnip and again, it is a good size for them to mangle ~ haha   Retail Value $5.99


Fluttery Butterfly Wand ~ I have several of these already and they do get used!  I have some hanging down on their kitty condo, where they can bat and play with it.  They love it when I just roam around the home, with this trailing after me ~ they will follow and chase the feathers!  I will save this one until the current wands are worn out.   Retail Value $3.99


It’s Purely Natural 100% Pure Dried Beef Lung Treats ~  I wasn’t sure how they would react to beef lung, but both of them loved this treat!  I really love that it is free from soy, grains, gluten, wheat and glycerin.   Just 100% meat and they are made in the USA.  They also have a buffalo treat flavor, shrimp, and chicken, so I will be purchasing more of these, as my kitties do enjoy their treats! Retail Value $3.99

Patriotic Cat Magnet ~ Well, I guess mom needs a toy too.  haha  My cats are not going to like what I will use THIS for.  All of the vet reminders are going to tacked on the frig with this magnet!   Retail Value $5.99


Meow Meow Pet Army Throw ~  This is a plush pink and army green camo throw for my kitties to sleep on.  I’ve already tossed this on the coach and Tora has claimed it, being the girly she is.  This is 20 x 30 inches ~ the perfect size for a cat and is machine washable/tumble dry.  This product is licensed by the US Army and they receive a portion of the proceeds from this sale.   Nice idea and the throw is really cute (and popular)  Retail Value $14.99

What do my cats think of PetGiftBox?  Well, they already love one of the toys, the snack and the throw, so right there, that is a winner!  My cats are older, but they do love to play and be pampered ~ I already purchase cat toys and treats for them, so I like that I can have a monthly box with new cat stuff in it for them.   I sometimes just purchase the same ol’ stuff and I am sure they would love something new and exciting!   I think this is a great deal ~ I paid  $8.33 for my box, due to the groupon deal and my cats received a value of $42.94!

Do you want to subscribe to PetGiftBox?  I would love it if you used my referral link and you will get $5.00 off your first box!


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