Memebox Pony Eyeshadow Palette Initial Impressions Review

When Memebox announced that they were selling Pony’s eyeshadow Palette in the Global/USA shop, I was very excited!  From other K-Beauty fans, I discovered Pony, a Korean Beauty Guru who hosts Pony’s Beauty Diary, several months ago and I love watching her tutorials.    Memebox released the palette on November 3rd, and I received it on November 6th, as I ordered it from the USA shop.   I have been wearing the colors since I received it and I have to say it is one nice palette!


Outer Packaging


The case is a sturdy plastic case with a large mirror inside

Top Row:  Easy Base, Easy Shadow, Shine Rosegold, Shine Gold

Bottom Row: Easy Charcoal, Easy Brown, Glam Espresso, Glam Cocoa


The palette also comes with brushes, but they are worthless.  Do not use them. 

  • Easy Base:  A light all over base color in cream – matte
  • Easy Shadow:  A light milk chocolate color, not that pigmented – matte
  • Shine Rosegold: A sparkly light rose gold, not that pigmented – shimmer
  • Shine Gold:  A sparkly copper color – shimmer
  • Easy Charcoal: A deep dark grey brown – matte
  • Easy Brown: A medium cocoa brown – matte
  • Glam Espresso: A shimmer cocoa brown with pink – shimmer
  • Glam Cocoa::  A deep shimmer red brown -shimmer

I highly recommend using a eyeshadow primer with these shadow, especially with the lighter, less pigmented colors.  There isn’t a lot of fall out with these shadows and they go on very smoothly and evenly.  


Due to the awkward angle of my arm, swatches and trying to take a photo of them, the primer shots look washed out compared to the no primer shots.  They aren’t.  They are much more vivid and intense in their color pigmentation.


With primer, natural light:  easy base, easy shadow, easy brown, easy charcoal, shine rosegold, shine gold, glam espresso, glam cocoa

Without primer, natural light:  easy base, easy shadow, easy brown, easy charcoal, shine rosegold, shine gold, glam espresso, glam cocoa

With primer, flash:   easy base, easy shadow, easy brown, easy charcoal, shine rosegold, shine gold, glam espresso, glam cocoa

Without primer, flash:  easy base, easy shadow, easy brown, easy charcoal, shine rosegold, shine gold, glam espresso, glam cocoa


I really love neutral eyeshadows and I am like a crack fiend when a new neutral palette is announced.  I do love that this has a nice mix of matte and shimmer shades, and the shimmer are not chunky glitters.      So far, the colors that I have been using have been easy base, easy charcoal, glam espresso and glam cocoa.   I need to try out some of the other shades as well ~ I think that the “easy” shadows are very similar to Urban Decay’s Naked Basic’s line, which I own and love.   The  shine rosegold is more of a highlighter due to its light pigmentation and the shine gold is such a perfect color for parties and the upcoming holiday season.   I think it is very festive. 

You can still order the Pony Palette at Memebox for $18.00.  If you are in the USA, if you order over $30.00, your shipping is free (and it is fast delivery too).  For International customers, if you order $50.00 or more in their Memeshop, use coupon FREESHIPPONY50 to get free shipping.

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9 thoughts on “Memebox Pony Eyeshadow Palette Initial Impressions Review

    1. Yeah, I needed another neutral palette like I needed another hole in my head. But I am weak! It is beautiful. Think of it as an early stocking stuffer for yourself 🙂 Treat yo’ self!


  1. I had a bit of buyer’s remorse after buying this on another site ( Tester Korea).
    So I went and bought the Naked 3 palette which has a lot of shades in the rose gold family .. that’s the shade family I’m most interested in.
    I thought I had Naked 3 already.. but nope, just the first 2.

    You did great with all the swatches. Thanks for showing them so well. This will make a nice gift, especially for Christmas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t received it yet because it was just a pre-release sale, but Julep has a holiday collection palette which has some of those Rose Gold colours going on and its only $38. People who have seen it at swatch events have said its quite good quality.


  2. This is a very pretty palette for someone who loves neutrals, but since I have dozens of neutral palettes, I had to pass on it. I do love all your swatches! Great job with the different lighting/ with and without primer etc. Looks like some very nice quality shadows with good pigmentation!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love how this neutral palette looks. The rose gold shadow, especially, looks beautiful on the swatches. I haven’t pulled the trigger on this yet because I already have so many neutral palettes and can’t decide if I should add another or not. #kbeautybloghop


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