Unboxing July 2016 Kloverbox + Promo!

Kloverbox was again late for the month of July, as I received it on August 1st!!  Kloverbox is an eco-friendly, organic lifestyle box and is one of my favorite subscriptions.  Kloverbox delivers deluxe and full size products and I have been impressed with their packaging and curating of their boxes. You can subscribe to Kloverbox  either as a month-to-month at $25/monthly, 3 month subscription at $23.75/monthly or a 6 month subscription at $22.50/monthly

Informational Card

 This month’s theme is Summer Glow.. Let’s see if we are going to glow in this month’s box!


Jillian Wright Skincare Signature Glow Apothecary Face and Body Mask  My little jar is mislabeled as a “Dream Cream”, but it is a powdered mask.  Now, the next question is which mask?  I saw some that were labeled as the detox face & body mask, but the description in the card points to the glow version.  It’s a mystery!!  Either one will work for me, and since the card shows the ingredients for the Glow version, I will assume this one is it.  I love DIY masks ~ they are a lot of fun to make, but I can only do them on the weekend, when I have the time to mix it all up!  This mask is a greenish-gray color, which I assume is the matcha green tea ingredient.

Description: Jillian’s Signature Glow custom combination of purifying ingredients benefit all skin types. A combination of purifying white (kaolin) clay and detoxifying French pink clay leave the skin feeling fresh and smooth. Antioxidant matcha green tea (fairtrade and certified organic and green coffee bean, soothing lavender, oatmeal and certified organic chamomile fight redness, anti-inflammatory turmeric, brightening pearl, super antioxidant resveratrol all help to give you that amazing glow.

Look for me to do an IG this weekend with this mystery mask!  Sample size 1/2 oz RV $7.00 Save 20% off any purchase at Jillian Wright ~ use promo code FIRST20

Ingredients: kaolin, french pink clay, lavender, oatmeal, fair trade/organic matcha green tea, organic chamomile, resveratrol, green coffee bean, pearl, turmeric  cosDNA analysis


Manna Kadar Radiance Split Pan Bronzer & Highlighter  This is actually a brand new product from Manna Kadar ~ it was just released this summer.  I am not a fan of shimmery bronzers, but I love these colors as eye shadows!   The bronzer is a pretty shimmery golden brown and the highligher is a light peachy shimmery.  These colors are very pigmented and very smooth to apply.   These are shimmers, not glitters as there are no huge chunks ~ not that much fall out here either!  You can foil these as well, by damping a brush and then picking up the product ~ this will give the color a deep metallic finish.  I like this product a lot ~ my only complaint is that the top is a screw off lid, instead of a flip top.  This bronzer/highligher is paraben free, cruelty free and allergy tested.  Full Size RV $21.00 Save 20% off any purchase at Manna Kadar ~ use promo code KLOVERBOX20. Expires 9/30/16

Description: Create a sun-kissed glow with our Radiance Bronzer and Highlighter Duo. This 3-in-1 product in a universal shade can be used as a bronzer, highlighter, or eyeshadow.   Lightweight for smooth application. Highlighter for all-over illumination or target highlighting.  Bronzer for a glow or contouring. Good for all skin types and tones




St Tropica Hair Mask  This is a deep conditioning hair mask made with 100% certified USDA organic ingredients such as coconut oil.  It will help repair damaged hair, stimulate hair growth, strengthen dry/damaged hair, lock in moisture to prevent split ends and frizzies, and will result in stronger, thicker hair with shine ~ or so St Tropica claims!  This hair mask has been proven to work with studies here in the USA and in Korea ~ it is free of chemicals, parabens, sulfate, gluten, soy and does not contain additives, stabilizers, preservatives or fragrances ~ which I assume they mean added artificial fragrance.  This is certified cruelty free, no animal testing and is vegan.  

You just heat for 20 seconds in the microwave (it is safe) and then wait until it is cool enough to apply to your hair ~ knead the unopened package in your hands until it feels safe.  Apply to your dry hair, massaging the product into your hair and scalp.  Put on a hair cap or towel and leave in your hair for at least 20 minutes ~ best results are overnight.  Rinse and shampoo your hair twice, then condition normally.  If you don’t have a microwave, follow their directions here.   Hmmm, I will have to try this product ~ I think I will save it for the winter time, when my hair is drier.  RV $5.00  Save 10% off any purchase at St Tropica ~ use promo code STT10

Description: The ST. TROPICA Organic Coconut Hair Mask with Biotin & Hair Superfoods is a hot oil hair mask that instantly repairs hairs damage from the inside-out, while revitalizing & strengthening dry or damaged hair. The one that people everywhere are calling “Best of the Best”. This coveted Hair Mask formula starts with the single most important hair ingredient: Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO). That’s because VCO is the Only natural hair oil ever proven to increase hair strength, by reducing protein loss.

Ingredients: organic virgin coconut oil, organic biotin, organic horsetail, organic amla, organic hibiscus, organic green tea, organic coconut butter, organic coconut fruit extract.

NoGii Protein D’Lites Chocolate Caramel Bliss  I guess Elisabeth Hasselbeck went from eating worms to making protein bars.  ahaha.  NoGii is pronounced noh-jee and these are gluten free protein treats.  These have crispy soy inside, layered with caramel and then topped with chocolate. This contains 8 grams of protein per bar.  1 bar (28 grams) RV $1.25

Ingredients: Bite-sized burst of flavor and protein! Satisfy your sweet tooth without derailing your gluten-free diet with the NO GLUTEN, NO GUILT NoGii PROTEIN D’LITES. For a gluten-free treat, these protein minis pack maximum taste of Chocolate Caramel Bliss to indulge your cravings and hunger anytime you are on-the-go. In the car, gym bag, or at the movies…portable protein is always on hand with Deliciously Decadent, NoGii PROTEIN D’LITES.

Ingredients: NoGii Protein Blend™ [soy protein crisps (soy protein isolate, tapioca starch, salt), milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate], organic tapioca syrup, unsalted peanut butter, milk chocolate flavored coating [sugar, palm kernel oil, nonfat dry milk solids, cocoa powder, soy lecithin (emulsifier), salt, natural flavor], natural caramel (brown rice syrup, sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, sugar, palm kernel oil, heavy whipping cream, distilled monoglycerides, salt, soy lecithin, disodium phosphate), organic agave syrup, vegetable glycerine, peanut flour, pure water, arabic gum, natural flavors, sea salt.

image source

I am a bit underwhelmed by this month’s Kloverbox ~ it seems like there is something missing ~ one time uses of hair mask, one treat…. I can get a couple of uses out of the face mask and the bronzer duo will be used as eye shadow, but I feel that maybe something else should have been in here ~ maybe a shimmery body lotion or something, keeping in with the theme of summer glow.   I paid $15.00 due to a Black Friday promo code + renewing 3 month subscription and received a value of  $34.25. Do you subscribe to Kloverbox?  What was your favorite product this month?  I will have to go with the Manna Kadar bronzer/highlighter.

Current Promo:  Want to save 10% off your subscription?  Use my referral link here    One and three month terms automatically renew, the six month is a one time purchase.   The monthly subscription has an option to skip a month!


[ descriptions in italics from linked website.  contains referral link ]

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