Sunday Beauty Zen 12.13.2015

Today is my mom’s birthday, whom I adore.   She is an amazing woman and I hope that I can have her positive outlook on life when life hands me adversities.    Happy Birthday Mom!

Today’s Zen is in honor of my mom, because she is a fabulous cook and made the most amazing food for our family, and her desserts were no exception.  My love of plum pie is her fault ~ haha ~ and sweets made with brown sugar and rice pudding with raisins and cinnamon ~ yum!

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My Sunday Beauty Zen for 12.13.2015



  • Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off  Jolse ~ Amazon ~ Memebox    One of my favorite black sugar scrubs and oddly enough, it smells like lemons!

  • Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect 1st Serum  Amazon  ~ eBay This is like comfort food ~ very familiar and effective.  This is silky smooth and smells wonderful, very hydrating and moisturizing.    This is more of a first step, as it is a watery serum, not a gel type.

    • Description: Achieve a smoother, clearer complexion with a combination of moisture rich black sugar and Cheongju, a traditional Korean wine.  (credit)
    • Ingredients:  aqua, black sugar extract (12,000mg), alcohol, glycerin, butylene glycol, niancinamide, opuntia ficus-indica stem extract, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) extract, lepidium meyenii root extract, sarcodon aspratus extract, carica papaya (papaya) fruit extract, citrus auranitum dulcics (orange) fruit extract,citrus limon (lemon) fruit extract, pyrus malus (apple) fruit extract, tamrindus indica seed gum, lactobacillus/aspergillus/prunus mume fruit ferment filtrate, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, arginine, ethylhexylglycerin, glyolic acid, salicylic acid, adenosine, disodium EDTA, cellulose gum, sodium hyaluronate, pheoxyethanol, caramel, fragrance analysis

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  • Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack Rice Sleeping Pack   Innisfree ~ Amazon A very nice moisturizing and brightening sleep pack ~ perfect for winter time

    • Ingredients: water,butylene glycol,hydrogenated poly(C6-14 olefin), glycerin, mannan, cetearyl alcohol, octyldodecyl myristate,dimethicone,butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), polysorbate 60,ulmus davidiana root extract, amaranthus caudatus seed extract,oryza sativa (rice) extract,centella asiatica extract,ficus carica (fig) fruit extract,portulaca oleracea extract, pueraria thunbergiana root extract, glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root extract, paeonia lactiflora root extract, cnidium officinale root extract, citrus unshiu peel extract, orchid extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract, camellia japonica leaf extract ,opuntia coccinellifera fruit extract, soluble collagen, aloe barbadensis leaf juice,hydrogenated lecithin,sodium hyaluronate, 1,2-hexanediol, sorbitan stearate, stearic acid, glyceryl stearate,PEG-100 stearate,xanthan gum, tocopheryl acetate, carbomer, triethanolamine, ethylhexylglycerin, disodium EDTA, ceramide 3, fragrance, phenoxyethanol analysis

Lotus earrings from eBay seller BridgeStreetBazaar

Unboxing Beauty Product Info


Featured Product

I love these so much that I am reposting my IG info here

Melano CC ROHTO Intensive Measures Facial Sheet Masks

Description: Reduce and inhibit the production of melanin, prevent age spots and freckles, soothe redness from the sun or snow, tighten and condition the skin and provide moisture. Contains active ingredient for acne prevention and inhibit pigmentation of acne scar

These are so funny!! @beautyandthecat on IG gave me a heads up that these are pretty much a 5 minute mask, not full of essence and she was right! These come in a tub like baby wipes and the 100% Japanese cotton mask is not the smoothest mask ever, nor is it a good fit – these are made for long narrow faces ~ of which I do not have! The chin area could be tucked UNDER my chin and the nose was so long, whereas the sides of my face were not covered. Nothing like the illustration on the pack of the tub, where the mask is nice and round. One of the most ill fitting masks….YET I LOVED THESE. Why? Let me tell you why. First off, the scent ~ it is a lemon-grapefruit scent, just so pleasant and refreshing. My face was noticeably brighter after wearing these and even though they didn’t cover my face completely, they did get the important areas ~ forehead, most of my cheeks, nose, chin (and then some).

Also, I have been sick with the flu since last friday and was bedridden for most of this time (up until yesterday). I used my Benton Honest TT Facial Mist to keep my face hydrated and oil free, and then these I would slap on when I needed a quick refreshing facial. They felt so good on my face and this handy tub was next to my box of Kleenex! Very convenient, didn’t have to worry about opening a package, just flip back the top of the tub and grab a handy-facial-wipe..err mask! 5 minutes and it is off! I can see this being very popular when traveling too – just pack the tub – it has 20 masks – and you are all set – if you camp, take the plane, train, long car rides ~ really handy. I just wish the fit was better, but it really helped me keep up with my skin care while I was sick! These are double infused with vitamin C & E too.  Where to Buy:  Amazon eBay

Ingredients (based on google translate): water, glycerin, butylene glycol, 3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid (vitamin C derivative), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E derivative), ascorbic acid, citrus medica limonum (lemon) fruit extract, citrus grandis (grapefruit) fruit extract, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, sodium citrate, PPG-6-decyltetradeceth-30, citric acid, disodium EDTA, xanthan gum, potassium hydroxide, ethanol, methylparaben, fragrance analysis

Have you tried any of my Zen-Featured products?  What do you think of them ~ please let me know in the comments below 🙂

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