April 2016 Peaches & Petals Unboxing + Promo Code

Peaches & Petals is a subscription service that is focused on lifestyle and beauty products.  From their website  “Experience our world of fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern lifestyle in a hand-curated box delivered to you each month. ”  This box was sent to me for review purposes from Peaches & Petals and I thank them for their generosity 🙂


Informational Card

The April 2016 theme is “April Showers”   Yep, April Showers bring May Flowers… as the saying goes!  We did have a spoiler last month, which is a face cleansing tool


Smart Essentials 5-in-1 Multi-Functional Body Care Massager   This was our spoiler for the box this month! This is a battery operated facial and body cleanser that comes with 5 different brush heads

  • Pumice: to help exfoliate, polish and smooth rough skin
  • Rolling Massager: a gentle massaging head
  • Soft Brush:  used to cleanse your face, hands and feet
  • Soft Foam:  latex sponge for cleansing delicate areas like eyes
  • Soft Sponge:  oil and makeup remover

As I already have a facial brush system, I am more interested in the pumice and brush to help with exfoliating dead skin from my elbows and feet.  I always use foot peels and this will help remove the dead skin more quickly and efficiently.  The massaging unit will also be good on the soles of my feet, as I do get sore feet quite a bit, so this will feel nice.  RV $7.99

image source



Bonnie Marcus Collection Rainy Day Puzzle Book This was randomly selected from Rainy or Sunny Day books.  I rarely do puzzles, but this is a nice gift to tuck away for those who are bedridden or travel a lot.  I love illustrations ~ very fun and festive, with the galoshes, rain gear, storm clouds and rainbows!  This has over 150 puzzles including logic, number and word challenges.    RV $7.99


Rain Cloud Wall Planter   This is really sweet ~ I think I will hang it up at work near my desk with a miniature cactus.  It has a slot in the back for a hanger, but I will loop this with some cord around the cloud and hang that way ~ I cannot put holes in my office wall.   This looks crooked in the photo, but actually that is because I took the red pot out (it slides out) and didn’t push it all the way back in.  It isn’t crooked at all!  You can see that the “cloud” has a few holes in it so when you pour water into it, it will rain down on your plant.  They suggest adding a bit of cloth or towel to make the rain drops “linger” longer.   RV $9.50

image source


Rain Cloud with Rain Drop & Umbrella Necklace  This is a silver tone, matte brushed finish necklace with a cloud and two dangles ~ one as a raindrop and the other is an umbrella. It is about 16 inches in length, but it has a nice extender to it as well.  This is very dainty and I will gift this as I am not really into dainty jewelry. It is very cute, however and I am sure I will find a nice home for it.    RV $4.99   


Spongeables  Body Wash in a Sponge (Pink Grapefruit)  Oh I love bath products ~ this really does have a strong scent, but that is because it has been packaged up in a small area.  This sponge is infused with body wash and has a exfoliating side and a soft side to the sponge.  It has a lot of moisturizing ingredients ~ glycerin, oil oil, shea butter, vitamin e and this is perfect for traveling ~ I am tired of lugging around my shower gel and mesh pouf sponge every time I travel and then lugging them back home.  This way, just toss this in my bag and I don’t have to drag it back home with me after a week.  This sponge is good for 8 uses, so that means it won’t get all grody in your shower  It is paraban free and not tested on animals.   RV $9.83

Description: Spongeables Shower-Gel-in-a-Sponge is a hypoallergenic, anti-microbial sponge filled with fragrant, skin-rejuvenating shower gel that gives you a spa experience every time you use it. Formulated with a soothing and luxurious blend of Olive Oil, Glycerin, Vitamins A and E, and Shea Butter, these ingredients will soften and condition the skin while providing anti-oxidants.

Ingredients: glycerin, aqua, propylene glycol, sodium stearate, sorbitol, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium laurate, olea europaea fruit oil (olive oil), fragrance, butyrosperumum parkii butter (shea butter), sodium chloride, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E),  stearic acid, lauric acid, pentasodium pentetate, tetrasodium etidronate


Surprise Item!    Swissco Detangling Shower Brush   At first, I was yeah, a brush. And it has a padded back, so that means I won’t use it when I blow-dry my hair.  However, I had an inspirational moment, which I don’t get many of them and this probably isn’t that original anyway.   Several times a month, I do use some deep conditioning treatments and I also use Shea Terra Moroccan Mud Poo Hair Wash ~ if you have fine hair, this stuff really thickens your hair like no other treatment I have used!   I do not like using combs on my hair, as it is very fine and tangles easily, even more so when my hair is wet. 

This brush will help me evenly distribute the product in my hair, especially the mud poo, because that wonderful product IS SO hard to apply ~ I use way too much product to coat my hair.  Then when I rinse my hair, it takes forever to get the mud, as it coats my hair strands pretty well.  This brush will help me evenly apply the treatment and then when I am rinsing the product out of my hair, I can use the brush to ensure that I am moving the product off my hair and into the drain.  I actually used it this morning and it really did help me ~ I didn’t use as much product and then rinsing time was much shorter as well.   RV $7.60


And there is a coupon for $35.00 off a Fresh Box, which is not part of the box contents, but it is nice to have if you like to subscribe to cooking/food boxes.  I might have to try one!

The theme of this month is April Showers, and I think Peaches & Petals did a good job curating around that theme ~ three shower items for cleansing ~ the cleansing tool, wet hair brush (which I am really liking right now) and soap-sponge.   A dainty storm cloud necklace and two fun lifestyle products ~ planter and puzzle book ~ round off this collection.  I find all of the products useful except for the necklace, which is due to my own personal taste and style.  Peaches & Petals monthly subscription boxes are $19.99 a month and that includes shipping.    This month, the box looks to be of  a retail value of over $34.00  and if you include the Fresh Box coupon, $69.00.  Many thanks to Miranda for sending me this box to review.

Did you receive this month’s Peaches & Petals box?  What was your favorite item and what do you think of it?

Next month’s theme is “Let’s Get Together” and there is no spoiler, but a photo of a gathering around a picnic table ~ I wonder if this will have some outdoorsy picnic items?   If you are interested in subscribing, I have a few first come, limited use promo codes for you to use ~ these expire by May 15th

  • PEACHMAY50 ~ 50% off  your first box
  • PEACHMAY25 ~ 25% off  your first box
  • PEACHMAY10 ~ 10% off  your first box

These codes are only valid on the monthly subscription option and will not work on a 3, 6 or 12 month option at Peaches and Petals





[ products were received complementary for review purposes.  All opinions are my own and are unbiased.   ]

[ Blog post contains affiliate links. Descriptions in italics from linked site ]


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