Unboxing August 2015 PetGiftBox!

It is that time for my kitties to get their monthly subscription box!  I added a new sub from PetGiftBox for my two cats, Obi and Tora, and so far, I have been happy with their service.   What is PetGiftBox? 

PetGiftBox is a monthly subscription for your dogs and cats!  The boxes are full of toys, accessories and snacks for your furbabies.   You can select a dog subscription based on the weight of your pup, so that PetGiftBox can properly pick out the appropriate sized toy, throw, kibble.   You can select the gender or state it is a multiple pet household.    They have several plans and one thing I love about them is that the longer term plans are not taking all of the money upfront.  You are committed to that plan duration, but they will remove the money monthly ~ less strain on your bank account!

  • $27.99 monthly/1 month plan
  • $22.99 monthly/3 month plan
  • $19.99 monthly/6 month plan
  • $17.99 monthly/12 month plan

August’s theme for the Cat PetGiftBox is “Caturday Night Fever!”   I love the sticker with the disco ball and the kitties dancing under it ~ how cute!


Informational Card

So, this time, I opened the box and took photos on the carpet, so if my cats decided to check out what I was doing, I could take some photos with their box.  Obi was the only one that came out this time ~ Tora is shy….  Although, once I put away my camera, she came out to investigate the laser bird.

Kitty Disco Inferno LED Motion-activated “Disco” Ball by Spot  I like this ball probably more than my cats do!  haha.  This is cool ~ you just push in the little red button and it flashes different colors as it rolls.  It is motion activated, so if this is near Obi’s whapping tail, it will light up!   RV $7.37

You Should Be Dancing Cat Dancer by Imperial Cat  This simple toy, made of wire and rolled cardboard sticks at the end, actually is a major favorite with Obi and Tora.  Because the wire is stiff, I can make it go around the corners of the wall and they love to play hide and seek with it.  First they see it and then I move it back and they start going around the corner to find it.  Also, just to float it above their heads and make it move back and forth ~ Whappy Paws!  RV $2.59



Temptations Catnip Fever Cat Treats by Whiskas   I thought I knew all of the flavors by Temptations, but this is a new one for my cats!  It is a catnip, chicken and cheddar flavor crunchy treat.  Which they enjoy very much!!  Nom Nom…. Plus it keeps tartar at bay from their teeth and helps keep their gums healthy.  3 oz bag  RV $1.99

If I Can’t Have You Catnip Infused Mice by Amazing Pets/Nature Boy  Oh yeah, these are a favorite ~ My kitties can smell catnip a mile away and both of them claimed their mice.  Four really cute mice with sequins, which I will remove ~ it looks cute, but I cannot have them accidentally ingesting the sequins.   I could not find this online, but I would think that this has a RV of $3.00


Stayin’ Alive Rocking Laser by Spot This big purple dove rocks back and forth and a red laser light will bounce along with the rocking motion.  This does need to be on a non-carpeted surface to really rock back & forth ~ think of it like a Weeble…It has a weighted base and that is how it can wobble on its own.  Tora is really fascinated by this thing!   This reminds me of my Neti Pot, for some weird reason 😀  RV $10.00

The red laser dot is more visible and really is a red dot!


What do my cats think of PetGiftBox?   I would say this month is a hit with both cats and mom (as I love the disco ball).  Obi really got into it with the Cat Dancer, Catnip Mice and treats, whereas Tora loves the Rockin’ Laser Bird ~ I will really have to try and get photos of her next time, playing with her toys.  Here are some photos of Obi, enjoying his PetGiftBox.  Obi is such a ham….loves having his picture taken!

I paid $8.33 for my box, thanks to a Groupon Deal, and my cats received a value of almost $25.00 and hours of happiness!

Do you want to subscribe to PetGiftBox?  I would love it if you used my referral link and you will get $5.00 off your first box!


[ this blog post contains referral links ]

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