Memebox Jungsun Eye & Brow #01 Charcoal Sweater Review

The other week, I noticed on the Memebox site that the Jungsun Basics Eye & Brow palettes had gone on sale, from $16.00 to $9.50.   As I really liked the Jungsun Stiletto eyeliner that I received in one of my Easter Eggs, I thought I would purchase one of these palettes.  There are two palettes on sale

I chose the Charcoal Sweater, as I love greys and I have a lot of brown palettes already (but that doesn’t mean I might not go back and purchase Trench Coat! haha)

About Jungsun

Young, fearless, and beautiful. Korea’s top model Jungsun dominated the most prestigious runways at the age of 17. Her hooded eyes captivated fashion enthusiasts from all over the world. Jungsun x Memebox Basics Collection is inspired by her wardrobe essentials – denims, oversized turtleneck sweaters, and black stilettos. She invites you to wear it, rock it and strut down your favorite streets like a billion bucks.

“I’m a simple girl. I love my basics that will never go out of style. Same goes to beauty, I gravitate towards the same basic staples -ink eyeliner for the perfect cat eyes and different shades of red lipsticks- you can never go wrong.” -Jungsun

Without further ado, here is myJungsun Back to Basics Charcoal Sweater palette

The packaging is very simple ~ black matte palette with black glossy lettering with Jungsun’s signature on white. This palette is slim and not huge ~ it is about 2 1/4 inches x 1 1/4 inches x 1/4 inch



The 3 shadows are nicely placed in order ~ from light to dark, and this has a small brush that is of better quality that I have seen in a Memebox palette.  One end is a firm foam applicator and the other end has a traditional brush applicator.  I might even keep this brush!   The mirror spans the length and width of the palette, which is a nice touch.  Memebox has done well with the mirror in the palette ~ there are a lot of palettes out there that do not include mirrors.

The three shades are, from left to right

  • Light Charcoal ~ A matte ivory shade ~ lots of cream in it.  This reminds me of MAC Brule, which is my go-to all over eyelid base. 
  • Medium Charcoal ~ Memebox is describing this as a “rosy brown with a subtle shimmer”.  I do think this is a rosy shade with light brown tones to it and it packs a lot of shimmer.   It is not a glitter, so maybe that is why it was classified as “subtle” 😉  This is a nice toned down rose-gold shade ~ think of rose light-bronze.  
  • Dark Charcoal ~ A matte cool ash grey ~ a great contour shade.  You can see that it leans towards the bluer range of grey.

All three of these shades have no fall out and are pigmented.  The Light Charcoal, for swatching purposes, was applied 4 times to show up, but the other colors were applied twice.   I did not use a primer and I wore this today and it is still going strong without fading, after 9 hours.

Top to bottom: Light Charcoal, Medium Charcoal, Dark Charcoal

I took this photo out of focus, so you could see the shimmer in the middle shade.

This is what Memebox had as swatches on their site

Final Thoughts

I think this a great palette, I truly do.  I love that this has 2 matte shades, plus a shimmer and that the colors can create a nice daytime look or a smokey eye look.   You can even wet the darker shade and use it as an eyeliner too.  I think that this is a nice basic palette (hence its name!!) and I can see myself reaching for it, time and again.  One thing I really love about this palette is that it does have an allover base eyelid shade in a neutral matte color  ~ the last time Memebox had one of those in their palettes was the first Pony palette, I believe.   This palette is well worth the $9.50 I spent on it and I will have to take another look at Trench Coat now, which has 2 shimmer shades and one matte shade.

Memebox seems to be ignoring the Jungsun and Kysungsun lines ~ I have found that both of these lines were not hyped up (cough, cough *nylon palette*) but they are really quality products and I don’t understand why they were not promoted more.

Are you interested in the Jungsun palettes now?  Do you already own them and if so, what do you think of them?

Promos for May

  • Free shipping off your order of $30 or more
  • Take $4 off the Nylon x Memebox #ItGirlPalette using ‘NYLON4
  • Get 20% off your order over $100 including the Nylon x Memebox #ItGirlPalette using ‘NYLON20



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2 thoughts on “Memebox Jungsun Eye & Brow #01 Charcoal Sweater Review

  1. Looks like a good basic palette, nice and small to throw in an overnight or weekend bag. The Nylon palette on the other hand, ugh what a joke, such bad color payoff.

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