March 2016 Peaches & Petals Unboxing + Promo Code

Peaches & Petals is a subscription service that is focused on lifestyle and beauty products.  From their website  “Experience our world of fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern lifestyle in a hand-curated box delivered to you each month. ”  This box was sent to me for review purposes from Peaches & Petals and I thank them for their generosity 🙂


 Informational Card

The March 2016 theme is “Live Life In Color”   There was no spoiler last month, only a colorful design with this theme. 



Everyone Loves Coloring: Birds by Bendon Patterns I have been seriously eyeing the “adult” coloring books over at Amazon ~ such beautifully detailed drawings and I have always loved coloring when I was a child.  Adult coloring books are the hottest thing right now ~ and by adult, I don’t mean THAT.  I mean that the drawings are more sophisticated, intricate and fanciful .. or very realistic, depending on the type of coloring book you purchase.   This one has birds and nothing but birds ~ over 40 images, with each image on per page, so that you can frame them.    I am pretty happy to get this!   There were variations of what coloring book you can get.  RV $10.00



Set of 12 Color Pencils and Sharpener    How thoughtful!  Since I don’t have pencils or crayons, it was really nice that Peaches & Petals added a set of 12 color pencils, which are housed in a cardboard tube container that has a built-in sharpener as the lid!  What a really cool idea.    RV $6.00


“Color Me Inspired” Mug with Spoon  I received a ceramic white mug with a dusky purple interior and ceramic dusky purple spoon.  The mug has a cute saying “Be a Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios”  and the spoon can “rest” in the handle of the mug!  Very nice and I won’t loose my spoon 🙂  This is nice to have as I do like to have tea and honey, and the size of this spoon is perfect for dipping into the pot of honey.   RV $10.00


Sassy Fras Bath & Body Splatter Paint Bath Bomb I didn’t get the “Spa Day” scent, which I am a bit sad about.  That one was supposed to smell like sugar cane and lemongrass (which I LOVE).  This bath bomb doesn’t have any scent at all, even though it is supposed to smell like jellybeans.  Perhaps the scent will be more apparent when it actually dissolves in the bath tub.    It has little glitter bits in it and it is free of paraben, SLS and phthalate.  All vegan, no animal testing and is handmade in Texas.   7 oz (HUGE bath bomb)  RV $6.00  Save 25% at Sassy Fras ~ use promo code SASSYPEACH

Description: Bombs away with our new Splatter Paint bomb! This bomb looks like a super fun paint slinging session, with splatters of neon green, electric blue and pink throughout. Scented with jellybean fragrance, and infused with grapeseed oil, this is a bath tub treat that is pure fun!

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, vitis vinifera, glycerin, fragrance, FD&C colorant



Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow in Fabula (Shade 22 Pearl) Totally bizarre!!  I have never seen such a product like this.  The idea is to place the pad with the shadow facing towards you and apply it over your lid.  Press down for 4 seconds and then slide off.  Supposedly, this will leave behind a quick transfer of the shadow.  There are two applications in here and I am going to try this out tomorrow ~ I do love my neutrals and this looks really pretty.   RV $5.60

Description: Fabula attracts those memorable bonbon  moments. This luscious silky, smooth set radiates a cool seated Chocolate which  has been heated up with Café Latte and Brown Sugar. Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow™ is the world’s  first complete, state-of-the-art eye shadow application that allows you to  achieve a professional makeup artist look without the fuss of brushes and pots. EyeMajic Eye Shadow transfers perfectly  paired color combinations of eye shadow onto the eyelids with a trade secret  “heat transfer technology”. The warmth generated by the human body activates the  powders and then transfers the eye shadow/colors from the patented soft foam  applicator to the eyelid in a simple sweep.



Surprise Item!  I received a pink ultra slim power bank charger for my phone and a bright yellow bag to carry it in!   These types of power banks are about $10.00 or so and they are handy to have.  This is the size of a credit card and is very lightweight and it comes with its own cable to plug into your computer to charge.   There is a small light that is blue when it is charging up.   I haven’t used it yet once it is fully charged, as I just got this, but if it is like other chargers, the light will change color when you are using it to charge  your portal device.    The bag is really cute, with a zipper top and a really pretty blue, yellow and red ribbon pattern against a bright yellow bag.    The logo outside says “Enjoy Everything” and the interior is lined with a hot pink polka dot fabric.  Really cute! 


I think Peaches & Petals have really hit their stride this month!  The theme is wonderful, all bright and cheery, and I am looking forward to coloring 🙂   The bath bomb is a fun item to get, the mug and spoon set is very cute.  The eyeshadow is a unusual item and should be interesting to try out, to say the least!!  I do like the surprise gift as I am always purchasing and then losing power banks.   I am pretty happy that Peaches & Petals is focusing more on lifestyle items, as it does make for a more interesting subscription.  I certainly didn’t expect to get a coloring book and colored pencils, that is for sure, but I am happy that I did 🙂  Peaches & Petals monthly subscription boxes are $19.99 a month and that includes shipping.    March’s box looks to be of  a retail value of over $47.00   Many thanks to Miranda for sending me this box to review.

Did you receive this month’s Peaches & Petals box?  What was your favorite item and what do you think of it?

Next month’s theme is “April Showers” and the spoiler is a 5-in-1 facial cleansing brush.  I love using facial brushes and this one has removal heads.  If you are interested in subscribing, use promo code PEACHFIND and get 50% off your first box with Peaches and Petals.    This code is only valid on the monthly subscription option and will not work on a 3, 6 or 12 month option.




[ products were received complementary for review purposes.  All opinions are my own and are unbiased.  Blog post contains affiliate links]


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  1. Waaw.. the surprise gift and adult coloring book are my favorite,.. I wish Peaches and Petals were available for International subscribers too 😦

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