[ PSA ] Makeup Helper Cushions at Yes Style

[ contains affiliate links ]

So, the other day, I was just looking around on my IG feed and found these beautiful cushion designs ~ I am on a cushion design kick right now!

image credit from makeuphelper.co.kr

I just swooned with delight and discovered they are by a brand called Makeup Helper ~ strange name, but there you go.  They not only make the above designs, but a slew of them and I began to go on a mission to find these lovely compacts.  I found most of the designs at Yes Style, and lo and behold, they are also on sale right now!!  The sale ends on August 13, 2017, so no pressure here!  haha  The following links are affiliate links ~ I make a tiny commission if you use my links at no cost to you.  Your support helps me maintain my blog, review new items and also hold great giveaways!

They carry the following compacts

Green Tea ~ this is for oily skin (click here for selection)

Calendula ~ this is for brightening (click here for selection)

Honey  Blossom ~ this is for moisturizing  (click here for selection)

Luminous Real Essence ~ this is for a dewy and bright finish (click here for selection)

Art Pack ~ this is their powder pack (click here for selection)

They come in several shades:  Light Pink,  Natural Beige,  Pink Beige,  Nude Beige,  Natural Beige.  Makeup Helper has created both pink and warm toned shades.  From what I read,  Nude Beige is very popular.   Depending on the cushion you select, you may have different options for the shades, some have all of the options, some have less.  Check out the shades on Yes Style for how it may look.

The designs depend on the product you are selecting, but here are some of designs that Yes Style is carrying for these products

If this is your first time purchasing from Yes Style, you can use promo code YESSTYLE  to get 10% off your first purchase.  They ship internationally and if you live in the USA, they ship free with a $35.00 USD or more purchase.   These compacts seem to have a 14 to 21 day delay in shipping out, but some things are worth the wait! Which ones did you get?  I purchased the Green Tea in 22 Nude Beige in case Moonlight Shower and Calendula in 23 Natural Beige in My Universe.  Now, I just have to wait a month for my cushions!!



3 thoughts on “[ PSA ] Makeup Helper Cushions at Yes Style

    1. That is basically how I am right now. In fact, I would clean out the container, wash the sponge and fill with a BB cream I do like, if the shades don’t work out. These are SO beautiful!


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