Problems Viewing Photos with Chrome Browser/Windows

Ahhh, I love it when releases come out and they are buggy.  Many, many thanks to Newly Minted, who alerted me to this issue.  If you are using Windows and Chrome browser, the images in my blog may show up as “not found” or “moved”. 

Unboxing Beauty   A potpourri of beauty finds in boxesUnboxing Beauty   A potpourri of beauty finds in boxes2

But if you click on that graphic, you can see that it transfers it properly to my Photobucket account, which is where I am hosting my photos.  The above photos should be displaying as I am using some of my precious and almost gone space here locally on WordPress’s Media folder.

Turns out this is a Chrome/Photobucket/Windows issue and the Chrome Google Groups have been reporting it since yesterday

Read more here!topicsearchin/chrome/photobucket%7Csort:relevance/chrome/Stw0Jcqu6cI

I followed the advice of one of the comments there and reduced the zoom on my Chrome browser to 75% and the images appeared.   Depending on the size of your monitor, you may have to play with that percentage a bit ~ could be higher or lower than 75% and you will have to reload the page to see if the images appear.  I know that is a pain in the behind, but that is what the issue is about and not anything that Photobucket, WordPress or I have done.  I suggest either downloading Firefox or Internet Explorer, as those two browsers on Windows are rendering the photos just fine.  I also checked this out my Samsung phone with the WordPress app, and the photos are loading there as well

I hope this helps!  And I hope Chrome fixes this soon 🙂  I normally do not use Chrome, so I wouldn’t have seen this if not for Newly Minted asking about it.  If you aren’t using Chrome and Windows and are seeing these issues, please let me know in the comments below.   I will then see if I can find out more information.



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