Memebox Superbox #15 Green Tea Review

My Memebox Super Box #15 Green Tea came today!  What is Memebox?

“Memebox curates only the most trusted, best-loved Korean beauty products at everyday prices. An extremely competitive industry, Korean cosmetics are renowned for their unprecedented quality developed through cutting-edge technology. At the forefront of the industry, Memebox is determined to deliver the enchantment of discovery through effortless experiences, at prices you’ll never say no to. ….Order from Memebox only when you want to, as often as you want to. In addition to our box series, Memeshop carries full-sized products featured in previous Memeboxes, offering easy access to Korean cosmetic trends.” from

I have a whole section in my blog, devoted to Memebox, so if you want to know more, check out the Memebox category.    This box shipped on May 29th, so it took 9 days to get to me.  Once again, it spent more time fiddle-fucking around the NorthEastern seaboard – I have NO idea why it takes longer to go from NY to MA than it does to go from South Korea to NY.

This is a Superbox, which according to Memebox, are theme-based and will only contain full sized items.   They are more expensive than their Memebox Global (original), Luckybox and Nakedboxes, but remember –  Superboxes contain all full sized items

This is the description from Memebox:

“Our new Green Tea Box is precisely designed to share with you the long-cherished effects of green tea as a natural healing & purifying remedy. To bring the numerous health and beauty benefits of green tea to your beauty routine, we’ve included various selections of our favorite green tea beauty items! Discover the secret to fresh, naturally glowing skin!”

Well, let’s get onto the review


 Informational card description the contents of Superbox #15


Once again, I am going to do something a bit different than my other unboxings.  As these products are unknown to me and perhaps even to my readers, I am posting a description of the product under my thoughts for every product.  Normally, I just do a snippet or if it is a product that doesn’t really need a description, I won’t post it.   But for the purposes of my Memeboxes, I will make sure I find the appropriate description, usage and ingredient list if I can find it.    The descriptions will be  from the webpage that is linked to the product name.  Not all of these products are sold in the Memebox Shop, so I had to look for them on various sites.   I really had a hard time finding these products, by the way, so don’t be thrown off by the Korean webites that are linked here!


Verano Green Tea Leaf Moisture Eye Cream  I love eye creams.  I do have issues with wrinkles around the corner of my eyes and am willing to try any eye cream thrown at me!  I do like this is a natural product as well.  This smells lovely and if I do love it, I hope I can find it easily.  Right now, it seems I can only find it on Verano’s website and it is all in Korean.

When fragile skin around eyes shows crinkly dry lines and other unsightly ­aws, a twice-daily dose of nature’s best ingredient-green tea- will energize and brighten dull eyes.

I couldn’t find this product description in English, so unless someone can translate Korean for me, I can only use the description from the Memecard.  Full size 30ml value $19.00


Purederm Green Tea Collagen Pulp Mask.   I love the Memebox gives us masks, but I wish they would include 3 of them, as when you purchase masks, they usually come in sets of 3 or 10 masks.   This is a collagen mask, which I have never tried one of these before.  I look forward to using this on my Sunday Night Spa night, while watching Game of Thrones 😉  Full size 18ml (one sheet) value $2.00

Product Description:  An eco-friendly easy-to-use green tea collagen mask that gives intensive hydration to dry and exhausted skin and reduces the signs of aging, overall replenishing  and nourishing the skinr the secret to fresh, naturally glowing skin!  This 100% green tea concentrate oil is full of vitamins A, C and E2 which are known to improve skin’s complexion, repair damaged skin and moisturize dehydrated skin.  PUREDERM Aquarius series of mask of paper is made of 100% pure pulp of Japanese origin, thin, docile, texture delicate, not allergic, mask and face more closely, to absorb essence.

Ingredients: green tea extract 1.2%– multi vitamin and Faye Ravi Ogbonna, to the skin form a protective film, a long time to maintain moisture; green tea extract with vitamins A and C, the contaminated skin white, particularly effective for acne skin. Plant collagen 0.1g, vitamin E, has anti-aging and anti-oxidation function, make the skin restore vitality. Therefore, people of all ages and both sexes can use

How to use:

  • Please use the former to thoroughly clean face, to be dry skin.
  • Remove the mask, the first alignment eye paste and then extended to the entire face.
  • After 15-20 minutes, remove this product, gently tapping the face, let the essence in the skin surface in the full absorption, no need to wash the face.
  • Use 3-4 times a week, to keep clean and moisturize the skin.
  • In the summer, when the product is placed in the refrigerator after use, feel better.


