Unboxing Memebox KyungSun Bad Girl Box


I rarely purchased full makeup collaboration boxes with Memebox, but I had been stalking the KyungSun line on Memebox-Korea site and was hoping that her items would come to Memebox-USA soon.   It did last week, and not only did they have her makeup line, but a brush kit ~ of which I am waffling on getting ~ and a full box of her makeup line.  I decided, because I wanted to try both the palette and the gel pot eyeliners, that I would get the box.  I received it yesterday, just as my acute bronchitis set in!  Blech!  First a sinus infection and now bronchitis.  I hate winter…I have played with the makeup, and decided to give you my opinion on this line.

I have a whole section in my blog,  devoted to Memebox, so if you want to know more, check out the Memebox category.

Kyungsun Bad Girl Box


KyungSun is one bada$$ gal – Best known for eye makeup on point, she designed products that makes smoky makeup a breeze even for beginners. Unleash your inner sexy with KyungSun’s Bad Girl Line! Kyungsun box is all you ever need to nail a sultry look. Use gold or burgundy shade from her eyeshadow palette to add depth to the eyes. Use beige shimmer shade to brighten up the inner corners and highlight browbones. Draw a precise line using the gel liner that is sweat and water resistant for ultimate staying power. Finish off the look with voluminous lashes. With the dual ended mascara, you can accentuate both upper and lower lashes for extra drama.  This box includes:

  • Bad Girl Gel Liner #01 Mad Black ($10)
  • Bad Girl Gel Liner #02 Dangerous Brown ($10)
  • Bad Girl Eyeshadow Quad ($16)
  • Bad Girl Volume Mascara #01 Mad Black ($12)

Nice that Memebox did a little hand written card in the box!  Cute!  The packaging is in a very GLOSSY black and my finger prints are all over the boxes and products.  I did try to wipe them down, but man, oh man, I obviously didn’t succeed!  Well, if the FBI man comes and gets me, it is because they matched my finger prints on my #badgirlmeme makeup 😉  Hey, if it is Mulder, he can come on over anytime…


Bad Girl Eyeshadow Quad ($16.00)   This was the main reason why I got this box.  I LOVE these colors ~ they remind me of autumn fall leaves.   The colors are

  • Shimmer Gold Beige  ~ a bright, very lightly pigmented, barely there gold-nude glitter.  This has a lot of fall out and in my swatches below, I had swatched that 4 times.  It is very light and can be used as an under-eyebrow highlighter. 
  • Shimmer Burgundy ~ FAVORITE color!  This is a rich burgundy-brown color, it isn’t red and it is very wearable.  It is sexy as hell.  This is pigmented and has little or no fall out.
  • Glitter Gold ~ bright shining gold flecks, more pigmented than Shimmer Gold Beige.  It also has fall out, but not as much as the Gold Beige color.  Great as an under eye color and inner corner.
  • Glitter Brown ~ I do not know why this is called Glitter Brown as it is the least glittery eye shadow of them all.  It is a shimmer, really.  The two golds are glitters.   This is a rich coffee colored brown, with subtle shimmer.

The swatches below are with no primer and applied with a brush.  

  1. Shimmer Gold Beige
  2. Shimmer Burgundy
  3. Glitter Gold
  4. Glitter Brown

  Here are the swatches on Memebox, so you can see that they are more rich in real life than their photo shows:


Bad Girl Gel Liner #01 Mad Black  ($10.00) This is a waterproof and BUDGE proof gel pot eyeliner.  I normally have it up to here with black eyeliners, but I do admire and love Korean eyeliners because they do not move after they set.   I find that any Korean gel eyeliner is like this and I will keep my black Korean eyeliners because they are just so long wearing and do not smudge or make me look like a racoon. This is a very creamy deep intense matte black eyeliner, and you can smudge it if you want, but you have to do it quickly, as it sets quickly. 


Bad Girl Gel Liner #02 Dangerous Brown ($10.00)  This is my favorite of the two gel eyeliners. I love wearing brown or grey eyeliners as they are not as harsh for daily wear.  Black is great for going out or when I really want to go intense with my eye makeup.  This is a dark chocolate matte color and I love how KyungSun is wearing it in the Memebox photo below ~ she has a thick line on her upper lid which looks to also have Shimmer Gold Beige eye shadow, a thin line of the black eye gel liner on her waterline and then it looks like the Glitter Gold on her lower eye.    That is such a beautiful look and I will have to try that out soon. 


 Mad Black (01) on the left, Dangerous Brown (02) on the right


Bad Girl Volume Mascara #01 Mad Black ($12.00)  I normally am a creature of habit with my mascaras ~ I am wedded to the brand I am using now ~ but as luck would have it, I am out of it and decide to give this a try.  Because I don’t usually use the mascaras that come in my boxes, I was surprised to find that this was a dual brush ~ one for upper lashes, which lengthens and volumizes and a smaller, little brush for the lower lashes, which will get every hard to reach bottom lash.  You can also use the smaller brush as a “prep” for the upper lashes to separate and get all of the finer hard to reach lashes before applying the upper lash brush.  This is an intense black, and I was able to get some volume with a couple of coats. However, this is not waterproof, if someone is looking for a waterproof mascara.  As I wear contacts, I do not use waterproof mascara, so this is okay by me.  I will use this!

KyungSun has a YouTube tutorial using her products in different ways

I really enjoyed getting my KyungSun Bad Girl Box ~ the quad is just beautiful with its autumnal colors and I love the neutral eye gel pots.  I paid $35.00, which included shipping and received a value of $48.00.  You can still purchase the box set here or individually purchase the items ~ I’ve linked them in my review here.   I wish Memebox would offer the lipstick KyungSun is wearing in this photo

Did you get the Memebox KyungSun Bad Girl Box?  What did you think of it?  I love the eyeshadow palette and am pretty pleasantly surprised with the mascara!


Promos for March

I don’t have much in promo codes, Memebox has not sent any affiliate codes yet, so I am posting what I have

  • MARCHMADNESS ~ Get $20 off your purchase of $100 or more 

[disclaimer:  this blog contains affiliate links.  These boxes were paid for with my own money ]

[ promo images from memebox and websites linked in product name.   Description in italics from the linked websites in the product name ]


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