Starlooks Starbox October 2014 Sneak Peek!

Update for 10/7 ~ Looksbook is up for October!

October’s theme is Back to Nature

For you it may be the colder temperatures creeping in, or the change in the leaves on the trees. Here, in SoCal at the Starlooks Headquarters, we know it’s fall when we get your hands on our first Pumpkin Spice Latte and that perfect shade of cool-toned lipstick.

The seasons seem to change as fast as our moods, but luckily we can take every new wave of weather as a chance to express our personal styles. As soon as we hear even a whisper “Fall” or “Autumn” we start trading our espadrilles for tall boots, our sundresses for plaid button-ups and leggings, and of course our baby pink lip gloss for a deep red, purple, or mauve lipstick. But, ok…sometimes we do all of this a little too hastily. So, this month, we’ve decided to remind you that sometimes the transition doesn’t need to be extreme. Let’s get back to nature and transition from our flirty summer shimmer to deeper autumn neutrals, with ease.

This month we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite beauty experts, Rachel Weiland aka “Glow of Grace“, to choose the perfect item – 7 imperative tools we all need in our makeup arsenal, conveniently packed into one box – the Starlooks Brow Kit! Includes three powder shades, a wax to hold your brow design in place all day, a small application brush, a PRO pair of tweezers for touching up, and four different stencils for assistance with shaping! Better yet, this kit is not only a tool for creating the perfect brow, it also doubles as the perfect neutral eye shadow kit!

Youtube’r GlowofGrace is curating October’s box and she has revealed what it is in the box!



It isn’t much of a sneak peek,  as we know what it is ~ but it looks to be a fantastic brow produc

Perfect your brow with this amazing kit! Includes three powder shades for application on the brow hair to design, shape and fill your ultimate brow. Also comes with a wax to holds your brow design into place all day! A small application brush is included for application of both the wax and powder, along with the perfect pair of tweezers for touching up. And lastly, FOUR different stencils for the perfect color shaping! The ultimate kit for on-the-go.





This is a $31.00 kit and if you sign up for Starlook’s Starbox, you can get it for $17.68 (this is for US subscribers – includes shipping..Canadian subscribers pay a little bit more for shipping)  I don’t know if this is all that will be in the box, as $31.00 is a low value for Starlooks monthly box ~ maybe a lip pencil or lipgloss ~ I like what GlowofGrace is wearing! 

GlowofGrace will also be doing tutorials on her box in October, so I will add them in my review, along with the Starblast email.

What do you think of the brow product in Starlooks Starbox for October?  If you would like to subscribe to the Starlooks Starbox, I would love it if you used my referrer link – please click here

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