Sidmool Green Tea Seed Oil   I do use oils on my neck and face for an intense nightly moisturizer, but I usually do this in the winter, when my skin is a bit drier.   I will save this for the more dry months here in the Northeast, as I do not want to break out like crazy with an oil.     Full size 12ml value $8.00

Product Description: This 100% green tea concentrate oil is full of vitamins A, C and E2 which are known to improve skin’s complexion, repair damaged skin and moisturize dehydrated skin.

How to use: Dispense a quarter sized amount into hands and massage into skin for 5 to 10 minutes, or mix 1 to 2 drops of Green Tea Seed Oil into your moisturizer and pat into skin.



MEDI FLOWER Green Tea Sleeping Pack   YEAH!  I’ve been wanting to try a sleeping pack mask and this green glop – think the BLOB – is the product that I am most excited about in my box.   I love that this is a gel,not a cream, and I will use this tonight.  It has some “particles” in it, but those absorb into the skin when rubbed into the skin.  This smells very nice – Full Size 100g value $30.00

Product Description: Sleep is when the body repairs itself. Make use of this precious healing period with this weightless, leave-on green tea mask that creates a protective barrier on your skin, locking in vital moisture and nutrients while you “beauty sleep.” Antioxidant in the green tea feeds continuous moisture deep into the dermal layer, replenishing skin’s nighttime water su  you refreshed.
How to use: After cleansing and moisturizing the skin, smooth two to three dollops of product evenly on face and neck 10 minutes before sleeping. Do not rinse until the next morning.



Sleeping Mask unveiled!  You can see the whitish particles in the gel.  They’ve even included a scoop, but I have no issues using my fingers 😀





NATUZEN Hello Kitty Pure Hand Cream   Well, it is a Hello Kitty hand cream in green tea scent.  I am not a huge Hello Kitty fan and I have quite a few hand creams, so this is not calling me to try it.  I will most likely trade or give it away.   This is the replacement for the Recipe by Nature Green Tea Cleansing Oil, which was valued at $19.00.  Memebox did give everyone advanced warning that this product was not to be included, allowed members to cancel the box if they desired, and for the rest of us, we got 3 memepoints.  I think we got a shitty deal, as the retail value of this hand cream is nowhere near $19.00 or even $16.00 (for the 3 memepoints we got)  Oh well.  Full size 30ml value $4.00

Product Description: Concentrated with moisturizing active ingredients plus antioxidant green tea, Hand Cream leaves skin soft and nourished. Its delicately perfumed rich texture instantly absorbed into skin.

How to use:Apply to hands and nails as needed.

Overall, I am happy with my  Green Tea box.  I know that some customers did not care for it, but this is only my second box with them, so perhaps I am just too easy right now!    I think that they could have given us another sheet mask or two (such as the Illi Green Tea Brightening Mask, which they included in a recent Memebox)  and the Hello Kitty Hand Cream is really no substitution for the original Green Tea Cleansing Oil, but I am not that disappointed.    I would not have used the cleansing oil either.   I will give the Hello Kitty hand cream to someone, as I am not a Hello Kitty fan.   This box was $39.00 + $6.99 shipping for a total of $45.99, however I had 13 memepoints, so I paid a total of $32.99 for this box.   Perhaps if I had paid full price for this box, I might have been disappointed, but since I didn’t, I feel I got a good value.   I received a value of $63.00  , so whereas this isn’t as great of a deal as LuckyBox #5, I still got almost double the value for what I paid for it.

Did you get Superbox #15 Green Tea?  What did you think of it and what is your favorite product?

[ disclaimer: this blog contains affiliate links.  This box was paid for with my own money ]

[ promo images from  Description in italics from the linked websites in the product name ]

7 thoughts on “Memebox Superbox #15 Green Tea Review

  1. I used my mask tonight and I did put it in the frig before hand. It felt quite refreshing…it is a paper mask and those things never fit my face properly, so I had to “tear” at the edges a bit to make sure my eyes were not covered. My skin feels refreshed and cool to the touch. It is not sticky at all.


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